Sunday, January 29, 2006

there's something about ..... Hong Pao

You would think as a first time parent celebrating Chinese New Year with their kid for the first time, there will be a big hooha surrounding the giving of ang pao to their kid.

I mean that is a significant moment, a big moment because it's the first time.

I almost planned for a elaborate event with video, cameras, settings etc.

Except there isn't any event to witness this significant moment....... it didn't even happen at all!!

YES.... I'm a bad parent!!! My wife is a bad parent!!! We have yet to give our kid his ang pao.

My parents gave him yesterday and we thought we will give him at 12am exactly but of course he slept early due to fever.

We thought... let's give him this morning when he wakes up. But he woke up too early and I promptly let my parents look after him so that we can continue sleeping.

When we are finally up, we need to rush out for visiting and we didn't want to rush thru such a significant moment like this, so we thought, let's wait till we came back home.

We come back home and he sleeps immediately because we had a long day and he is still having slight fever.

And now we have passed the first day and we have yet to give him the red packet.

Shall we forget it? I mean, you put money into a red packet, give to him which he doesn't know what is it, end of the day, you take out the money and put inside the bank for him. Might as well just do a internet banking and transfer the money to his account.

Still pondering.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

there's something about ..... new year "goodies"

I hope the year of the dog will start much better than the way year of rooster ended for my family.

My wife suffer from Food poisoning last weekend, follow by my mum. Both happened in the middle of the night and I have to go 24 hour clinic. And since the baby is taken care mostly by both of them, it became a challenge in the family since.

While my wife has fully recovered, the virus in my mum still persisted. She has diarriah (dunno how to spell) every alternate days and have seen doctors 3 times. As of today, we are not too certain whether she has recovered.

And I had sore throat early part of the week with slight flu and cough. So taking care of the kid became a bigger challenge with my wife and mum not exactly well too.

And yesterday morning, we woke up only to realised my kid has a high fever of 38.8 degrees. We were shocked as we didn't know how long in the night he has suffered.

Immediately we send him to the paedetrician (dunno how to spell). This is the first time he fell sick and somemore so high fever. So we were naturally worried.

We suspect is the big tooth thingy. But the doctor says he is suffering from Sore Throat. Win Liao lor. Of all things, he has the same problem as me.

Thus, medical expenses this week is about $300.

Not that I'm care about those $300 but if someone extort me for $300 in exchange for good health in the family, I will tell him I'll top it up to $500.

Seeing my son sick is damn heart pain. Seeing my mum sick is worrying.

So, I hope tomorrow being the start of the new year..... GOOD HEALTH TO MY FAMILY, FRIENDS.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

there's something about ..... cheekybynature

This is a tribute of sort.

It was a great blog. Full of humour. Good writing. Original writing. It's a blog I go check it out everyday for new entry, or just go thru some of his past writings for fun reading.

Anyway, hope you come back soon.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

there's something about ..... that phone

What a weekend. I can't even imagine how a day can be so perverse. The only Saturday I could really take a break off work with CNY next week and whoever up there decided to take it away from me.

This blog is inspired by "Momento". Should go see the movie.

Saturday 9.45pm
Got Home Finally. Physically and Mentally exhausted.

Got into my car at Cineleisure. Haven't been there like donkey years but didn't have the mood to walk around.


Step out of Somerset Station. Walk towards Cineleisure. Wanted to cross over to Heeren to vent my anger. Decided I'm too tired for that.

Douby Ghaut MRT interchange. Ninabeh. I felt like a F%$^ tourist. I actually got LOST in that F!^$ station. I wanted to take the train to Somerset MRT station and was looking for the North-South line, and promptly follow the direction signs in the train station. They put up a make-shift sign that says "Orchard, Yishun" next to the escalator and I just follow and take the escalator down.

But when I went down I couldn't find the F$^! direction to lead me to the right platform. All I saw was "NORTH-SOUTH LINE JURONG EAST/MARINA BAY". But I couldn't find that one that says anything remotely suggesting Orchard. I thought I went to the wrong level... I mean the Douby Ghaut Station is like bloody Big.

So I went back up thinking perhaps I went to the wrong escalator.

But it was correct. So I thought maybe I didn't search properly for the platform and I went back down again.

Still... I cannot find the direction that brings me towards North where Somerset station is.

So I went back up again. This time, I decided to put aside my ego and go to the control station to ask for help. I mean... I'm in my 30s plus a local ... and I bloody need help to find my way in a MRT Station?!?!?!?!?

I went to the control station and ask....

Me: Which way towards Orchard?

Officer: That way.

Me: But I went down and all it says was JURONG EAST/MARINA BAY??

Officer, show me a map: Neh......

