Tuesday, August 08, 2006

there's something about ..... patriotism

There is at least 6 groups of patriotism in Singapore:

The lowest level: Take the opportunity of the public holiday to travel overseas (therefore save on 1 annual leave)

No. 5: Take the day off to go shopping and totally miss out on NDP parade on TV. National Day Sales more important mah.

No. 4: Go to NDP parade LIVE. These people care as much about National Day as the festival mood that comes from it. They may not even watch NDP on TV if not for the free tickets. Not to mention the goody bag.

No. 3: Those who bought NDP tickets via ebay to attend NDP live. Kudos to them. The goody bag must be good.

No.2: Those who watch NDP on TV without fail every year. I mean... for something so boring.... and they have a choice not to watch it and they do... this is patriotism.

AT NO. 1: And I think NO ONE CAN BEAT ME.... rent 2 movies MADE in SINGAPORE BY SINGAPOREAN from Videoezy on the eve of National Day!!!!

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