Thursday, August 10, 2006

there's something about ..... eric khoo's movies

reviews taken from offical website... except the last one
"One can only hope for more discoveries like Eric Khoo"Howard Feinstein, Timeout Magazine

"A vibrant punchy, sometimes moving street film. The characters are memorable, the sense of place pungent and colourful"Michael Wilmington, The Chicago Tribune

"For an idea of the good things that may be in store for Singapore's nascent film industry, check out Eric Khoo's Mee Pok Man. This well-crafted story about a prostitute and slow-witted noodle seller packs a big wallop. This film rates three and a half morbid twists out of four."AsiaWeek Magazine

"It has to be seen to be believed."Whang Yee Ling, 8 Days

"A tragic love story which lays bare the desolation and alienation lying just beneath the sheen of Singapore's economic success story. Unpretentious and honest cinematic fare, Mee Pok Man, an excellent film provides rich and satisfying food for thought."Michael Wouthwill, The New Paper

"Mee Pok Man is the best piece of local film in too long a time. More importantly, it holds that quality cinema is truly a possibility in Singapore."Corinne Kerk, Business Times

"This is one of the worse movie ever made in Singapore's history alongside "Tiger's whip". With full anticipation of the movie given rave reviews, I was not only dissappointed by the quality of the movie but I felt nauseous at the same time. It was really really bad. It makes me feel that I can also become a good director but I realised I do not have a billion dollar wealth to support me. Avoid this movie at all cost" moomooman,

Reviews taken from official website ..... except the last one

"Writer/director Eric Khoo and co-writer Wong Kim Hoh have come up with a cerebral solution to the intractable problem of making a Hallmark movie.The result is Khoo’s most heartfelt and heartwarming movie to date. It is also the most sophisticated piece of film-making to emerge from the Republic’s budding film scene.The way Khoo has marshaled his technical skills in the service of more characterization and story marks a new stage in his development.Be With Me is an emotional maturation. His tender regard, especially evident in the old shopkeeper’s story, takes his storytelling to the necessary next level.The movie’s title is a simple plea. Be With Me. You will be rewarded if you answer its call." The Straits Times – Ong Sor Fern

"Slowly – ever so slowly – individual characters are introduced to viewers, who are then called upon to piece the diverse cinematic puzzle together. Just as the camera likes to linger lovingly on human faces and inanimate objects alike, so too the screenplay, penned by Khoo and Wong Kim Hoh, is a study in verbal economy, with barely a word or two uttered by many of the principal characters. Most of the narrative comes in the form of subtitled text from Chan’s manuscript.This minimalist approach works because we are left to focus on feelings and emotions rather than dialogue. Meanwhile, Singapore is presented as a city bereft of its usual bustle and sheen, with many scenes taking place in simple homes, empty corridors and quiet streets.After wowing the audience at Cannes and winning distribution deals in Europe, Be With Me is compelling proof that a Singapore film can successfully stand up to scrutiny from a sophisticated international art house crowd. Thanks to Khoo’s fine cinematic eye, it fully deserves to do the same over here." The Business Times – Geoffrey Eu

"One small, lovely film from Singapore made human communication its explicit subject – Eric Khoo’s “Be With Me”….. When I mentioned “Be With Me” at the beginning of this piece, I did so with a conviction that it deserves wide distribution, and will find an appreciative audience. Almost silent and mysteriously disjointed at first, the film comes together into something that’s as accessible as it is beautiful." The Wall Street Journal – Joe Morgenstern

"I was in tears by the end, which is fairly rare." The New York Times – Manohla Dargis

"Finally, a piece of art from Eric Khoo. This is by far his best work of only 3 films. It's both arty and touching. The true story of Theresa Chan makes you want to know more about her. To get the real person to act herself is even more the credible this already is. While "Meebokman" is a junk, "12 storey" an entertaining film, "Be with me" really shows Eric Khoo's flair in film-making. I'm totally impressed." moomooman,


cheeky said...

Normally when I read the film review section I can predict(accuracy rate of 99% okay) how many stars the reviewer was going to give without watching the film itself. Those films reviewers are so pretentiously predictable.

cheeky said...
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moomooman said...

I gave up on film reviews long ago. Their 2 star can be a very entertaining film. Their 5 star will be too arty for me.

So I just watch all movies.

My most memorable movie... Kevin and Perry Go Large. This shows make Stephen Chow's movies looks juvenile.

moomooman said...
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