Wednesday, July 27, 2005

there's something about ..... zoe tay vs SPH

The case surrounded an article published by SPH with regards to Zoe Tay's endorsement deals which implied that she has lied to the general public about her confinement practices.

As usual, SPH is represented by Senior Counsel Davinder Singh. Zoe Tay's representing Counsel is not named as it wasn't necessary.

Davinder Singh (DS): Did you or did you not give birth to a baby boy?

Zoe Tay (Zt): Oh.. yes.. I name him after brav...

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: Did you or did you not have big breast full of milk?

ZT: 2 Big Breasts for your information.

DS: Is it true that you have too much milk that you actually called your doctor to offer him some for his patients?

ZT: Yes.

DS: And what else did you do to your milk?

ZT: I sell them in bottles which I autographed on in ebay

DS: Did you try to use those unsold milk to wash your face?

ZT: Well... I ......

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: If one has so much milk, would a normal person still need to buy powder formula for their baby?

ZT: Depending...

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: No

DS: So I take it that your baby has not tried the formula you were advertising for.

ZT: But that formula is for 6 ....

DS: No answers needed.

DS: Is it true that you told the papers that you did not shower during your confinement period?

ZT: Yes..

DS: So you lied in your spa advertisement when you said "Contrary to What everyone says, I did bathe during this time (confinement period). Just once a day."

ZT: No, what I really meant is that I wiped myself down with a tower every day, not exactly a shower or bath.

DS: So you lied about the golden taps... sorry wrong case,.... so you didn't bathe at all even though you said you did in the spa advertisement?

ZT: I meant...

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: Do you know that slimming pills are not suitable for nursing mothers?

ZT: Yes.. but I wasn't...

DS: So during the time when your son is drinking breast milk, you were on slimming pills?

ZT: Those aren't fresh...

DS: Just answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: So don't you agree that you are sending out wrong signals to the fans who supported you?

ZT: No, I don't agree...

DS: Finally, how much do you earn as a TCS top artiste?

ZT: Peanut.

DS: To cut this blog short, do you want to withdraw the case against SPH?

ZT: Ok.

P/S: I'm a fan of Zoe Tay until The slimming Pill advertisement which is the most awful advertisement ever for all slimming products.


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臀部指肪 Cha cha chaaaaaa


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