Wednesday, July 27, 2005

there's something about ..... zoe tay vs SPH

The case surrounded an article published by SPH with regards to Zoe Tay's endorsement deals which implied that she has lied to the general public about her confinement practices.

As usual, SPH is represented by Senior Counsel Davinder Singh. Zoe Tay's representing Counsel is not named as it wasn't necessary.

Davinder Singh (DS): Did you or did you not give birth to a baby boy?

Zoe Tay (Zt): Oh.. yes.. I name him after brav...

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: Did you or did you not have big breast full of milk?

ZT: 2 Big Breasts for your information.

DS: Is it true that you have too much milk that you actually called your doctor to offer him some for his patients?

ZT: Yes.

DS: And what else did you do to your milk?

ZT: I sell them in bottles which I autographed on in ebay

DS: Did you try to use those unsold milk to wash your face?

ZT: Well... I ......

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: If one has so much milk, would a normal person still need to buy powder formula for their baby?

ZT: Depending...

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: No

DS: So I take it that your baby has not tried the formula you were advertising for.

ZT: But that formula is for 6 ....

DS: No answers needed.

DS: Is it true that you told the papers that you did not shower during your confinement period?

ZT: Yes..

DS: So you lied in your spa advertisement when you said "Contrary to What everyone says, I did bathe during this time (confinement period). Just once a day."

ZT: No, what I really meant is that I wiped myself down with a tower every day, not exactly a shower or bath.

DS: So you lied about the golden taps... sorry wrong case,.... so you didn't bathe at all even though you said you did in the spa advertisement?

ZT: I meant...

DS: Please answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: Do you know that slimming pills are not suitable for nursing mothers?

ZT: Yes.. but I wasn't...

DS: So during the time when your son is drinking breast milk, you were on slimming pills?

ZT: Those aren't fresh...

DS: Just answer Yes or No.

ZT: Yes.

DS: So don't you agree that you are sending out wrong signals to the fans who supported you?

ZT: No, I don't agree...

DS: Finally, how much do you earn as a TCS top artiste?

ZT: Peanut.

DS: To cut this blog short, do you want to withdraw the case against SPH?

ZT: Ok.

P/S: I'm a fan of Zoe Tay until The slimming Pill advertisement which is the most awful advertisement ever for all slimming products.

Monday, July 25, 2005

there's something about ..... best friend

I'm always wanted to have an interesting life. Not so much about my life... but "Ge Yan" happening around me so that working days will be more interesting.

Nabeh. My wish was granted.

Yesterday I brought this 36 years old Japanese plump Single lady to look for an apartment to buy. The condominium in question was a big one and I have arranged to meet one agent in one of the blocks.

I have been to that condo numerous times but seriously who can remember which block number is where. And it doesn't help that the condo has poor signages that doesn't allow me to walk in the correct direction.

So I venture towards my right to the pool area with the buyer.

Suddenly the buyer make an abrupt u-turn and and I almost lost her. So I traced my way back and saw her "hiding" behind some landscape. She told me that she couldn't walk that way because she saw somebody she didn't want to see there.

I almost wanted to do a cucumberz and ask her "who you didn't want to see?" but I was worried that knowing too much information may haunt me one day. In case, she was avoiding a white nissan sunny driver.

Me: What colour is his nissan sunny?
Fat woman: White.
Me calling Cucumbz : I saw the white nissan sunny driver in XXX Condo
Cucumbz call the acquaintance: The white nissan sunny is in XXX condo
acquaintance come to xxx condo with parang.
Next day headline "Property Agent witness murder"

You see, things like that which I didn't want to know. So being the professional that I am, I decided not to probe and we took a big detour to find that block, only to know the block was on the immediate left of where we started.

On the way to the block, she finally revealed on her own accord as she probably thinks there was a need to explain her action.

Apparently, she saw the ex-boyfriend of her best friend who is a Singaporean.

I can understand if that was her ex-boyfriend.... but anyway, I showed her the apartment and she fell in love with it.

She wanted to take it up immediately but because I have already arranged other units elsewhere to show her, she decided to make her decision until she sees everything.

At the end of the viewings, she told me that she really like that unit and will just inform her best friend about it, just to be sure her best friend is cool about it.


That bitch was very upset about it and didn't want my client to go ahead. So my client told me that she couldn't take up the unit due to respect for her best friend.


