Friday, July 22, 2005

there's something about ..... aging and sandals

I have realised that there is a direct correlation between aging and the costs of your sandals.

I have concluded that the older you are the cheaper your sandals are.

25 years old

I bought a NIKE sandals for about $69

29 years old

After my Nike wear out, I bought a RIDER sandals for $30

32 years old

Yesterday I bought a super designer sandal with a super designer name GIOVIN KELVIN sandals (dun pray pray) from your swanky upmarket NTUC (dun pray pray)

for..... $14.90


coolcat said...

age brings wisdom & thrift..... :)

Unknown said...

you forgot the part ..

55 yrs old
Tak Seng slippers $9.90

moomooman said...

Somemore this sandal that I bought... from far looks like addidas.