Tuesday, August 22, 2006

there's something about ..... youth

I can't help it...



Today I had a sms "conversation" with a buddy on this piece of news. He used to be a volunteer there.

me: wah... 13k a month.. like cannot see what they do here.

buddy: hello... they now do UN projects liao ok... they see singapore no up liao.

me: wah... singapore youth not challenging enuff issit...

buddy: no... they go other countries to con other youth....


anyway... read the article and discover certain information...

The founder was in the mist of a Crisis Management conference in Malacca when he was interrupted about this crisis back home. I must say... he managed the Crisis quite well.

When ask about allegations that he ran Youth Challenge like a "one-man show" like T.T Durai.... He replied "I'M THE FOUNDER."

Now I know. When face with Crisis... deal with it with arrogance.


The founder revealed that he's paid ABOUT 13k a month. He said "I can't remember exactly as I don't update my bank book all the time".

Hmmmm.... come to think of it.... I have never update my bank book. The bank always send me a statement.


13k a month. Last year they raised 400k of donations. Plus 100k of reserve. His pay p.a over the total fund is a astonishing 31%

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