Saturday, July 16, 2005

there's something about ..... the car hunt

I participated in the car hunt by Straits Times today. A Mazda 6 was at stake. Needless to say, if I had won, this blog will not start like this. Nabeh.

Participation is the wrong word. All I did was cut newspaper, go there, caught in the traffic jam for an hour, squeeze among the thousands who were there. Wait another an hour and a half (for me), listen to some bad music, they did a lucky draw for the car, not me, I go back, caught in another jam. Half day gone. Participation is the wrong word, the correct word would be KA CHING JIO.

The riddle was easy:

Where the sun rises

By the Sea

From Seven to Eleven

Ronald eyes a perfect game.

Too easy. The location is East Coast Parkway behind Macdonald. When is that easy, many more people will know. And in a prominent location like this, even passer-bys would have seen the stage setup few days before and knew this would be it.

I hesistated about going. But I thought, I have already spent so much time cutting out the papers in the last 15 days, I owe it to myself to at least make my way there and hope no one else other than me is smart enough to know it's there.

When I was at Still Road and my car couldn't move a inch per minute, I knew why they call this Still road. I hesistated about continuing the journey. But I thought, I have already spent 30 mins getting caught in the Jam, I owe it to myself to at least make my way there and hope all the others on Still road is not going to the Car Hunt, but maybe they are going somewhere else.

So I took the smart way out of the jam, I reckon probably it won't be easy to find a lot in East coast Park, so I decided to park at the HDB estate in Marine Parade and walk the underpass over.

The underpass was crowded. I again hesistated. But I thought I'm so near to the destination. I owe it to myself to try my luck on the car.

The place is too damn crowded and it looks like there are couple of thousands of people there. I knew immediately I made a wrong choice to go there. But WHAT IF.... WHAT IF my KA CHING is really not itchy and it's my destine to win a car?

SPH set up a stage there where bands were performing to "entertain" the crowd.


It's a "MAT ROCK" festival. They have bands after bands of "rock" singers performing. It would have been bearable if they have engaged Singapore Idols quarter-finalists. And these "rockers" sucks. Given a crowd of thousands and they probably felt like they were having a sell-out concerts.

Apparently, these were finalists of SPH School of Rock competition.

Another unusual thing happen, on 3 occasions when I was minding my own business, standing there reading my New Paper, strangers approached me and ask...

"Hi, where can I find the box to submit my entry form?"

I don't understand. I was READING. I wasn't standing there staring into space and looked like a Customer Service Officer for SPH.

After getting irritated by traffic jams, and bad screaming the whole morning... they finally announce the lucky winner of that Mazda 6 at noon.

Of course it's not me. People who complaint often do not get rewarded. They deserved to be irriated by traffic jams and bad screaming.

For your information, SPH school of Rock Finals would be held at Junction 8 next Saturday. Don't say I never warn you.


Anonymous said...

I too was one of the thousands who went. Sigh... you know the rest.

The really stupid thing is that the Straits Times Life section today reported that those kids performed VERY WELL on saturday. Gosh... are they being kind or do they just have VERY BAD TASTE?

moomooman said...

Did they really say that?!?!?!?

It's like saying PCK musical is best in Singaporea and USA.

Nabeh. Why did they even bother to call it SPH school of Rock? Rockers don't attend school.