Friday, August 04, 2006

there's something about ..... opportunist

Just realised my wife is an opportunist. She hide behind this blur-blur and non-strategist facade so well that I fell into the trap.

You see, my visit to my in-laws (only on Sunday) follow quite closely with Singapore's way of managing car population. I set myself quotas.

The quotas at this point, now and ever, is ONCE A WEEK ..... at the MAXIMUM. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of setting the unit for this quota from trips per week to no. of hours per week as I realised the stay over at the in-laws in that 1 time per week has dragged on for too long.

Recently, my in-laws has a sibling coming over from mainland China to stay here for 2 weeks. This is the first time this sibling has visited them and they have never met each other. (long story)

This sibling is already in his 70s. I supposed this visit is to fulfill a life-long wish of seeing next of kin in another part of the world.

And this might also be their last meeting.

And so I thought there might be a farewell gathering of sort last Sunday to coincide with my usual visit as they are scheduled to leave Singapore on Thursday (yesterday).

However... nothing was organised. Not that I really care.

On Monday night, I was having a casual conversation with my wife.... while playing my game. To me, that was a way to add more time to the short hours that I have for myself. So I like to multi-task.

So while engrossing on my game, ALL I MADE WAS A VERY VERY VERY CASUAL REMARK.....

The remark was "We should have a farewell dinner organised for them".

And while I was still engrossing on my game, the next thing I know was she was making phonecalls to my in-laws telling them we should have a dinner on WEDNESDAY NIGHT before their departure.

I jumped round!!!!! But she was facing strategically away from me.

And I knew the damage is done.

What I meant was... "we should have organised something for them over the weekend but now it's already over... it's a pity". I didn't meant we should organise something on the weekday night just before their departure.


Lesson learned: NEVER..... NEVER..... multitask while having a converation with your wife.