Monday, August 21, 2006

there's something about ..... national day rally (updated)

I have watched the Rally since a young age. I remembered the LKY's days when he flashed alot of charts and graphs. I remembered his last Rally where I thought it was really poignant.

I have watch GCT's first rally all the way to his last rally. How he has changed the tone of the rally to include humour.

I have also watch PM Lee's first rally. Veli long. Veli Sian. But since last year, he has improved the whole rally concepts to include some humour plus videos.

It was expected days before his rally that he would mention about Blogging, Mr Brown and Bah Chor Mee.

And the anticipation of those mention was high. He encouraged and recognised the impact of Blogging. He listed as a funny website, some funny and some not so funny, according to him.

He mentioned about Mr Brown, even mention his real name. He said that what Mr Brown said was wrong and the Government has the right to rebuke him.

He mentioned Bah Chor Mee. He implied that should podcast be used for political reasons, then the PAP may have to engage JACK NEO to do a podcast on "MEE SIAM MAI HARM".

eerrrr ......... PM Lee..... can tell me which stall you patronise.....

Check out the lastest Podcast from Mr Brown

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