Tuesday, May 16, 2006

there's something about ..... cycle

Things happen in cycles. You can be doing fantastically well one day with golden taps et al or you can be at the bottom of the pits one day, ask TT Durai. This happens in Sports. In Economy. In Karma. Everything.

Thus, I believe in Vicious Cycle.

My line of work require cold-calling though I don't do that as much now as I have a assistant to do that.

Rejection rates for cold-calling is high. For every 10 calls you make, you will have 5 who slams down the phone on you, 3 who scolded you and then slam down the phone on you, 1 who chit chat with you with no intention of doing business and you have that elusive 1 guy who is prepared to listen.

And after being rejected so many times, I have also conformed to norm. Below are my real life examples.

Telemarketeer who is promoting hotel discount card: HI MR MOOMOOMAN. (in capital because their voice is always in high pitch and so enthusiastic) HOW ARE YOU TODAY?

Me, recognising that pitch: I'm good until you call.

Tele: ohh... can't be that bad. We are................(sales Pitch that last for 2 minutes).... shall I sign you up...

Me: Sorry. I'm not interested.

Tele: Why? It's very cheap.....

Me: I'm not interested.

Tele: Don't you dine out nowadays...

Me: No. I'm jobless now, please delete my name from your mailing list.

Tele: can you refer your friends to me.

Me: No.

I hang up.


Telemarketeer promising you prizes in broken english/and chinese: hi moomooman, congratulations you have won your self a plasma TV, can I verify some information... did you visit any IT SHOW, FOOD FAIR, WAREHOUSE SALE in either Suntec City or Singapore Expo Last year? (umbrella question to make sure your answer is yes)

Me, laughing: Yes. Wah.. last year "lucky draw", this year then give me har.

Telemarketeer: Why you laugh. Why not. So you want the prize or not?

Me, still trying to contain my laughter: So what do I have to do? Listen to a seminar for 1 hour with my wife at Ngee Ann City issit?

Telemarketeer: Yes. No obligation. After that you can stand to win Plasma TV.

Me: I thought you say I already won?

Telemarketeer: Got condition mah.

Me: So this is timeshare.

Telemarketeer: No.. We are not timeshare. We are a leisure group.

Me, still laughing: Haha.. I see.

Telemarketeer: So you coming or not.

Me: Why don't you guys give me my prize and I leave. I don't attend the seminar lah.

Telemarkeer, sounding impatient: Cannot. So you want to come or not.

Me: No.

Telemarketeer hang up.


Telemarketeer trying to sell you insurance products: Hi Mr Moomooman, I from *** Insurance.

Me: I also a Insurance agent from *** (quote rival company)


Telemarketeer trying to ask you to sell real estate: Hi Moomooman, I from *** company.

Me: I also a real estate agent from *** (quote rival company)


Telemarketeer trying to sign you up for Platinum Credit Card: Hi Moomooman, I from ***, are u keen to sign up *** credit card, free for first year and you can ................Sale Pitch.........?

Me: Got free gift?

Telemarketeer: yes... on top of that.. you will receive.........

Me: Ok lor.



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Sunflower said...

This is good one.

Will try to use your method next time when i face telemarketer. :P

Anonymous said...

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