Monday, May 22, 2006

there's something about ..... homosexual (update)

Just realised from Wang of Karma that today is World AIDS day.

The timing of my blog on homosexual is uncanny.


Anonymous said...

Er... World AIDS Day is actually on 1 December.

21 May is the day when the AIDS Candlelight Memorials are held around the world. It is to commemorate and remember all those who had succumbed to the disease.

For the record, AIDS is NOT a homosexual disease. The HIV virus can also be passed to another person via heterosexual sex, intravenous injections and from an infected mother to her baby through her breast milk...


moomooman said...

Thank you for the clarification.

Well, you are right. AIDS is not exclusively a homosexual disease now. But I suspected it was 15 years ago. It may be originated from homosexual and pass on via bisexual sex.

Anyway, I agree with your statement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being open-minded enough to recognise and accept the facts! :)

I don't know enough about the origins of the HIV virus and its transmission to share the facts with you.

What I understand is that it was first found in some primates and found its way to human beings, before becoming an epidemic in the African continent. The virus then appeared in the rest of the world.

Also not sure what the initial mode(s) of transmissions were, but unprotected/unsafe homosexual sex was indeed a major mode in the past.

Hope that there will be a scientific breakthrough to cure the disease/stop the HIV virus soon, as well as for other diseases such as HFMD, SARS, bird flu, cancer etc.