Monday, May 22, 2006

there's something about ..... idol

Caught Singapore Idol earlier and I saw a new pattern emerging.

It's not Singapore Idol earlier... it's Singapore's Malay Idol, It's Singapore's Indian Idol, It's Singapore's Eurasian Idol. Or in short, Singapore's minority race Idol.

I'm not being racist here. I thought Taufig was the better and deserving winner the last time round. But coming from a typical malay family, Taufig was surely the many inspiration to many Malays and Indians here. Thus a big turnout from this demographics for this competition.

The Chinese? Not to say there aren't any in the show.

Many chinese in Singapore are bilingual. If given a choice, a good chinese singer who could speak in Mandarin would rather take part in the Chinese equivalent of such competition because the stake is much higher. The regional market for chinese pop is bigger and more lucrative.

We have mandarin-singer millionaires like Stephanie Sun, A Do and JJ etc etc. But we don't have a English-singing singer that could consider a big hit, even locally. Taufig's first album may consider to be one of the best-seller. But that is due to the interest of Singapore Idol then, curiousity spills over. I would be interesting to see how his second album would fair.

To some of these Malays and Indians, they see this as their best chance to earn a respectable living in Singapore. They could see how winning this has transformed Taufig's life. And they too want a crack at stardom. I mean... not every one can say they are the spokesperson for "BIG GULP". That is huge!!! That is the first time a in-house beverage of a chain get their own spokesperson!!

As for the show.... I feel it has lost it's appeal. The fact that they have to still feature some of those rejects from the first show, shows that there aren't any interesting characters out there. You have some "clowns" whose aim were to just appear on TV and nothing else. Such acting is passe. I suppose Singapore being a small country, it's hard to find real and funny personalities.

And Jacintha.... if this first show is any indication, she is just as bad as Douglas O. She wanted credibility and she tries too hard to be a Ken. She is a funny woman with wisecracks and there wasn't any from her. Maybe she feels uncomfortable with her ex-husband 2 seats away.


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