I couldn't believe my ears. I thought things like these are only found in Taiwanese drama like 青青河边草.

I wanted to burst the deal further by telling my client to act her age. She is 36 years old... not 16!!!

Nabeh!!! I couldn't believe that I lost the deal because of poor directional signs in the condo!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

there's something about ..... aging and sandals

I have realised that there is a direct correlation between aging and the costs of your sandals.

I have concluded that the older you are the cheaper your sandals are.

25 years old

I bought a NIKE sandals for about $69

29 years old

After my Nike wear out, I bought a RIDER sandals for $30

32 years old

Yesterday I bought a super designer sandal with a super designer name GIOVIN KELVIN sandals (dun pray pray) from your swanky upmarket NTUC (dun pray pray)

for..... $14.90

there's something about ..... betrayal

I felt betrayed.

Not once, but twice this year I got betrayed by my favourite store.

I went to this store last week and spend close to $200.

And Ni Na Beh..... they started their sale today!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

there's something about ..... nkf vs sph

Now that this is history, we should reflect on the whole saga and learn from it. Of course, other than the obvious Moral and Transparency issues we have learnt, I think this whole saga also show us a few things.

  • There is really a Surname called LONG.
  • Davindar Singh is aided by an assistant by the name of Adrain Tan. He is the author of TEENAGE TEXTBOOK and TEENAGE WORKBOOK fame. Remember Paya Lebar JC?
  • The Patron of NKF probably feel that there's a need to patronise the court proceedings. Since she is not involved in the "Day to Day operation" of NKF, she needs to patronise.
  • Susan Long being a co-defendent to the case was also reporting the case as a journalist. Talk about conflicting of interest.
  • The person who spray Graffitti on NKF building must be a Hokkien.
  • SQ Business Class is more expensive than first class of other airlines.
  • Charity bosses need to travel overseas for business. I wonder why... perhaps to check out new taps?
  • peanuts = $600,000. I should be getting sunflower seeds.
  • Salaries are not revealed because they were afraid there might be difficulty recruiting..... what nonsense.... Now everyone wants to be CEO of NKF.
  • The most idle person in Court is Michael Khoo.
  • This saga received 3 times more coverage than Huang Na Murder case.
  • Litigation cases is not about open-ended question like....
    "Please describe the condition of your toilet?"
    It's not even about multiple choice question like "Is the condition of your toilet a)very good b) very very good c)very very very good" It's about TRUE or FALSE.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

there's something about ..... the car hunt

I participated in the car hunt by Straits Times today. A Mazda 6 was at stake. Needless to say, if I had won, this blog will not start like this. Nabeh.

Participation is the wrong word. All I did was cut newspaper, go there, caught in the traffic jam for an hour, squeeze among the thousands who were there. Wait another an hour and a half (for me), listen to some bad music, they did a lucky draw for the car, not me, I go back, caught in another jam. Half day gone. Participation is the wrong word, the correct word would be KA CHING JIO.

The riddle was easy:

Where the sun rises

By the Sea

From Seven to Eleven

Ronald eyes a perfect game.

Too easy. The location is East Coast Parkway behind Macdonald. When is that easy, many more people will know. And in a prominent location like this, even passer-bys would have seen the stage setup few days before and knew this would be it.

I hesistated about going. But I thought, I have already spent so much time cutting out the papers in the last 15 days, I owe it to myself to at least make my way there and hope no one else other than me is smart enough to know it's there.

When I was at Still Road and my car couldn't move a inch per minute, I knew why they call this Still road. I hesistated about continuing the journey. But I thought, I have already spent 30 mins getting caught in the Jam, I owe it to myself to at least make my way there and hope all the others on Still road is not going to the Car Hunt, but maybe they are going somewhere else.

So I took the smart way out of the jam, I reckon probably it won't be easy to find a lot in East coast Park, so I decided to park at the HDB estate in Marine Parade and walk the underpass over.

The underpass was crowded. I again hesistated. But I thought I'm so near to the destination. I owe it to myself to try my luck on the car.

The place is too damn crowded and it looks like there are couple of thousands of people there. I knew immediately I made a wrong choice to go there. But WHAT IF.... WHAT IF my KA CHING is really not itchy and it's my destine to win a car?

SPH set up a stage there where bands were performing to "entertain" the crowd.