Nabeh!!! The end station of "NORTH/SOUTH" line is in the "WEST".

Finally My turn at Starhub Customer Service Centre. The customer service officer is very friendly. He single handledly restore my confidence in Starhub. He exchanged my nokia one for one.

Reached Starhub Customer Service Centre in Plaza Singapura. Bloody Hell, it's damn crowded.

Took a bus from Orchard Plaza, next to Midpoint Ochard.

Ran to Cuppage Centre. The sign at the door says "close at 7.30pm". Phew. Just in time. Went into the Starhub Shop, told the guy at the information counter that I like to change my phone.

The guy tested the phone, agreed that it's not working well. Walk in to ask his manager. Manager came out and told me that they don't do exchange. WTF?!?!?!?!?

Me: What?!! They told me to come here! They said you guys do exchange!!!

Manager: Sorry. We are solely doing Retail now. We have moved our Customer Service Centre to Plaza Singapura.

Me: Comeon... surely you guys can just do an exchange, afterall you guys are one same company.

Manager: Sorry we can't. We need to have the technician there to certify your phone is not working.

Me: No need to certify... you can see for yourself it's not working.

Manager: Without the technician certification, we cannot exchange phones. It's the policy. Please go to our Plaza Singapura Branch. They close at 9pm. You still have time.

I STORMED out of the shop.

Arrived at Heeren Starhub Road show. Went to the guy who sold me the phone. I told him that the phone is not working. He tested... and tested.

Salesman: Sorry, we can't exchange it for you.

Me: Why? I just bought this this afternoon. You remember me. And I have receipt to show.

Salesman: I know. But we can't exchange because we are a distributor and we only sell phone.

Me: WHAT?! But this phone you sold to me is not working and I only bought it few hours ago!!

Salesman: I know. But we can't do anything about the phone if you return to us.

Me: You return to Starhub lah.

Salesman: Sorry. It's not that we don't want to help you, it's we can't. You better rush down to Starhub Customer Service Centre. They will do a replacement for you if it's within a day.

Me: What?!? I came all the way here and you ask me to go Plaza Singapura??!

Another Salesman came over: Why don't you go to the one at Cuppage Centre, it's nearer. But you better go, they are closing soon.

Me: I can't believe this.

Car park at Cairnhill place is Full. I decided to try my luck at Cineleisure. Luckily the car park is not full but bloody entry is $3.

Just reached home. My wife told me the phone is not working. NABEH. I just got back from Town and I have to go back again.

Met up briefly with Anthony at Bugis.

Reached my work destination in River Valley.

Went out for my appointment.

Got home. Happy that I gotten a good deal for a phone. Pass to my wife but she was sleeping.

Finally my turn. Buy the phone, trade in my old one still can take back some money. Shiok man. Some more the phone selling cheaper by $70 than elsewhere. I was too preoccupied with the deal that I didn't think of asking to test the phone, and they didn't offer as well.

Reached Heeren. Wah... Bloody long queue. Nabeh. But never mind lah, today not much work commitment. Can wait.

Saw on advertisement about the phone offer. decided to rush down to Heeren.

Work up. Weather was fine. Felt like a good Day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

there's something about ..... pronounciation

All I wanted was a simple name for my kid. Nothing complicated. Just 1 syllabus name..... except... I was told much later.. it's not 1 syllabus but 2!!!! NABEH!!!

Then why the hell did everyone pronounce it the way I know all my life?!?!?!

When I grew up watching Ian Rush (that liverpool legend).... people pronounce Ian as Yan/Yen or something like that.

But when I told some of my friends of "higher" society, I became a laughing stock.

It's not pronounce as "Yan/yen" or single syllabus... but it's supposed to be a dual syllabus with a very soft "e" in front.

Thus.. it's pronounce as "e-yen".

Of course some "lower" society will pronounce IANAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Nabeh. Now I'm super lost.

Friend 1: What's his name?

Me: "e-yen"

Friend 1: huh?

Me: YAN.

Friend 1: Orhh.. Y A N issit?

Me: No... I A N.

Friend 2: What's his name?

Me: "yan"

Friend 2: orhhh... Y A N issit?

Me: No... I A N.

Friend 2: ahhh... I see.

My friend of "higher" society tells me that "Ian" is of Irish heritage. Thus the need to pronounce it the irish way.

Just like "JOSE" is not pronounce as "JOES" or "JO-SE", but "Or-Say".


"Genting" while commonly pronounce as "JAN TING", I was told it's "Geng ting"


"Johan" is not pronounced as "Jo-han" but "Your-han"


If a French guy called "Robert", you don't call him "Raw-bert", you call him "Raw-bear". If a Singaporean called "Robert", you don't call him "Raw-bert", you call him "Lor Bert"

Interestingly, when my Phillipino Maid first arrived, she called my son "e-yen". My wife and myself were embarrassed.

