Friday, July 01, 2005

there's something about ..... 绝对superstar

Is it just me who likes to critise or is Project Superstar a bad talent show?

To me fair, there are some good talents. Some of the judges are very credible too. More credible than some Singapore Idol judges.

But the program? I think the producers did a horrible show.

To start off, I dun know whether are they trying to be similar or trying to be unsimilar to Singapore Idol.

But I do suspect that they recognise the Idol format is fabulous but they also realised that if they could be similar and not infringed onto the Idol license, they can save alot of money.

So they embark onto a project that must be similar but different from Singapore Idol:
  • Cannot have 3 judges.
  • Judges will contribute 30% of points, instead of nothing in Idol.
  • Must have 2 hosts.

Among many others more differences.

But what I couldn't understand is the system of the show. Why wasn't the contest shown live? Is showing it Live an infringement of Idol license?

It's silly that the trailers shown week before the actual telecast were actual footage of the quarter-finals, meaning it was held much earlier but voting only starts during the telecast, with the hosts pretending it as Live Show.

And voting starts at the beginning of the show and not at the end when all the singers finished their singing. Is fairness being compromised because of licensing issues?

Why the gender group are splitted up into 2 different weeks with each week eliminating 2 from each sub-groups? Meaning to say, the eliminated ones may be better than those not eliminated from previous group.

But the worse of all, it's the Results Show every Thursday at 11.30pm.

Again, the similar-but-be-different-from-Idol approach makes the program jerky. Not only that, they try too damn hard to add drama but failed miserably.

I find the "绝对superstar, 有你没有他!” tagline before the announcement of the eliminated ones nauseating.

But what is even more disgusting is that the announcement of the eliminated ones via this Jackpot machine thingy when the pictures are run and only when the face of the eliminated one appear in the 3 boxes, is the result finalised.

And after the result is announced, instead of the eliminated one taking on centrestage, being shown footage of their auditions so far, they have to walk down the stage to where the host are and being interviewed among the audience leaving the other 2 on the stage.

While last week result show was damn flawed (let's not even go there), this week was an improvement but the drama is still very Master Of The Seas.

As 2 from each gender are eliminated each week, instead of announcing both the names at one go, they separate the announcement into 2 groups of 3. Meaning someone from each group will go out.

So the host dramatically announce the first group One By One onto the stage. Each one of them being called onto stage is like machiam "OH NO, I'M GOING OUT". This is damn silly. The remaining 3 not being called has the same chance as the 3 being called out onto stage from being eliminated.

ARRGGHHHHHHH. I can't stand it anymore. It's one hell of a stupid program.

Will I watch it again next week?


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