It's a "MAT ROCK" festival. They have bands after bands of "rock" singers performing. It would have been bearable if they have engaged Singapore Idols quarter-finalists. And these "rockers" sucks. Given a crowd of thousands and they probably felt like they were having a sell-out concerts.

Apparently, these were finalists of SPH School of Rock competition.

Another unusual thing happen, on 3 occasions when I was minding my own business, standing there reading my New Paper, strangers approached me and ask...

"Hi, where can I find the box to submit my entry form?"

I don't understand. I was READING. I wasn't standing there staring into space and looked like a Customer Service Officer for SPH.

After getting irritated by traffic jams, and bad screaming the whole morning... they finally announce the lucky winner of that Mazda 6 at noon.

Of course it's not me. People who complaint often do not get rewarded. They deserved to be irriated by traffic jams and bad screaming.

For your information, SPH school of Rock Finals would be held at Junction 8 next Saturday. Don't say I never warn you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

there's something about ..... playlist

This is probably the random playlist that appear in that chief executive's IPOD.... golden in colour, limited edition which only Bill Gates can afford.

Private Life by Grace Jones
Liar Cranberries
Opportunities (let's make lots of money) Petshop Boys
Fast Cars Tracy Chapman
Toilet Tisha Outkast
Everything I do I do it for you Bryan Adams

Almost Golden Courteney Love
First Class Kottonmouth Kings
I'm so Stupid Madonna
The real slim shady Eminem
Bad Michael Jackson
Truth? Def Leppard

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

there's something about ..... that $990 golden tap

Ni Na Beh.

$25000 per month salary!!!

12 months bonus!!!

$600,000 per year!!!

$1.8m in last 3 years!!!

8 fleet of cars with chaffeurs!!!

Travel in first class.. wait let me rephrase... travel in first class in other airlines from his business class benefits from Singapore Airlines.

Ni Na Beh.

I'm not going to donate to this particular charity as long as this guy is still the chief executive.

And that also explain why I kept receiving calls from Indian soundalike telemarketeers from this organisation, because this call centre is setup by him in India.

Conspiracy!!! Now I know why this same organisation held their quarterly charity shows last 2 weekends. Just so that the donations will not drop prior to the court case.

No names are given here because this guy have the tendency to sue. Remember he wanted to sue the sender of an email that went rounds years ago and he went to the extend of getting the ISP to trace the senders, but he subsequently let them off in a warning.

Monday, July 11, 2005

there's something about ..... that movie we watched

Watched "War of the World" last weekend. A movie Lily said is about Tom Cruise running here and running there.

Watching movie with my wife is always interesting. She kinda lost touch with what's happening in the movie circuit, and I will just bring her to see the movie without telling her what's it all about. She knew is a Tom Cruise movie after seeing the trailers but that's all she knows.

And she doesn't like to ask what's the show about BEFORE the movie. She likes to ask DURING the movie.

When the "Aliens" made the first appearance in the show,

she ask: What's that.

Me: Aliens

She: Is It?!?!?! I thought this show is about War?

Me: .......

Actually I kinda like the show. This show is actually not about Aliens attacking the Earth. It's actually about fatherhood with the Aliens drama as a backdrop.

And I actually feel for the character Tom Cruise was portraying. If this doesn't win him the Oscar, I think he can give up acting for good. It's not often you can say Tom Cruise could act, especially with such intensity.

I think why I feel for the character is because I'm now a father. A parent's love for their kid is not something you can't put to words. But in any calamity, your love for the kid is unparrellel.

A friend of mine was telling me about the Tsunami. There was this article about a caucasian woman running back to the shore to save the son. My lady friend commented that even die, she will die with the children.

Anyway, the show also struck me for something else.

Nabeh... not everyone is like Tom Cruise. Run and Run and Run. I realised if Ang Mo Kio is under attack by Aliens (I dun mean my brother in law), I probably will not be able to carry Ian and run more than 2 blocks.

No matter how much you can love your kid. In situations like this, your heart is willing but your flesh is not.

Like that, die liao lah.

I better keep myself fit and start jogging, which I hate. Or I can go borrow Lily's new bike once she is bored with it.

In Yoda fashion: New toy it is, bored she will be in 1 month it is.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

there's something about ..... that white car

Just recalled about my conversation with cucumberz yesterday or the day before.

