Tuesday, August 01, 2006

there's something about ..... cruelty

I captured this on my camera... over the weekend.

The organiser has a cruel sense of humour. It's disgusting to the core... but I loved it.

I pity those people in the video. Especially that aunty in the middle in the blue blouse. She is so clueless.


Unknown said...

sorry ah gu korkor .. but i don't get what you mean by the organiser being cruel?

moomooman said...

"don't you wish your girlfriend was HOT LIKE ME"

Also, I wasn't able to capture the ending of the dance routine.

It goes like this...

Left hand hit the left cheek of the buttock, right hand hit the right side. And they boogie with both hands on it. Supposed to be very seductive move.

I almost puked.

Anonymous said...

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