Sunday, March 19, 2006

there's something about ..... library

I just have to go to the National Library, even if it was by default.

How could I not go as a true blue Singaporean when even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has already went.

To me, that was surprising. You would always expect Singapore Government to bring any high ranking officials from foreign countries to Iconic places in Singapore, not to even mention Her Royal Highness.

And I would really think that after spending something like $600 million to build Esplanade, she would have a chance to step in and admire or amuse at the structure... but I guess the government officials decided to play it safe.

Not too sure where else they visited, but I know Prince Philips visited the Sports School today. Fabulous. The same Sports School that produces Fandi Ahmad, Remy Ong and Jocelyn Yeo. The highest sports achievement any of the three has achieved was at the World Championship in Making Popiah.

Yes... I'm sore. I should have skipped school during my younger days and play bowling.

Actually, I would think Prince Philips should visit our Immigration Office. Our sports excellence actually stem from their immigration policies of getting Chinese players, make them PR and represent Singapore.

But a visit to NATIONAL LIBRARY??!?!?!?!?!?


Anyway, I visited the National Library today to see WHY. Call me shallow. But how I see are books stack nicely on shelves in a very LIBRARY environment.

On Level 5, there is this place called the "Courtyard". It was out of bounds today because there was a private function. But there was this exhibition which I believe is permanent where they explain the history of our National Library. It covers extensively the old library at Stamford Road. They even put up an old marble taken from the old library where words was inscribed into it.

It says "On 16 AUGUST 1957, this Stone was laid by MR LEE KONG CHIAN whose generous contribution initiated the building"

If Lee Kong Chian would know that sometime 35 years down the road, some wise guy at URA would go ahead and decide to demolish the building he initiated, so that they can build a new high rise building which lacks character to replace the building he initiated and showoff to Her Majesty, I think he would rather demolish it in 1958 by himself.

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