Saturday, May 06, 2006

there's something about ..... results (updated)

I'm attempting to predict the results for today's poll. But why even bother to predict? Well... that's me. I just like to assess, predict, guess, assume, bet, spot, try, estimate etc.

I'm confident of achieving a 3% error for my prediction.

Thought this will be a close contestI would have thou . But Yip failed to live it up.

Prediction: Seng Han Thong, PAP to win 64%.

Results: PAP win 68.27%

My prediction: +4.27% (FAIL)

I would have like to see Sylvia Lim taking on Mah Bow Tan. I rather sacrifice Mah than George Yeo.

Unfortunately, this is not to be. With a team comprising Frankenstein aka tan lead shake, this team has no chance at all. Not even sympathy.

Prediction: PAP to win 82%.

Results: PAP win 68.51%

My prediction: -13.49% FAIL MISERABLY.

This seems like a no-contest. However, it's also not a walk by the park.

Only Chia Ti Lik of WP can boast of quality.. on paper. His rally speech failed to win me over however.

Brandon Siow seems like a nice guy but lack the cutting edge.

The rest... yawwwnnnnnn.

My prediction: PAP to win 70%.

Results: PAP win 63.85%

My prediction: -6.15% FAIL

Steve Chia's colourful past and present will finally caught up with him. Taking sexy photos of the maid will not strike a chord with most families. Not only that, his body language during rallies turn me off. Think he needs pychiatric consultation.

Gan Kim Yong is a newbie to this ward and do lack the familarity factor Steve Chia enjoys.

Prediction: Gan Kim Yong, PAP, win 60%.

Results: PAP win 60.37%

My prediction: BINGO!!!

If this election is to see who has the darkest hair, Ling How Doong will win hairs down... by a big margin.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. People will be turn off by his wig.

Prediction: Dr Teo Ho Pin, PAP, win 72%.

Results: PAP win 77.18%

My prediction: +5.18% FAIL

What promise to be an exciting contest turn out to be a joke.

Sympathy votes will come in, no doubt.

Prediction: PAP to win 75%.

Results: PAP win 76.7%

My prediction: +1.7% PASS

This is a no brainer.

Prediction: PAP to win 85%.

Results: PAP win 68.51%

My prediction: -16.49 FAIL MISERABLY

This young guy look impressive. Very PAP face. In fact Ong Ah Heng got very Ling How doong's face.

Lian Chin Way will be a dark horse in this. But Ong has been around in this ward for a long time. I wish Lian has canvass strongly.

Prediction: Ong Ah Heng to win 58%.
Results: PAP win 65.37%

My prediction: +7.37% FAIL

Another boring contest. No much said about the opposition.

Prediction: Pap to win 80%.

Results: PAP to win 68.72%

My prediction: -11.28% FAIL

Another Yawn.

Prediction: PAP to win 82%.

Results: PAP win 68.48%

My prediction: -13.52% FAIL MISERABLY

On paper, this looks like a good fight. But in reality... the opposition Dr Tan is a joker... and it's not a compliment.

I wonder what kind of Medical Doctor he is... but definitely he look like the Ti Ko kind.

My prediction: Chan Soo Sen to win 78%.

Results:PAP win 65%

My Prediction: -13% FAIL MISERABLY

The opposition is too low profile.

Prediction: PAP to win 84%.

Result: PAP win 69.26%

My prediction: -14.74% FAIL MISERABLY

Eric Low is older. Not as charismatic.

enuff said.

Prediction: Low Thia Kiang to win by improved margin of 58%.

Results: WP win 62.74%

My prediction: +4.74% FAIL

Will this finally be it for Chiam See Tong? I don't think so. Residents do like him, just like they too like Sitoh.

But sentiments is strong for Chiam, and the fact that he did manage to do partial lift upgrading to some residents... will be enough to retain these voters.

My prediction: Chiam See Tong to win by 55%.

Result: SDA win 55%

My prediction: BINGO!!

This is interesting.

Stock of PAP is super high in this GRC for obvious reason. I would rate it high 80s in the beginnning.

Glenda Han's profile kinda swing the very young voters to WP. I would think 5%.

Lim Boon Heng's statement about PAP winning in the high 80s... drop another 5%.

PM Lee "fixing" statement and apologise later. Drop another 5%.

My Prediction: PAP to win 73%.

Result: PAP win 66.13%

My Prediction: -6.87% FAIL

Before Gomez.... the stock of WP in this GRC is high.

After Gomez.... the stock of WP in this GRC drop by 10%.

And it continue to slide.

However, there are many people out there who support Sylvia Lim and is prepared to sacrifice the whole PAP.

Even if WP is voted in, Gomez will not last long in Parliament. Remember, JBJ in Anson? So it doesn't really matter if Gomez enters parliament

These 2 days... you can see the sense of urgency from PAP. They do realise they are facing a real threat here.

This remains to tough to call.

My prediction: PAP to win 52%.

Result: PAP win 56%

My prediction: +4%


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