Thursday, July 07, 2005

there's something about ..... that white car

Just recalled about my conversation with cucumberz yesterday or the day before.

Apparently one of our net friends or acquaintances depending how you define friendship is facing some personal problems.

To me, it felt more like an acquaintance and I define that as follows:

  • We hardly spoke. Not so much about the lack of effort to communicate on my end. But mostly I felt like standing on a stage doing a monologue cos the other party dun really talk.
  • We played bowling a few times years back when I was fit and very good looking.
  • Sometimes we meet for supper years back when I was fit and very gorgeous looking.
  • Then we stop doing the above for like 5 years.
  • I got married and didn't invite him.
  • Out of the blue early this year, he will message me via phone about some badminton sessions. Which shocks me for few reasons. Firstly, haven't heard the word Badminton for ages. Secondly, haven't heard from him for ages.
  • Then, there will be messages about birthday party for his girlfriend.
  • Then, he will invite me to his wedding.

This is my definition of acquaintances.

Anyway, cucumberz was telling me that she received a unusual message from this chap. Cannot remember the exact words but essentially is for everyone whom he has asked via SMS to look out for a white Nissan Sunny, with a number plate given as well.

He went to ask the recepient of the SMS to contact him immediately upon seeing this car on the road.

So Cucumberz being the kay poh that she is, ask him why.

This chap said that the guy driving that car is trying to destroy his family.

Ni Na Beh!!

No.. I'm not swearing at that guy trying to destoy my acquaintance's family.

I'm swearing at Cucumberz. Ha Ha Ha.

Because of that, I can't help but keep looking out for white nissan sunny whenever I drive. And I can't help thinking how the guy looks like and what he has done.

For your information, there is about 300,000 cars in Singapore. The chances of spotting a white nissan sunny is as good as New York winning the bid to host olympics.

So if you guys want to take part in this contest, please call Cucumberz. She has all the details to tell you.


Unknown said...

i really beg to differ regarding point 2 and 3. heh ... talking about being kaypoh, I think you beat me hands down. I for one am not gazing at every white car with paranoia. :P i am more interested with bioing at those CMI "racer-babes" at the Dreamcars Asia show last week.

coolcat said...


moomooman said...


I thought it was ultimate as well.

Badminton..?!??!?!? I rather wank to Navratilova playing tennis.

moomooman said...


U also kay poh lah. If Jeff receive that message, he would reply back "Bo Liao"

If Anthony receive that message, he would reply back "see first"

If Leon receive that message, he would reply "Bo eng"

If Desmond receive that message, he would reply "nt free"

If Lily receive that message, he would reply "he he"

If Edwin receive that message, he would reply "you free for bowling tonight?"

But nobody will reply and ask "what did that guy do to you?"

Unknown said...

but admit it you'll wonder also right???? :P i mean in these trouble times, nearly every other couple's having problem so just put 1 and 2 together .. what you get? 3 loh of course!! *BISH BISH*