Apparently one of our net friends or acquaintances depending how you define friendship is facing some personal problems.

To me, it felt more like an acquaintance and I define that as follows:

  • We hardly spoke. Not so much about the lack of effort to communicate on my end. But mostly I felt like standing on a stage doing a monologue cos the other party dun really talk.
  • We played bowling a few times years back when I was fit and very good looking.
  • Sometimes we meet for supper years back when I was fit and very gorgeous looking.
  • Then we stop doing the above for like 5 years.
  • I got married and didn't invite him.
  • Out of the blue early this year, he will message me via phone about some badminton sessions. Which shocks me for few reasons. Firstly, haven't heard the word Badminton for ages. Secondly, haven't heard from him for ages.
  • Then, there will be messages about birthday party for his girlfriend.
  • Then, he will invite me to his wedding.

This is my definition of acquaintances.

Anyway, cucumberz was telling me that she received a unusual message from this chap. Cannot remember the exact words but essentially is for everyone whom he has asked via SMS to look out for a white Nissan Sunny, with a number plate given as well.

He went to ask the recepient of the SMS to contact him immediately upon seeing this car on the road.

So Cucumberz being the kay poh that she is, ask him why.

This chap said that the guy driving that car is trying to destroy his family.

Ni Na Beh!!

No.. I'm not swearing at that guy trying to destoy my acquaintance's family.

I'm swearing at Cucumberz. Ha Ha Ha.

Because of that, I can't help but keep looking out for white nissan sunny whenever I drive. And I can't help thinking how the guy looks like and what he has done.

For your information, there is about 300,000 cars in Singapore. The chances of spotting a white nissan sunny is as good as New York winning the bid to host olympics.

So if you guys want to take part in this contest, please call Cucumberz. She has all the details to tell you.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

there's something about ..... London 2012

I'm a lousy conspiracy theorist.

After grossly theoristed that Singapore will not have a casino, I have made another bad theory.

I have came out with a theory that the ioc session will have a winner in New York, after booting out London, Moscow, Paris and Madrid in that order.

But the actual order was not only very wrong, it's disgustingly wrong. The order of elimination is Moscow, New York, Madrid, Paris with London winning.

That means the IOC session in Singapore is Boring. Non-climatic. Non-event. The order of elimination was exactly how the experts have predicted. Unlike someone who think he is an expert.

When the president of IOC (a parisian) was opening the envelop to announce the winner.... you just knew London won it. The facial expression tells it all. To be fair, I'm not too sure if Paris is to win, whether his facial expression would have been the same.

And the jubilation is not as wild as I was hoping for. It's tame. That is expected when an expected winner won.

I have been to London, Paris and New York. And while I wouldn't know who will make a better sports hosts (how dare I try to predict who wins), I do know New York will make an interesting location, follow by Paris. And I would probably voted Madrid before London.

Of course, which is why I'm at home and not at Raffles City.

there's something about ..... ioc session's opening ceremony

No matter what all other delegates like Tony Blair or Hillary Clinton said about the show.... in fact Hillary Clinton said the show "is exciting", I have only 1 word to describe the opening ceremony..... OMFG.

The opening ceremony was not shown in the entirety but might as well. The last thing they wanted is to show the audience falling asleep.. or laughing.

But why such exclaimation?

After the 3 tenors sang the athem for Olympics which I thought was very nice, I was expecting them to continue our national athem Majulah Singapura.

After a pause, I thought they were preparing their throat. BUT.... BUT.... BUT.....

Out came Jacintha. She sang a Jazzy and unplugged version of our athem. But her version would also have be appropriate for a funeral of a National figure. Closing her eyes, machiam singing a sentimental song. And you can also pass this off as a free style version. It's so different that I felt more shock than anything.

Following that are 3 boring speeches.

After our PM declared the ceremony opened, they must have a gesture to "open" it. Like other ceremonies, be it fireworks, or pressing a big button to start something. I was anticipating something of that sort.

But... surprise surprise. We decided to go classy. They have decided to create a new Orchid after the event. So the way to "open" the ceremony is for PM Lee and the President of IOC flanked by ministers to witness the rise of this Orchid.

And while they stand on the stage watching while everybody else sits comfortably at their seat, we were all wondering how this orchid will appear.

Ni na beh, very low profilely, no fan fare, no lion dance, no drum roll, the orchid rises up in the middle of a stage like machiam Jacky Cheung in his Concert.

