Monday, May 08, 2006

there's something about ..... election

Wah biang... I wonder if I'm breaking any law by talking so much about election in the last 2 weeks.

Anyway, election being a heavily discuss topic in the last 2 weeks, it's been easy to strike a conversation.

Me: who u voting har?

friend: voting is secret lah!

me: secret your head lah... what government means is they won't know who you vote... but you can tell your friend!

friend: is it... ok.. i believe you.... I vote for *Beep Beep*

me: Wah... you siao issit... they where got good?

friend: where got no good... this one got degree one ok!

me: I also got degree what... you vote for me lah!

friend: but you not sexy!

me: nabeh.


Do you know who is the most powderful MP in PAP?

You think is PM LEE? Think again.

He is the MP for Joo Chiat CHAN SOO SEN. He is the MP for our president ok. Dun pray pray.

I wonder if our President got problem with neighbour... does our president go to Mr Chan and ask him to write a MP letter?


Low Thia Kiang said he sent a team to contest in AMK GRC for 3 reasons:
  • To let Cheng San residents to have another chance of voting, given the last time they voted... WP lost narrowly.
  • To let his team of young contestant a exposure.
  • To let the public choose our PM and not to have a walkover PM.

He forgot to list a 4th point.

He belongs to AMK GRC. Thus... he wants to have the chance to vote. Maybe he got a son/daughter also never voted before......

Son/daughter: DADDY... do you think I will have the chance to vote in this coming election?

LTK: Of course not lah... Our GRC is PM LEE... who will come and contest him.

Son/daughter: YOU LOR Daddy....

LTK slaps the son/daughter: YOU WANT DADDY TO LOSE JOB ISSIT!!!

Son/daughter crying...: Maybe you can send those kids in your WP to contest lor. That way.. you can show off the government mah....

LTK: Hmmm.... good point.

I wonder who LTK will vote for?


One of the MP is TEO SER LUCK. The first time I heard the name.... I thought it sounded like one of our so-called beauty queen of the 80s who just can't seems to stop hogging the limelight.

Nabeh. Indeed... he is the brother of TEO SER LEE.

I must say.. Teo Ser Luck is "prettier" than Teo Ser Lee.

At polling day.... Teo Ser Lee is quoted as saying "I'm proud of him... finally someone in the family will have more limelight than me"

I almost puked!!


I understand the price of Pork goes up. Damn Mr Brown and Miyaki for their Podcast.

Bak Chor Mee is now in hot Demand. And it's now almost vogue when you order Bak Chor Mee, you must say "uncle...bak chor mee dah..mai hiam.. mai dee kua"

Naturally Dee Kua or Liver prices fall as a result.

It's also difficult to hire good Bak Chor Mee man now. Not only they must speak english, they must have good reasoning, and they must know how to operate CCTV.


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