Tuesday, March 28, 2006

there's something about .... kk (sequel)

I blog about my last experience on my visit to kk which was good.

Suay suay, I have to visit them again. And suay suay, they revised my opinion on them which is lagi suay for me.

My kid got a fever on Saturday. We suspected it was a case of "GAM DIO" (hokkien) and just gave him fever medication which we hope will go away.

It didn't improve. And yesterday morning, I decided to bring him to KK hospital A&E since we have a good experience the last time.

It was our turn almost immediately given the temperature was high and it was the third day. The ultra-young doctor after going thru our fever medication and after some diagnosis which yield no possible virus detection, decided that a urine test is necessary to see if it was urine infection.

And so we wait............ not for the test.... but for my kid to urine. That wait is almost 3 hours.

My kid couldn't urine the whole morning and we really think that it must be urine infection. We tried so hard to get him to urine but failed.

Only after about 3 hours, did he finally urinated.

So it was sent for testing and we continue to wait. We knew such test is immediate as this was not the first time my kid went on urine test. But we waited for an hour before the doctor call us back.

Nabeh. The test shows negative. And since earlier diagnosis turns out nothing, the doctor told us that it must be some virus and told us to go collect our medication.

Nabeh x infinity. The medication? The same fever medication that we uses the last 2 days to zero effect.

The costs? $65 plus 4 hours of waiting just so that we are given the same fever medication that costs us less than $20 from other private GPs. To be fair, 3 hours was due to my son's inability to urine into a "condom" for baby.

I was angry and dissappointed. As I wasn't there during the last 30 mins or so, I couldn't kick up a scene or questioned the ultra-young doctor, which I was told are Medical Officers turning Doctor or Interns.

We have paid good money so that these Interns could learn and make mistakes at our expense?

Few hours after reaching home, my kid experiences the highest degree of 40.5 in the last 3 days.

We decided that we needed another opinion and went to a local GP. The doctor immediately diagnose that my kid got a sore throat which causes the fever. He gave us one bottle antibodies, one bottle fever, and 2 panadol tablets for the rectal in case the fever did not subside after his fever medication... all for $24.

I would really think twice again about going to KK next time. I mean the paeditrician is about $30 more expensive but alot more experience, the local GP is alot more cheaper but also alot more experience though not specialised than paeditrician. But still it's better than an Intern that has not much of an experience and perhaps also not very specialised and more expensive.

Friday, March 24, 2006

there's something about ..... MP

I just realised I may not be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. Not to even mention, I just realised I will not be a candidate for the PAP in the coming election because I haven't being invited for any tea; and since the fastest a MP ever being asked to become one is 2 months before election, it's safe to say I'm out of that 2 months now.

Not that I harbour any thought of becoming a MP. But I thought if I clean up my act in the next 5 years, PAP will not be able to trace my bad traffic summons record plus other things like a foul mouth, then I may just be summon for a tea session with the ministers. Then maybe I can become a MP and maybe the next Prime Minister.

Why even think of becoming a Prime Minister? I mean.. it is known that the next Prime Minister is not currently in the cabinet or yet to be found. This is because the whole cabinet or even the MPs will be too old to take over the torch from PM Lee by the time our PM Lee decided to become SM Lee then becomes MM Lee. Thus a urgent need to find younger blood to train them for the future.

This is where I thought I come in. 5 years down the road, I guess I'm just about in my late 30s, be a MP for 10 years, and then nicely when I reached my late 40s, I can become Prime Minister.

Just when I was about to start my "cleaning up my act" stuffs, I got a shock (yet again) from ST that the new batch of candidates from PAP has someone as young as 31 years old!!??!??!?!?!?!


When PM Lee mentioned that they will be alot more candidates representing the minorities, I thought he meant like Malay candidates, Indian Candidates, Eurasian candidates, Gay candidates, Lesbian candidates. I didn't realise he meant early-30s candidates.

That means... I'm actually a minority in Singapore!!!!???!!

You mean at 31 can become a MP??!

How come Government never tell us earlier. I thought you must at least work like half your life, get that life experience, before being qualified to become a MP. Afterall, if you do not have the necessary life experience, how can you serve the public when most of them may be much older than you?

If I had known that early 30s can become a MP.... I would have cleaned up my act from the last election.

I would join RC. Then go National Library to borrow more books (in case PAP trace what books you read). Surf intellectuals website (you know PAP could trace what you surf). Speak proper Queens english. Set up credible blogs. Eat more at Hawker Centres. Do more volunteer works.

I mean technically I can be a PAP candidate now.

