Tuesday, May 02, 2006

there's something about ..... gomezised

Today I felt like I was gomezised. I almost did a James Gomez.

My wife's name was not in the polling card. Everyone's else names were in it but not hers. And since we are a rule abiding nation, we waited till today to see if a separate one was sent to her instead like what the TV says.

The TV advert says that if you do not receive the polling card by today, you have to call the Election Department.

So I did.

And to my astonishment, they said that my wife need not vote.

Upon checking further, and to my greatest horror, they said she belongs to Bishan/Toa Payoh GRC!!!!

HELLO?!??!? How is that possible. Yes.... we used to stay there... like 4 years ago.

The lady at the Election Department asked whether she has updated her address by 1st Jan this year. I told her... we moved to our present address 4 years ago and the address was updated years ago.

The lady at the Election Department was equally puzzled. She asked to call us back while she do more checks.

She returned the call about 30 mins later and confirmed that my wife's record shows that she belongs to Bishan GRC and that she need not vote.

I ask what if... you guys come back to us later and says that she didn't vote.

The lady says that everything is computerised and I can in fact double check this figure in elections.gov.sg myself.

I almost wanted to do a Gomez and say "Are you sure, and are you going to bear the consequences?"

But I think the word "consequences" is a dirty word now in the Election Department. I also remember that my conversation is also taped and might use against me if I stand for election 5 years down the road. I decided not to pursue. But I thought I should ask for the girl's name.

And to my further astonishment, she said their names cannot be revealed. Win Liao lor. I think this is what happen after what Gomez did to them. They now very scared of revealing names.

Of course, my wife is only glad. She has voted before and think voting is a waste of time.

But I cannot believe that someone so close to me has been excluded because of a admin error. I mean.... THAT COULD BE ME!!! I COULD BE DENIED FOR THE CHANCE TO VOTE!!!

Thank God and WP.


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