Thursday, May 04, 2006

there's something about ..... rallies

I fulfilled my promise. I attended the WP rally last night and I intend to go tonight at AMK as well. You's not too difficult to be a MP, I have the quality to do so. I fulfill promises.

Anyway, the WP rally last night present a very different atmosphere than elsewhere. I kinda believe that the WP has more "grassroot" supporters given that at every one night they only have 1 rally than say PAP when they have a few. And these "grassroot" supporters come in full force and vocal. They ended the speaker's each statements with lots of cheers and horns. This surely liven up the whole atmosphere.

However, I also realised most are there to listen to Low Thia Kiang only. I must say he is a charismatic speaker.

Surrounding me are some Ah Pehs who wasn't too keen in listening to what the other candidates got to say. However when Low comes on Stage to Speak, these Ah Pehs behave like they were on Viagra about to hump around. They gets very excited and each time Low make a statement, you see them cheering like a pompom girls.

I don't blame them. He is good. TV footage shows none of his skills of rousing the crowds.

Yesterday he gave a short speech. About 20 mins. However, he wasn't the last speaker. But to the crowds, they came just for Low. The moment Low finishes, the crowd also decide to leave as well.

It seems the crowd's agenda wasn't so much about issues affecting them. They are there to see drama, to watch a show.

How I know?

Cos I'm one of them.


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