Meaning, I can earn good money just by
  • sitting in Parliaments and speak occasionally (even if you want to speak more, they don't allow you in new Parliament rules).
  • Go to Meet the people's session 3 times a week. Listen to resident's problems, ask secretary to write letters to relevant authorities.
  • Go walk and shake hands with residents once every 4-5 years.
  • Occasionally make some constructive suggestions like adding more ERPs gantry to ease traffic to some roads but increase traffic woes to other non-erp roads.

I finally could say I'm older than a MP. That means... I have finally arrived in the society. YEAH!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

there's something about ..... sports

Yesterday I read the papers and the headlines caught my attention. I think SPH has succeeded in making sure their headlines make people sit up.

YOGA IS A SPORT?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

For your information, in case you are not a ST reader, the following is the top 10 sports people in Singapore engaged in:

1. Jogging
2. Swimming
3. Walking
4. Gym workout
5. Badminton
6. Football
7. Cycling
8. Basketball/street basketball
9. Golf
10. Yoga

Needless to say, I find this article highly amusing. I also find their definition of sports rather confusing.

I could be wrong, but some of these should be "excercise" rather than "sports". To me, these 2 terms are not interlocking and is far apart.

No.3 Walking. I'm surprised it's rank no.3. I mean... who doesn't walk everyday?!?!? I walk from my bed to the breakfast table. Sometimes, before I reached the breakfast table, I will also walk to the bathroom to do....erhem.

No.4 Gym Workout. I didn't realise the gay population is that big that this is ranked No.4. Ok... not everyone in California Fitness is gay. Some are seriously there to attempt to sweat it out in the very cold air-conditioning studio.

But Yoga......

I think they missed out one sports that is highly popular too. Majong!! This helps in blood circulation from the hands/arms up to the brain. In fact, I feel this burnt more calories than Yoga.

Monday, March 20, 2006

there's something about ..... Potong Pasir

Our PM has given a special task to our SM Goh Chok Tong to win back the opposition wards in Potong Pasir and Hougang.

Actually, I wonder why PM even bother. Seriously, even without Goh Chok Tong, I think Potong Pasir is already in the bag.

Beg to differ?

I have evidence to show you who control Potong Pasir. If you think is Chiam See Tong.... think again.

For the first time ever, in Blogging history, I'm revealing this news-breaking evidence.

The following are pictures taken in Potong Pasir.

Notice the size of the notice boards?

Both the column size is the same but yet the PAP notice board for Mr Sitoh Yih Pin is much larger than Chiam See Tong.

As an incumbent, this is a disgrace. Yes, it will cost alot more money to redo all your notice boards to match your rivals. But this shows the lack of fighting spirits as well as complacency.

You could also say that PAP put up the notice board much later and as such, they were able to make it noticeably bigger than Chiam See Tong's. And also, a bigger notice board doesn't mean a thing, it's who the MP that counts.

The next 2 pictures tell you another story.

In one of the blocks, PAP's notice board is much better placed than Chiam's. In fact, I see myself reading PAP's notice board while waiting for the lift. That is when it strikes me and I started looking for Chiam's. Chiam's notice board? On the other side nearer the staircase.

If PAP is not controlling Potong Pasir, could someone explain to me how PAP could have a better positioned Notice Board than the incumbent MP? Why would the incumbent MP allow another opposition who has no control over the Town Council to allow themselves to exert their power within the estate?

Unless PAP is the one that controls the estate.

Disclaimer: This is not a political Blog. This can't be. In fact, I have never voted in my life. Thus, I have no say in how my Singapore is shaped. Thus, whatever I say carries no weight.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

there's something about ..... library

I just have to go to the National Library, even if it was by default.

How could I not go as a true blue Singaporean when even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has already went.

To me, that was surprising. You would always expect Singapore Government to bring any high ranking officials from foreign countries to Iconic places in Singapore, not to even mention Her Royal Highness.

And I would really think that after spending something like $600 million to build Esplanade, she would have a chance to step in and admire or amuse at the structure... but I guess the government officials decided to play it safe.

Not too sure where else they visited, but I know Prince Philips visited the Sports School today. Fabulous. The same Sports School that produces Fandi Ahmad, Remy Ong and Jocelyn Yeo. The highest sports achievement any of the three has achieved was at the World Championship in Making Popiah.

Yes... I'm sore. I should have skipped school during my younger days and play bowling.

Actually, I would think Prince Philips should visit our Immigration Office. Our sports excellence actually stem from their immigration policies of getting Chinese players, make them PR and represent Singapore.

But a visit to NATIONAL LIBRARY??!?!?!?!?!?


Anyway, I visited the National Library today to see WHY. Call me shallow. But how I see are books stack nicely on shelves in a very LIBRARY environment.

