Monday, July 18, 2005

there's something about ..... nkf vs sph

Now that this is history, we should reflect on the whole saga and learn from it. Of course, other than the obvious Moral and Transparency issues we have learnt, I think this whole saga also show us a few things.

  • There is really a Surname called LONG.
  • Davindar Singh is aided by an assistant by the name of Adrain Tan. He is the author of TEENAGE TEXTBOOK and TEENAGE WORKBOOK fame. Remember Paya Lebar JC?
  • The Patron of NKF probably feel that there's a need to patronise the court proceedings. Since she is not involved in the "Day to Day operation" of NKF, she needs to patronise.
  • Susan Long being a co-defendent to the case was also reporting the case as a journalist. Talk about conflicting of interest.
  • The person who spray Graffitti on NKF building must be a Hokkien.
  • SQ Business Class is more expensive than first class of other airlines.
  • Charity bosses need to travel overseas for business. I wonder why... perhaps to check out new taps?
  • peanuts = $600,000. I should be getting sunflower seeds.
  • Salaries are not revealed because they were afraid there might be difficulty recruiting..... what nonsense.... Now everyone wants to be CEO of NKF.
  • The most idle person in Court is Michael Khoo.
  • This saga received 3 times more coverage than Huang Na Murder case.
  • Litigation cases is not about open-ended question like....
    "Please describe the condition of your toilet?"
    It's not even about multiple choice question like "Is the condition of your toilet a)very good b) very very good c)very very very good" It's about TRUE or FALSE.

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