Wednesday, March 15, 2006

there's something about ..... membership

No no no.... not country club membership I'm talking about. It's Ikea "friends" club.

Like all retailer's clubs, credit card or country clubs, members has it's priviledges. Some priviledges are unparallel than non-members.

Like Robinson's sale, their so-called "The sale worth waiting for... 5 times a year" has a full day preview sale 1 day before public, or the 5% more discount for members than what the public would have enjoy. That is what I call member's priviledge.

However, Ikea is special. They don't conform to norm. In fact, they have a very "friendly" way of making their "friends" feeling special.

Ikea preview sale

They decided that their loyal members or "friends" should fight all the morning peak hour traffic, to fight all sleepy bugs, to fight with employers to have time-off, so that they can come and enjoy 2 hours of preview sale at 8am on a Friday morning.

Not only that, they are encouraging you to be ridicule by friends by asking 4 of them to join you.

Moomooman: Yo friend 1, tomorrow Ikea Preview Sale leh. Want to go?

friend 1: What time?

Moomooman: 8am.

Friend 1 slammed the phone.

Moomooman: Yo friend 2, tomorrow Ikea Preview Sale leh. Want to go?

Friend 2: What time?

Moomooman: 8am.

Friend 2: Nabeh.... 8am... meaning I have to wake up at 6.30am to get ready, eat breakfast, take bus down.

Moomooman: They have free breakfast leh.

Friend 2: Like that.... ok lah. So how much more discount members have?

Moomooman: Same as public, except you benefit a free breakfast.

Friend 2 slammed the phone.

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seefei said...

good observation dude!! thats show how special we are as friends of IKEA!!