On Level 5, there is this place called the "Courtyard". It was out of bounds today because there was a private function. But there was this exhibition which I believe is permanent where they explain the history of our National Library. It covers extensively the old library at Stamford Road. They even put up an old marble taken from the old library where words was inscribed into it.

It says "On 16 AUGUST 1957, this Stone was laid by MR LEE KONG CHIAN whose generous contribution initiated the building"

If Lee Kong Chian would know that sometime 35 years down the road, some wise guy at URA would go ahead and decide to demolish the building he initiated, so that they can build a new high rise building which lacks character to replace the building he initiated and showoff to Her Majesty, I think he would rather demolish it in 1958 by himself.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

there's something about ..... membership

No no no.... not country club membership I'm talking about. It's Ikea "friends" club.

Like all retailer's clubs, credit card or country clubs, members has it's priviledges. Some priviledges are unparallel than non-members.

Like Robinson's sale, their so-called "The sale worth waiting for... 5 times a year" has a full day preview sale 1 day before public, or the 5% more discount for members than what the public would have enjoy. That is what I call member's priviledge.

However, Ikea is special. They don't conform to norm. In fact, they have a very "friendly" way of making their "friends" feeling special.

Ikea preview sale

They decided that their loyal members or "friends" should fight all the morning peak hour traffic, to fight all sleepy bugs, to fight with employers to have time-off, so that they can come and enjoy 2 hours of preview sale at 8am on a Friday morning.

Not only that, they are encouraging you to be ridicule by friends by asking 4 of them to join you.

Moomooman: Yo friend 1, tomorrow Ikea Preview Sale leh. Want to go?

friend 1: What time?

Moomooman: 8am.

Friend 1 slammed the phone.

Moomooman: Yo friend 2, tomorrow Ikea Preview Sale leh. Want to go?

Friend 2: What time?

Moomooman: 8am.

Friend 2: Nabeh.... 8am... meaning I have to wake up at 6.30am to get ready, eat breakfast, take bus down.

Moomooman: They have free breakfast leh.

Friend 2: Like that.... ok lah. So how much more discount members have?

Moomooman: Same as public, except you benefit a free breakfast.

Friend 2 slammed the phone.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

there's something about ..... credit card

No... I'm not going thru the 5 Cs.

It just happened that I met with some amusing "problem" with the credit card company today.

I'm a big credit card user. If a $5 item can be purchased with a credit card, I would do so. Forget about forking out that $5 note somewhere in my wallet, which in most instances I have less than that.

So you can imagine, shopping at NTUC is quite a pain for me. If you hadn't notice, they do not have Credit card facility. But of course, I do shop there.

Why am I a big credit card user? Why not... for every $5 you spend, you have 1 reward point which you can claim some rewards down the road. Paying $5 notes do not earn you any points at all. In fact, you get germs from the notes.

Of course, I'm not encouraging you to spend and spend just to earn points. That would be silly. But to use your credit cards for necessities.

Anyway, you can imagine that I spend quite a fair bit every month.

My bill came today and I realised I was charged with extra interest of almost $50. You see, I always pay on time to avoid late payment penalty and I always pay in full. So the interest charged was definitely a mistake.

So I checked my last month bill and realised the mistake is on me and that I have missed out my wife's supplementary card's bill which happens to be on the next page and for only 1 item of about $43. Thus the interest charged.

HELLO?!?!?!?!?! $50 interest on one item of $43?!?!?!?!?!?!??

NABEH. I don't think loan sharks charged as high as Credit card company. If I couldn't afford to pay $43, I'm better off borrowing from loan shark to pay the credit card company.

After going thru the bill, I came across this bigger-than-fine print that says "Please settle this statement promptly. If the minimum Payment amount is not received by payment due date, a late charge will be levied. If payment of the current balance is not made in full, daily interest will be assessed at 24% per annum from each transaction date on ALL charges in this statement and ALL charges posted after this statement date."

They not only charged more than loan sharks, they are more "gangsta" than loan sharks. It's almost like you borrow from loan sharks and they charged you interest not only on your loan with them but ALL loan borrowed "after this statement date".

I couldn't comprehend such logic and I don't intend to.

And of course, no way I'm going to pay that interests even if it's my mistake. And so I called them.

After going thru the "press 1 for english, 2 for chinese" nonsense, plus whole lot of "press 1 for x, 2 for y, 3 for x and 0 for the operator", I finally managed to speak with customer service officer.

I didn't bother to give excuse, I just told them I needed them to waive the interests, and they actually waived it without question.

