Tuesday, May 02, 2006

there's something about ..... traps

Sylvia Lim, WP

Saw this on TV tonight. She said that MM Lee's explanation on GRC borders on racial and sex discrimination. She implied that MM Lee is saying that a woman will not win a SMC. She is challenging that notion.

Cowdunker think she is setting herself a trap.

Why did she not come forward and stand for election in a SMC?

Chiam See Tong, SDA

2 in 1 concept. Have the opposition party in Parliament and yet the losing PAP candidate will still continue to provide grassroots activities and help the residents.

Mah Bow Tan said voters should then vote for PAP as they would receive lots of goodies like heavily subsidies lift ungrading and many more, and the losing opposition incumbent will then still be a NMP and can still voice out in Parliament.

Chiam retorted that Mah didn't know what he is saying. As a NMP and thus no constituency, how can Chiam helps the residents?

Cowdunker think Chiam makes a wrong retort. Sitoh will help the residents for him.

Goh Chok Tong, PAP

He proposed today that if Hougang residents want Upgrading, Government can help if Low Thia Kiang again become the MP for the ward.

Cowdunker thinks Eric Low can kiss his hope goodbye.

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