Monday, July 11, 2005

there's something about ..... that movie we watched

Watched "War of the World" last weekend. A movie Lily said is about Tom Cruise running here and running there.

Watching movie with my wife is always interesting. She kinda lost touch with what's happening in the movie circuit, and I will just bring her to see the movie without telling her what's it all about. She knew is a Tom Cruise movie after seeing the trailers but that's all she knows.

And she doesn't like to ask what's the show about BEFORE the movie. She likes to ask DURING the movie.

When the "Aliens" made the first appearance in the show,

she ask: What's that.

Me: Aliens

She: Is It?!?!?! I thought this show is about War?

Me: .......

Actually I kinda like the show. This show is actually not about Aliens attacking the Earth. It's actually about fatherhood with the Aliens drama as a backdrop.

And I actually feel for the character Tom Cruise was portraying. If this doesn't win him the Oscar, I think he can give up acting for good. It's not often you can say Tom Cruise could act, especially with such intensity.

I think why I feel for the character is because I'm now a father. A parent's love for their kid is not something you can't put to words. But in any calamity, your love for the kid is unparrellel.

A friend of mine was telling me about the Tsunami. There was this article about a caucasian woman running back to the shore to save the son. My lady friend commented that even die, she will die with the children.

Anyway, the show also struck me for something else.

Nabeh... not everyone is like Tom Cruise. Run and Run and Run. I realised if Ang Mo Kio is under attack by Aliens (I dun mean my brother in law), I probably will not be able to carry Ian and run more than 2 blocks.

No matter how much you can love your kid. In situations like this, your heart is willing but your flesh is not.

Like that, die liao lah.

I better keep myself fit and start jogging, which I hate. Or I can go borrow Lily's new bike once she is bored with it.

In Yoda fashion: New toy it is, bored she will be in 1 month it is.

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