Tuesday, October 28, 2008

there's something about ..... musical

Caught High School Musical 2 on Sunday on Channel 5. Or rather I caught a few glimse of it.

Seriously Speaking, the popularity of it baffles me. Or have I lost touch with the new generation? Have I become an Uncle?

I seriously do not see why they are so popular. They have characters that look more Gay than Elton John. They have songs that are neither catchy or nice. I dunno much about their storylines, but I don't think you need a solid storyline to carry off a movie about teenagers singing horible songs.

Haven't these teenagers heard of Grease?!?!?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

there's something about ..... index

I think there is a strong correlation between STI/DOW index as well as my number of posts this month.

I hit new lowest in the number of posts this month, just like the new lows in STI and DOW.

there's something about ..... snl

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

there's something about ..... bye bye sportschannel

Just cancel my sports group.

Thanks to anthony. He told me RTM 1 got free F1, so I cancel my sports group the next day.

As for soccer, thanks to free streaming on the net, I have also stopped watching Barclay Premier League on TV.

Adios.... Sports Channel!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

there's something about ..... sgp economics

This is more for my reference.

Cost to stage SGP= $150m

Cost of Pit building = $40m to be amortised over 5 years. so Annual cost is $8m

So cost to stay SGP = $118m annually.

Singtel sponsorship= $10m approximately p.a

50,000 tourists spent $2000 not including shopping and tickets = $100m
50,000 tourists spent approximately $1000 on shopping = $50m

RBS, DHL, Noble Grp Banner on track = reckon total sponsor to be $10m to $15m.

Drinks of $3 for mineral water, $8 for coke, $10 for beer, assuming 100,000 spectators to spend averagely $6 = $600k per night. x 3 nights = $1.8m, this tendered out to Raffles Hotel, assuming $1m.

100,000 spectators. Reckon average ticket cost to be $1000 = $100m

Direct revenue = $100m+1m+10m+10m = $121m
Indirect government revenue = $100m x 0.8 = 80m of hotel charges x 0.3 of hotel tax = 24m
GST on shopping = $50m x 0.07 = $3.5m

SGP is joint venture between Government and HPL 60% to 40%

Total cost to Government = $90m
Direct revenue = $121 x 0.6 = $73m
Indirect revenue = 24 + 3.5 = $28
Total revenue = $101m
Free advert to 500m worldwide audience = free.

Total cost to HPL = 60m
Direct revenue = $121 x 0.4 = 48.4m
Not possible. Assumption of revenue splitting inaccurate.

Total revenue = $121 + 27.5 = $148.5m
Total cost = $118m
Profits = 30m

Following not adjusted for:

Merchandise sales revenue
Service staff cost in Paddock club
Food and wine costs at Paddock club
Electricity costs
Land costs for Pit building.