And as a Father, I felt a terrible need to correct myself constantly so that I pronounce it the correct way, so that my son will learn his name correctly and not have to be corrected by some "higher" society friends.

Now... the bigger task at hand.... how to correct the "lower" society not to call him IANAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Ian: Daddy... what's my name?

Me: "e-yen"

Ian: Then how come ah gu call me IANAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Me: Ok... tell mummy, you don't want to go Ah Gu's house every sunday ok.

Friday, January 13, 2006

there's something about ..... globetrotting

Isetan at Shawn Building
Lucky Plaza
Wisma Atria (few times)
Ngee Ann City (few times)
Centrepoint (few times)
John Little (few times)
Plaza Singapura
Raffles City
Bugis Junction
OG at Waterloo (few times)
Suntec City (few times)
Millienium Tower
Marina Square
Thomson Plaza (many times)
Junction 8 (many times)
HDB Hub (many times)

Just realised yesterday my kid has been to alot of the shopping malls, even ADELPHI.

Siao liao... I ran out of places to bring him.

Yesterday we also went Chinatown. After we finished our hair cut (the whole family excluding the kid and maid) at Adelphi around 8.30pm, we realised the rain had stopped and going Chinatown seems logical.

It was fantastic. There is enough crowd to keep the place festive but not super crowded. We can even push the pram without difficulty. On top of that, there was a light breeze.

It was great.

We almost bought a Wong Fei Hong hat for him but it was a bit too big and we didn't think it will be comfortable to wear over a long time. So as all Kiasu parent, I took a picture without buying. Hiak Hiak Hiak.

I remember we used to go every year with JET and we will buy new year stuffs for our in laws and we will patronise the same shop every year. But now, it's getting logistically troublesome with the kid and stuffs.

Chinatown always have the same old things. They have tidbits, new year goodies, new year decorations, cushion covers, coconut drinks. Somehow, every year we will buy cushion covers from China town.

Last year was 3 for $10. This year, many stalls were going for $2 each. Interestingly, some stalls are still sticking to 3 for $10, even when their neighbouring stalls for going for $2 each.

I like to defy buying logic. So I went the shop selling 3 for $10 and ask for discount telling her that the stall next to them was selling at $2. The sales girl gave me a dead pan answer "NO".

Why did I even bother? I mean it's already cheap at $2 each, so why even bother trying to get a even better price next door, how much savings can I get from there? And in the process kenna snub. And also for the same designs covers.

2 things. First it's cheap thrill. There is no fun in negotiating something already so cheap at $2. But negotiating something perceived as expensive and get a good deal is shiok. But if you failed, going back to the neighbour shop, buy many cushion covers at $2 and walk pass the expensive shop, show them you bought many from the cheap stall... lagi shiok.

Secondly, I like to prove a theory. It doesn't make sense for a stall in Chinatown in a Chinese New Year month with so high competition from so many stalls selling the same thing, and with weather not in their favour, being so sales-disoriented. It's like telling people "don't buy from me, I'm not here to increase sales, go buy from my neighbour", unless.... this is their point.... buy from their neighbour..... meaning to say, both the stalls belong to the same owner. It's their strategy to sell their $2 cushion faster.

I got to be right.

Another thing I'm right is that Singaporean are blinded with brands. We walked past Lim Chee Kuan BBQ Pork shop. When we walked past, there was a super long queue around 9pm. When we were on our way back about 11pm, there were a short queue of say around 3 person. I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to buy a few packets back.

Ninabeh. They were selling their BBQ porks crumbs whatever you called it. The proper slices are all sold out, and they are just selling off the "balance loose pieces".

And these people are still queuing for it?!?!?! I decided to go Mei Zhen Xiang instead. No queue... proper slices.

Another theory... could Mei Zhen Xiang belongs to Lim Chee Kuan?!?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

there's something about ..... movie reviews

Ratings as follows:

***** Mai Tu Liao
**** Wah… Solid leh
*** Ok Lah
** Ni Nabeh
* WTF is this

This show is also known as The new Mr and Mrs Pitt. The first half of the show ain't that bad. But the second half... REAL BAD.

I felt they drag the storyline a bit too long. The shooting scenes are so amateurish it seems like the director wasn't too interested about the action sequence but merely wanted to show the relationship between the smiths.

Just too cliche. Bad.

ratings: **

This show is funny. Some classic scenes. But the love story lacks punch. I mean seriously who cares about love story in a show like this? This doesn't belong in the same class as There's something about Mary or American Pie I, but a good top 10. The DVD came with good bonus materials as well.