I don't think the recent GEM advertisement on TV helps, but I think they probably get thousands of such calls a day and they have heard all possible excuses that they probably appreciate my impatience to end the call quick.

And while I'm on that mood to call credit card companies, I decided to call another one. The other one has an annual subcription due and I just dun feel like paying them.

However, I'm quite impressed with the latter phone system. They require you to key in your I/c number before being put thru to the operator. My first thought was "WTF?" but the moment the operator gets to the line before you can even bombard them, they greeted you "Good morning Moomooman, how can I help you?"

By your first name. Dun pray pray. This is what I call customer service, even if it waste your time by keying in 7 digits into the phone when you are really really busy.

Moomooman: I like to cancel my credit card

Customer service officer : Mr Moomooman, I realised you have been our loyer customer since 2000. I will be happy to not only waive your subscription for this year but for the next 3 years too.

Moomooman: ok

Ultimate. Why can't take just waive it off even before I called them?

Ask and you shall be given. Dun ask, you give them lor.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

there's something about ..... younger ah beng

Still on the topic of ah beng. Can't be help, my life has been void of excitment and only my ah beng in laws provide me some amusement every now and then.

I remember reading one New Paper article few weeks ago about expensive Cars parked in a Housing Estate. Some are high flyers who are probably just staying at the HDB flats while their multi-million dollar private house is being constructed or their mulit-million dollar private house is being rented.

However, one guy was frank enough to say that it's just for show or just for the ego-trip. Of course, that guy is not my brother-in-law.

Year 2002.

My younger brother in law after just started work, bought a Honday Integra Type R for about $120000. For the uninitiated, it's just a 2-door Honda. For the initiated, Type R is probably an engine variation that only available via parrallel import.

However, back then my brother in law only earns about $2500 gross. After deducting for CPF, he took home about $2000. But his loan for the car was $1500. His annual insurance was about $5000.

His loan to the bank was rejected back then. And he actually ask me to help by being his GUARANTOR.

Nabeh. I myself drive a normal car and I must be the guarantor for someone else sports car.

I remember back then he basically skip meals and only eat at home. And he takes the MRT to work. YES... I repeat TAKES THE MRT TO WORK.

Of course, the then girlfriend was also helping with the car financing.

Year 2006

Late last year, he bought a new dog. It's one of those expensive looking dogs imported from Australia. I dunno the pedigree of the dog. To me, Dog is Dog. Just like vegetables are vegetables. He claimed to spend about $4000 to bring in the dog. It's one of those dogs that people will walk them around estates in Bukit Timah to show off.

Of course, again he ask me to help as under HDB laws, he is not supposed to keep that kind of dog. Bo bian lor, lend him my address to register.

He even named him after one super branded luxurious car.

Not only that, he often sent him to dog competition, hopefully to win some top dog prize.

I guess my brother in law must be doing well lah. I mean every dog has his day.

And so, he recently exported his Honda. With car prices plunging lately, he decided that it makes dollar sense to change his car, like what everyone else is doing.

So he recently placed a booking for a SUBARA WRX for $100,000. Over the weekend, he was still choosing a nice number for his car, thus paying $1000 to bid for it.

Well, that is what rich people do sometimes. Buy a performance car and bid for unique number.

My father in law was questioning him about he need to buy such cars.

He replied in Hokkien, something along the line of "What to do, want a "ZAO CHIA" (running car), have to pay that kind of money".

I jokingly tell him that he should then buy a Nissan Sunny. Can also "ZAO" what, about 80km/hour. Somemore, he can buy 2 of them. One "Zao" on Saturday, rest on Sunday, the other one "zao" on Sunday. Or better still, both him and his wife can "zao" together.

Of course, such wisecracks are often not every popular with ah Beng. But that's me. My nephews in law hate me. And I dislike them to the core.

Anyway, yesterday my younger brother in law call me. I only just about received 2 calls from him in the last 4 years. Both on the same topic.

NABEH. His loan is rejected and he need me to be the guarantor.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

there's something about ..... ah beng

My kid is an AH BENG in the making.

Sad but not surprising. I mean... my kid would have 50% of me and 50% of my wife. And since my wife's family has 2 ultimate beng, I would think at least 10% of my wife has the Beng genes.

So my son, at the minimum will be 10% Beng.

Why I say he is Ah Beng in the making?

For reason I can't explain, he love this song. He can be quietly sitting down reading his book but the moment this song is played on TV, he would jump around and stare at it. And when you hold him up, he would dance. After that, he would just revert to his mundane activities.

And mind you, only this Ah Lian will get his attention. I dunno what to say of his taste at an age so young.

And I'm constantly worried, he might one day become this guy here.