Sunday, July 03, 2005

there's something about ..... IOC session

Unless you are an alien (like my brother in law), you would know that the IOC session to select the venue for Olympics 2012 will be held next week at Raffles City.

And suddenly you have sports celebrities like David Beckham and Mohammed Ali making their way into Singapore to convince IOC members to vote for their own countries and you have Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton doing the same likewise.

Most people would say "So What" and I suspect Singaporean will have the following reactions to this whole drama:
  • Nabeh, why they cannot hold the voting in Sentosa but must do it in Raffles City. Make the traffic there so bad.
  • Nabeh, how come police must scan my gu gu when enter Raffles City, I only want to go buy Giordano Jeans on second floor only.
  • Nabeh, why so bo liao. Still must come all the way to Singapore to vote. Just ask Singapore Pools to draw lots lah.

My reaction falls under the first one.

But holding this IOC session in Singapore will bring in revenue to Singapore and show the whole wide world what Singapore can do.

Already driving along expressways, you will see the electronic sign telling you to avoid Raffles City next week by car, "Take Public Transport" it was recommended. You see, they have already trying to increase revenues for transport companies otherwise partly owned by government.

And showing the whole wide world what Singapore can do, we did the next best thing... we engaged Glen Goei to do the Opening Show. You know that famous local director that make only 1 successful movie in "Forever Fever" breaking box office of another local movie called "Tiger's Whip". But of course, they couldn't engage Jack Neo in case the opening show feature Mark Lee in Ah beng dialect starting off with "NI NA BEH".

To be fair to Glen Goei, I'm a big fan of "Forever Fever". No one can say this I Swear... but I'm the only one who bought the VCD to the movie, because I like it so much. Or was it Jeff who bought it. I cannot remember liao.

But somewhere in the movie, you can actually see a microphone hanging at the top of the screen and you wonder how good a director he is. That aside.

If you have seen the snippets of the upcoming opening show on TV, you would have seen a demonstration of WUSHU and some other shows.

Somehow I felt they are just borrowing some performances from NDP. You know those performances right after the Guard Of Honour March-pass. Especially since NDP is just around the corner and Raffles City is near Padang, might as well one stone hit 2 birds.

But why WUSHU? Why don't they feature Table Tennis demonstration by our china-borned atheletics or Badminton demonstration by our Indonesian-borned- atheletic-that-marry-another-china-borned-atheletic-and-later-change-his- indonesian-name-to-a-chinese-name?

How about setting up a bowling alley and do a demonstration by that guy whose name sounded like XO and after which everyone can also eat his popiah?

How about a demonstration by our Singapore Football team on how they won the Tiger's Cup and they can even show-off to David Beckham?

Or a demonstration on How you can get nominated in People's magazine?

Anyway, why do I even bother by all these? Afterall, we were not even bothered by Beijing 2008?

Bo Bian. Everyday you flip the papers and this is what you read.

And since I'm a fan of conspiracy theory and IOC is full of politics, such things interest me.

Newspapers have said that it's down to London or Paris to win the hosting rights, so anyhow hantam either one, you have 50% chance of getting it right.

But I have analysis one... ok.

Since this year is the year of the underdogs...ask Liverpool... that means MOSCOW and NEW YORK being the underunderunderdogs will not lose.

And since London has the support of commonwealth countries, thus ensuring survival of first round. You are left with Madrid and Paris to choose to boot from Round 1.

So my guess is that Madrid will be out in Round 1. Just like how Real Madrid did not win anything in Champions League. Paris to lose Round 1 will be scandalous. And in Singapore, such kelongness will not escape CPIB for corruption charges.

Next round, people who previously vote for Madrid will split their votes with MOSCOW and LONDON. So London being already strong will remain past round 2.

New York will also survive. Why? Hillary Clinton is there. Never mix with US politics. Remember who oppose IRAQ War? France.

Hillary Clinton will use her influence to sway votes away from Paris. So I believe the madrid votes will see Moscow barely beating Paris.


PARIS will not vote for New York. So their votes will go to mostly London and Moscow. While London will still survive this round, it's close call between Moscow and New York. But my take is MOSCOW will be out. They have ride their luck long enough.

Final 2. New York and London.

Both allies in IRAQ War. Final voting will be a close call. For New York to be in Final 2, they must have already done alot to win votes.

And also a little trivial. No country has hosted the OLYMPICS more than twice. The only countries who have done it twice are Paris, Athen, Los Angelis, London. Even Moscow has done it once before.

So I really don't think they will give London such a honour to be the first to have done it 3 times. It's about time to allow other country a chance.

And as I said, it's the year of underdogs. NEW YORK will therefore win the hosting rights.

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