Wednesday, July 06, 2005

there's something about ..... London 2012

I'm a lousy conspiracy theorist.

After grossly theoristed that Singapore will not have a casino, I have made another bad theory.

I have came out with a theory that the ioc session will have a winner in New York, after booting out London, Moscow, Paris and Madrid in that order.

But the actual order was not only very wrong, it's disgustingly wrong. The order of elimination is Moscow, New York, Madrid, Paris with London winning.

That means the IOC session in Singapore is Boring. Non-climatic. Non-event. The order of elimination was exactly how the experts have predicted. Unlike someone who think he is an expert.

When the president of IOC (a parisian) was opening the envelop to announce the winner.... you just knew London won it. The facial expression tells it all. To be fair, I'm not too sure if Paris is to win, whether his facial expression would have been the same.

And the jubilation is not as wild as I was hoping for. It's tame. That is expected when an expected winner won.

I have been to London, Paris and New York. And while I wouldn't know who will make a better sports hosts (how dare I try to predict who wins), I do know New York will make an interesting location, follow by Paris. And I would probably voted Madrid before London.

Of course, which is why I'm at home and not at Raffles City.

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