And then the president of IOC put up the name of the orchid in front of the display platform. The name "VANDA IOC"

Of course the telecast show us as far as that. The rest of the shows are summarises in News program.

As usual, we have the 3-major-cultures-in-singapore performances. The indian performance machiam transvetite performing.

The last performance have people doing breakdances and hip hop dancing and supposedly a famous local singer singing.

Call me ignorant. But that singer looks like the transvetite in the indian performance and he is not Kumar. I dunno who he is.

Anyway, the show is not perform for people like us. So I'm not the best person to judge such shows. Perhaps if I one day do become a high level delegate, I may think such show "is exciting".

I think one reason why such show is not shown in the whole entirety is because they may sell the show as DVD. That is exactly what happen to the Ministerial Meeting held in Singapore few years ago. That time it was the closing ceremony that was the big hooha. And soon after that, the show was sold as VCDs in bookstores.

Commercialism at its best.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

there's something about ..... new colour scheme

In a bid to minimise or minimize (refer to Forum page of ST today) any potential lawsuit brought by limited readers of my blog due to glaringness , I have decided to change the part of the colours to something duller.

I do agree to some extent that my analogy on traffic light being glaring as well may have been out of line. I therefore express my unreserved apology to Phillips (the maker of traffic lights) and Coldplay (the singer of Yellow), that yellow is not glaring except if it appear on my blog.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

there's something about ..... IOC session

Unless you are an alien (like my brother in law), you would know that the IOC session to select the venue for Olympics 2012 will be held next week at Raffles City.

And suddenly you have sports celebrities like David Beckham and Mohammed Ali making their way into Singapore to convince IOC members to vote for their own countries and you have Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton doing the same likewise.

Most people would say "So What" and I suspect Singaporean will have the following reactions to this whole drama:
  • Nabeh, why they cannot hold the voting in Sentosa but must do it in Raffles City. Make the traffic there so bad.
  • Nabeh, how come police must scan my gu gu when enter Raffles City, I only want to go buy Giordano Jeans on second floor only.
  • Nabeh, why so bo liao. Still must come all the way to Singapore to vote. Just ask Singapore Pools to draw lots lah.

My reaction falls under the first one.

But holding this IOC session in Singapore will bring in revenue to Singapore and show the whole wide world what Singapore can do.

Already driving along expressways, you will see the electronic sign telling you to avoid Raffles City next week by car, "Take Public Transport" it was recommended. You see, they have already trying to increase revenues for transport companies otherwise partly owned by government.

And showing the whole wide world what Singapore can do, we did the next best thing... we engaged Glen Goei to do the Opening Show. You know that famous local director that make only 1 successful movie in "Forever Fever" breaking box office of another local movie called "Tiger's Whip". But of course, they couldn't engage Jack Neo in case the opening show feature Mark Lee in Ah beng dialect starting off with "NI NA BEH".

To be fair to Glen Goei, I'm a big fan of "Forever Fever". No one can say this I Swear... but I'm the only one who bought the VCD to the movie, because I like it so much. Or was it Jeff who bought it. I cannot remember liao.

But somewhere in the movie, you can actually see a microphone hanging at the top of the screen and you wonder how good a director he is. That aside.

If you have seen the snippets of the upcoming opening show on TV, you would have seen a demonstration of WUSHU and some other shows.

Somehow I felt they are just borrowing some performances from NDP. You know those performances right after the Guard Of Honour March-pass. Especially since NDP is just around the corner and Raffles City is near Padang, might as well one stone hit 2 birds.

But why WUSHU? Why don't they feature Table Tennis demonstration by our china-borned atheletics or Badminton demonstration by our Indonesian-borned- atheletic-that-marry-another-china-borned-atheletic-and-later-change-his- indonesian-name-to-a-chinese-name?

How about setting up a bowling alley and do a demonstration by that guy whose name sounded like XO and after which everyone can also eat his popiah?

How about a demonstration by our Singapore Football team on how they won the Tiger's Cup and they can even show-off to David Beckham?

Or a demonstration on How you can get nominated in People's magazine?

Anyway, why do I even bother by all these? Afterall, we were not even bothered by Beijing 2008?

Bo Bian. Everyday you flip the papers and this is what you read.

And since I'm a fan of conspiracy theory and IOC is full of politics, such things interest me.

