Tuesday, July 12, 2005

there's something about ..... that $990 golden tap

Ni Na Beh.

$25000 per month salary!!!

12 months bonus!!!

$600,000 per year!!!

$1.8m in last 3 years!!!

8 fleet of cars with chaffeurs!!!

Travel in first class.. wait let me rephrase... travel in first class in other airlines from his business class benefits from Singapore Airlines.

Ni Na Beh.

I'm not going to donate to this particular charity as long as this guy is still the chief executive.

And that also explain why I kept receiving calls from Indian soundalike telemarketeers from this organisation, because this call centre is setup by him in India.

Conspiracy!!! Now I know why this same organisation held their quarterly charity shows last 2 weekends. Just so that the donations will not drop prior to the court case.

No names are given here because this guy have the tendency to sue. Remember he wanted to sue the sender of an email that went rounds years ago and he went to the extend of getting the ISP to trace the senders, but he subsequently let them off in a warning.


Unknown said...

fyi ... he did not let the 2 guys who said they saw him travelling in first class off. it was settled out of court with an undisclosed sum of money compensated to him by the two poor fellows. now that he has admitted to travelling by first class (in other airlines), the news reporter ask him if he would return the money to the two guys sued by him he said no, it's an seperate issue which was already closed.

i feel like starting a fund to give to them two poor guys to sue him back now for damages!

Anthony CYK said...

he did said that at that time, he's not travelling first class because no such entitlement to him yet.
so not paying back