Sunday, March 30, 2008

there's something about ..... earth hour

I also got participate in Earth hour.

Everyone of us went out, nobody was home during earth hour.

there's something about ..... branding

The power of Branding.

If you think Apple is the king of branding.... think again.

That honour belongs to .......

1.) Pampers. Ever wonder why we always called Diapers "pampers" and not "diapers" or for that matter, any other brands?

2.) Kotex. Ever wonder why we most times called Sanitary napkins "kotex" and not ... other names?

Monday, March 24, 2008

there's something about ..... pacmat

Found in

They created a pacman game out of Mas Selamat. It's quite funny. Every level, the number of policeman increase. Not only that, it increases by rank... up to PM Lee.

And it's even more hilarious when you are caught. Try it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

there's something about ..... fugitive saga

The Mas Selamat Saga has become more of an "after thought" now. Taxi Stands within CBD is a bigger news than a terrorist at large within Singapore, or so the government chosed to believe.

TV news decided that 4 Prostitutes murdered in HK is a much bigger news than a terrorist at large in Singapore. Afterall, there is a casualty rate to begin with, not one but 4.

Entrepeneurs and enterprizes have decided to ride on the Mas Selamat saga to boost their company's awareness. A debt-collector firm has decided to join in on the Mas Selamat hunt. The spokesman for the company said that while their debt-collectors went on with their job of debt-collecting around the island, they should also lookout for MAS SELAMAT. The spokesman said "it's their National duty" to do so. This piece of news deem worthy by our local broadcasters.

Wonderful. What's next?

Maybe a Rubbish-Collector company could come out to do the same. Ask all their Blaga to look out for Mas Selamat.

Or perhaps a Courier service company delivering mails.

Or Real Estate Company telling all their agents to look out for Mas Selamat when they go Door Knocking to prospect for business. Perhaps someone is housing Mas Selamat.

How I love our Local News Network. Constantly giving us new insights into the World. Great Stuffs!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

there's something about ..... WKS

This is what WONG KAN SENG Said:

1.) Database containing information on abandon buildings "had proven useful in the search for MAS Selamat".

2.) Police took 24 hours to identify 121 empty buildings and searched them all in 2 days.

3.) Also helped police locked down areas with roadblocks.

4.) Initiative that pays off include COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME that "contributed to the rapid mobilisation of community support".

5.) CNB has honed its intelligence gathering and investigative skills to put its "ear to the ground to pick up any leads".

6.) SCDF has deployed powerful searchlights to aid the police in their sweeps after dark.

What WONG KAN SENG did not say:


Thursday, March 13, 2008

there's something about ..... mutant

This is a post about cars. Cars belonging to my immediate relative. Immediate relative that I meet once a week.

This relative of mine, plus other similar relatives, love their cars. They think nothing about maintaining the innocence look to the car, the pure beauty of the car, even if they are brand new. To them, it's about a statement of their lifestyles, their attitute in life.

Some people may call that lifestyles "AH BENG". But to them, it's a form of art, very much like a tattoo nowadays to the many youngsters in Singapore.

And so the mutation of the car take place. While it's a common sight on cars like HONDA, SUBARU or MITSUBISHI, the mutation was done on a very innocent, very family, very cute, very nice little car.

Anyway, recently I realised that perhaps my this immediate relative was encouraged by the distributors to do so. Or perhaps he was encouraged by my other immediate relatives to do so. Or perhaps he was encouraged by SPORTSCENTRE on ESPN which was sponsored by TOYOTA.

Or perhaps, he take the slogan too literally.

Monday, March 10, 2008

there's something about ..... xbox360

I'm a late adopter of gadgets. I will never be among the first to buy anything IT related. My first DVD player was a free gift because of something else I bought. I totally passed over the LD player era, the VCD player era. So it was a case of VCR player jumping to DVD player. As of today, I 'm still using my VCR player concurrently with my hubstation.

And so finally I bought my xbox 360 from the IT show. My original xbox was again a gift and that has changed my life.

After waiting for price to fall, which ended up fruitless, I have decided to just buy it.

And mine.... what a fabulous gadget!!

The wireless controller was way cool. Xbox Live was even cooler!! I bought a wireless adaptor along with it so that I can play xbox live, and damn.... I should have done so much earlier.

I was playing Winning Eleven9 on my old xbox and I was feeling so superior and so complacent about my skillsets, very much like those Custodians at Whitney Detention Centre, that I got bored. At maximum difficulty, I was able to churn out wins like 5-0 easily on my OFF days, with one hand sore and sleepy eyes.

And you could imagine my arrogance when I played Winning Eleven 2008 online on Xbox Live. I didn't even think I need to practice to the new version, with the new controller. Afterall, all the moves are the same.

My first game... I was trounced 8-1.

I felt like the Custodian at Whitney Detention Centre.

So I set up a Commission of Inquiry and I realised that there were some subtle changes to the controller and the new version have some new moves. So I spent the next 2 hours practicing Offline.

And I went back online to play.

My second game.... I was trounced 5-1.

And as of today, I'm still practicing.

I have a friend who was playing NBA thru xbox Live and I joined him.

NBA2k8 is even better. We were both hooked up on the headset and we were trash talking to each other away while playing. The good thing about playing NBA2k8 online is that they updated the Latest ROSTER. YES... the LATEST ROSTER!!! SHAQ ONEAL is with Phoenix SUNS!!!!

xbox360 ROCKS!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

there's something about ..... conspiracy (updated)

Many theories out there.
1.) Mas Selamat is being tortured to death and Ministry is covering up.
2.) Mas Selamat managed to convert the whole ISD to become a JI network and he was able to escape at ease.
3.) He is now a member of the Ministry of Affairs and he is being sent out as a mole so that the whole JI network can be conquered.
4.) Mas Selamat did not escape. It's a test to see how operational ready is our soldiers and police task force.
5.) Mas Selamat did not escape. The LTA wanted to add more ERP gantries without anyone noticing.
6.) Mas Selamat did not escape. The Ministry wanted to take away everyone's attention on the rising cost problem in Singapore.
7.) Mas Selamat did not escape. The Ministry wanted to take away everyone's attention on the Budget Debate and passed the bill without anyone noticing.
8.) Mas Selamat did not escape. MOH wanted to take away everyone's attention on Means Testing.

Monday, March 03, 2008

there's something about ..... description

Profile of Mas Selamat

1.) Height: 1.58m. Diplomatic way of saying would be "he is about the height of an average Singapore girl". Non-diplomatic way of saying, according to the Starhub MMS I received "SHORT".

2.) Could be bearded. Or might have shaved off with a stolen knife, ala.. crocodile Dundee style.

3.) Limp on the left leg but only noticeable when he runs.

4.) Wearing loose clothings and perhaps with a Cap lowered.

5.) Emotionally Erratic. Meaning.. he might cry while running and suddenly he might laugh.

6.) Needs Money, Shelter and Clothing and Food. Looks out for people stealing food from Foodcourt trays or hawker centre. He might look like typical uncle clearing food trays.

7.) Might have slight cough due to the haze.

8.) He might have been drenched due to the rain, expect Running Nose too.