Tuesday, August 01, 2006

there's something about ..... fried chicken

Wah biang. My second chicken post in the last 1 month.

I went to KFC over the weekend to try their new Chicken Chop. And they really take their name literally. They chop so much off the meat that whatever they serve you is probably slightly bigger that the chicken patty of their burger.

The verdict: It's too small, too unfullfilling, too saltish.... I wouldn't go back again for the chop.

This post however is not about the chicken chop. It's about the experience.

I love KFC. Just like I love Singapore. But I really do.

I'm a big fan of their original recipe and I wouldn't eat their crispy version if I have a choice. No choice... don't say Crispy.... chicken chop also eat. But the original recipe is always much smaller in size. I reckon I need to eat about 4 to 5 in order to feel totally satisfied.

Because of that, I will always request that they don't give me the chicken wings. And they will usually replace it with either the breast meat or the bony piece. It's almost like an unspoken rule. People who request to change the drumstick or wings, just give them the bigger meat.

The logic is simple. People who come to KFC loves to eat chicken. If they love to eat chicken, they love every part of the chicken. Whatever you give them, they will love it. So it's never about the chicken. Then it must be the portion.

They have never never failed me. never. except Saturday.

And it's even more unusual when it was the supervisor serving me.

How did they fail me?

I asked for a 3-piece meal together with the chicken chop of course. My 3 piece meal consist of the breast meat, the drum stick and the wing. To me.... this is the biggest sin ever.

The drum stick and the wing??!?!? The combined size which is equivalent to 3 french fries add together!!

So I ask the supervisor to have the chicken wing changed.

At this point, I overhead her conversation with another colleague of hers and I realised this supervisor came from China. I was shocked. I was shocked because this was the first time I was served by a mainland chinese. And she is the supervisor??! Are these "foreign talent" snatching jobs from locals? That issue aside. This is not the reason for this post.

And so she return to me with my request of changing the chicken wing to something else.

The new combination: Chicken breast, drum stick..... and drum stick!!