Newspapers have said that it's down to London or Paris to win the hosting rights, so anyhow hantam either one, you have 50% chance of getting it right.

But I have analysis one... ok.

Since this year is the year of the underdogs...ask Liverpool... that means MOSCOW and NEW YORK being the underunderunderdogs will not lose.

And since London has the support of commonwealth countries, thus ensuring survival of first round. You are left with Madrid and Paris to choose to boot from Round 1.

So my guess is that Madrid will be out in Round 1. Just like how Real Madrid did not win anything in Champions League. Paris to lose Round 1 will be scandalous. And in Singapore, such kelongness will not escape CPIB for corruption charges.

Next round, people who previously vote for Madrid will split their votes with MOSCOW and LONDON. So London being already strong will remain past round 2.

New York will also survive. Why? Hillary Clinton is there. Never mix with US politics. Remember who oppose IRAQ War? France.

Hillary Clinton will use her influence to sway votes away from Paris. So I believe the madrid votes will see Moscow barely beating Paris.


PARIS will not vote for New York. So their votes will go to mostly London and Moscow. While London will still survive this round, it's close call between Moscow and New York. But my take is MOSCOW will be out. They have ride their luck long enough.

Final 2. New York and London.

Both allies in IRAQ War. Final voting will be a close call. For New York to be in Final 2, they must have already done alot to win votes.

And also a little trivial. No country has hosted the OLYMPICS more than twice. The only countries who have done it twice are Paris, Athen, Los Angelis, London. Even Moscow has done it once before.

So I really don't think they will give London such a honour to be the first to have done it 3 times. It's about time to allow other country a chance.

And as I said, it's the year of underdogs. NEW YORK will therefore win the hosting rights.

Friday, July 01, 2005

there's something about ..... 绝对superstar

Is it just me who likes to critise or is Project Superstar a bad talent show?

To me fair, there are some good talents. Some of the judges are very credible too. More credible than some Singapore Idol judges.

But the program? I think the producers did a horrible show.

To start off, I dun know whether are they trying to be similar or trying to be unsimilar to Singapore Idol.

But I do suspect that they recognise the Idol format is fabulous but they also realised that if they could be similar and not infringed onto the Idol license, they can save alot of money.

So they embark onto a project that must be similar but different from Singapore Idol:
  • Cannot have 3 judges.
  • Judges will contribute 30% of points, instead of nothing in Idol.
  • Must have 2 hosts.

Among many others more differences.

But what I couldn't understand is the system of the show. Why wasn't the contest shown live? Is showing it Live an infringement of Idol license?

It's silly that the trailers shown week before the actual telecast were actual footage of the quarter-finals, meaning it was held much earlier but voting only starts during the telecast, with the hosts pretending it as Live Show.

And voting starts at the beginning of the show and not at the end when all the singers finished their singing. Is fairness being compromised because of licensing issues?

Why the gender group are splitted up into 2 different weeks with each week eliminating 2 from each sub-groups? Meaning to say, the eliminated ones may be better than those not eliminated from previous group.

But the worse of all, it's the Results Show every Thursday at 11.30pm.

Again, the similar-but-be-different-from-Idol approach makes the program jerky. Not only that, they try too damn hard to add drama but failed miserably.

I find the "绝对superstar, 有你没有他!” tagline before the announcement of the eliminated ones nauseating.

But what is even more disgusting is that the announcement of the eliminated ones via this Jackpot machine thingy when the pictures are run and only when the face of the eliminated one appear in the 3 boxes, is the result finalised.

And after the result is announced, instead of the eliminated one taking on centrestage, being shown footage of their auditions so far, they have to walk down the stage to where the host are and being interviewed among the audience leaving the other 2 on the stage.

While last week result show was damn flawed (let's not even go there), this week was an improvement but the drama is still very Master Of The Seas.

As 2 from each gender are eliminated each week, instead of announcing both the names at one go, they separate the announcement into 2 groups of 3. Meaning someone from each group will go out.

So the host dramatically announce the first group One By One onto the stage. Each one of them being called onto stage is like machiam "OH NO, I'M GOING OUT". This is damn silly. The remaining 3 not being called has the same chance as the 3 being called out onto stage from being eliminated.

ARRGGHHHHHHH. I can't stand it anymore. It's one hell of a stupid program.

Will I watch it again next week?