Monday, July 25, 2005

there's something about ..... best friend

I'm always wanted to have an interesting life. Not so much about my life... but "Ge Yan" happening around me so that working days will be more interesting.

Nabeh. My wish was granted.

Yesterday I brought this 36 years old Japanese plump Single lady to look for an apartment to buy. The condominium in question was a big one and I have arranged to meet one agent in one of the blocks.

I have been to that condo numerous times but seriously who can remember which block number is where. And it doesn't help that the condo has poor signages that doesn't allow me to walk in the correct direction.

So I venture towards my right to the pool area with the buyer.

Suddenly the buyer make an abrupt u-turn and and I almost lost her. So I traced my way back and saw her "hiding" behind some landscape. She told me that she couldn't walk that way because she saw somebody she didn't want to see there.

I almost wanted to do a cucumberz and ask her "who you didn't want to see?" but I was worried that knowing too much information may haunt me one day. In case, she was avoiding a white nissan sunny driver.

Me: What colour is his nissan sunny?
Fat woman: White.
Me calling Cucumbz : I saw the white nissan sunny driver in XXX Condo
Cucumbz call the acquaintance: The white nissan sunny is in XXX condo
acquaintance come to xxx condo with parang.
Next day headline "Property Agent witness murder"

You see, things like that which I didn't want to know. So being the professional that I am, I decided not to probe and we took a big detour to find that block, only to know the block was on the immediate left of where we started.

On the way to the block, she finally revealed on her own accord as she probably thinks there was a need to explain her action.

Apparently, she saw the ex-boyfriend of her best friend who is a Singaporean.

I can understand if that was her ex-boyfriend.... but anyway, I showed her the apartment and she fell in love with it.

She wanted to take it up immediately but because I have already arranged other units elsewhere to show her, she decided to make her decision until she sees everything.

At the end of the viewings, she told me that she really like that unit and will just inform her best friend about it, just to be sure her best friend is cool about it.


That bitch was very upset about it and didn't want my client to go ahead. So my client told me that she couldn't take up the unit due to respect for her best friend.


I couldn't believe my ears. I thought things like these are only found in Taiwanese drama like 青青河边草.

I wanted to burst the deal further by telling my client to act her age. She is 36 years old... not 16!!!

Nabeh!!! I couldn't believe that I lost the deal because of poor directional signs in the condo!!!


Unknown said...

actually i don't understand. so she didn't want to get the unit because the best friend don't want her to stay in the same estate as the ex bf?

moomooman said...

dye, beats me. She says "It's a Girl thing" So you tell me...

36 years old?!?!?!?

Poor Signage?!?!!?!

I felt like in the movie 向左走,向右走

Unknown said...

hahahha i wanted to use something in my comments but cannot show image file .. too bad.