Ratings: ****

This is Meet the Black Parents but not as funny. They tried to play on the racist jokes but to limited effect. I dunno why, but why is Hollywood trying to create a Romantic Guy out of Ashton Kutcher or Mr Demi Moore? His last few movies is about Love Love Love. I think he is better as a Funny Guy. Bernie Mac is his usual funny self. He really save the movie.

Ratings: ***

SPL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I should have trusted my instinct.... I mean who the F#$^ would name a movie SPL!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! Nabeh!! How silly is that!

I remember when the movie came out, they bill this as the best action movie promising great fighting sceneS between Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen.

Firstly, Donnie Yen is at best a supporting role if you ask me and yet his face is as big as Sammo Hung. The fighting scene?!?!??! NABEH... THERE IS JUST ONE....between the both of them.

In fact, Sammo Hung only fight just once throughout the whole show!! And that's it.

The whole show got only 2 fighting scenes and the choreagraphy is really bad. To think you have 2 of the famous Kung Fu chaps, and they couldn't come out a good fighting sequence at all. Even Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong is more entertaining. This is a real shame.

The story line..... it's triad vs Police. They tried to make this a Infernal Affair standard but failed. Also, certain scenes are too gruesome.

Rating: *

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Monday, January 09, 2006

there's something about ..... charity show

Win already.

I told myself never... never .... donate a single cent for anymore charity show on TV and today I donated $15.

It's impossible not to donate.

The whole renci show was a dissappointment. Jazzlyn Tay was injured rehearsing a "Cirque Du Solei" performance according to her and she voiced her unhappiness to the press saying why they have to risk life for the sake of charity.

Her complaint carries more coverage than what reverend Ming Yi was to do earlier for the show.

And so I watched in anticipation for that performance to come.

Nabeh!! What nonsense!! While I was expecting life-endangering moves, it wasn't something that will give you a "WAH.." It was moves that could easily be mastered thru practises by amateurs.

If we can have a reverse donation for every bad performance by these people, I will be very rich.

But.... But..... But......

The performance by reverend Ming Yi was so damn touching. He has to walk on 2 parrellel flat beams suspended at the top of Republic Plaza IN THE RAIN AND STRONG WINDS without support!!!

Every little step he took, your heart skip a bit.

After he completed the parrellel beams, he was to have tried to walk on a single round beam. But due to the weather conditions, they have to cancel that for safety reason. At that time, reverend Ming Yi was holding back his tears for not able to continue with the performance.

Nabeh!!! That sincerity touched me so much, I felted I have to donate or be damned.

How I wish it was TT Durai who did that performance and that he fall off and I don't have to part my $15.

Kudos to Reverend Ming Yi. Just his performance garnered about 200,000 calls and probably about $3million in donation.

To jazslyn Tay, hope you recover soon and after that learn how to keep quiet and after that change your name... it's damn hard to spell!

Friday, January 06, 2006

there's something about ..... 饭 tastic



If you like Rice Burger from MOS Burger, you will like the Chicken FAN tastic from Macdonald. If you are not a fan of Rice Burger, blame it on MOS Burger cos this one from Macdonald will blow you away!!!

I tried both the Chicken FANtastic and Beef FANtastic and I must say the FORMER blew me away. The beef Fantastic tasted more bland and I felt no different from eating the one from MOS Burger. But the Chicken one... YUMMY!!!!

In my opinion, the best creation since the SUMURAI Burger. And talk about Rebound. Macdonald finally put their act together since their disastrous creation in the McNuggets New sauces and their Kaya breakfast.

Go Eat it before it's too late.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

there's something about ..... ang gong gia

For the first time ever... in blogging history.... exclusive to Cow.dunking, for a very limited time before it's removed from here.... I PRESENT

my brother in law's ANG GONG GIA.


Monday, January 02, 2006

there's something about ..... year start

2006 started with a "bang".

My kid fell from the bed and has a bump on the forehead.

My parent-in-law met with a road bully, the latter still alive the last I heard. (he was lucky not to have met my brother in law)

My wife was stuck with me at my friend's house over 6 hours because I was playing blackjack and getting tipsy in the process.

I got to know that my old friend just got out of a relationship of 7 years and I sense he is getting very emotionally unstable. Kept saying that a soothsayer told him he wouldn't survive past this lunar year.

I played blackjack and lost $50.

I go to my inlaw's place. I thought approaching 7pm, no need to go liao... but I was wrong about it and have to drive over in the rain.

Stayed till 11pm and miss half an hour of "Spy Game" shown on TV.

Fabulous way to start 2006!!!