Wednesday, August 16, 2006

there's something about ..... life story

Caught the Channel 5 program "Life Story" on Tuesday night.

They feature the life of Abigail Chay. That aesthetic-challenged looking woMAN who acted in Under One roof. I have always thought that this woman looks like a man and now I know that he was a man before.

Her story was really poignant, and you really feel sorry for her.

Interestingly, TCS found a guy that acted as Abigail of her early days as a man. My god... TCS is really good when it comes to such things. That guy looks like Abigail's twin brother. I feel sorry for him too.

Later part of the show, Abigail acted herself. Of course, she couldn't act to save her life. It's tough not to notice her acting while trying to feel sorry for her.
I was told by my wife that her mother was that granny in that famous Macdonald advertisement that says "带 你 出 来,很 麻烦。" And throughout the show, the actress acting Abigail's mother was so convincing, it was heart-wrenching. Even more so when you have a visual image of the mother.

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