Thursday, January 29, 2009

there's something about ..... beast

This is about guys who can't control their urge. I called them "Beasts" or "禽兽"

Couple of years ago, Wong Li Lin was pregnant with the second child of that beefcake. Why is this deserving any mention... it's because the second pregnancy came like 2 months after she gave birth.

At the point of time, I was like... WTF?!?! Your wife just delivered and you couldn't even wait!!?!?!!??!? BEAST!!

Sometime last year, during my wife's visit to the gynae, the gynae received a call from a patient. The patient was apparently asking if she can have sex with the husband without getting pregnant. Naturally, the gynae was rather upset by the phonecall, at least based on my observation. The gynae is a very busy doctor as she was with us in front of her, and she has to counsel someone's else sex life? After trying to brush off the call by telling the patient to wear condoms, the patient probably probe further about the odds of pregnancy if they do not wear contraceptives. The Gynae, again a tone of frustration, tells her that she can get pregnant very easily if the husband do not wear a condom.

At the point of time, I was like .... WTF!?!? THAT BEAST!!!

Sometime last year also, I was sending my boy to playgroup when I met one of his classmate's grandfather. This grandfather was carrying another girl in his hands of about 2 years old. So I asked this grandfather if this girl is the sister of my son's classmates. The grandfather is probably in a very talkative mood. He could have just say "YES". But he decided to elaborate that the younger sister is only about 7 months younger than the elder sister. IE, the mother must have got pregnant almost like immediately after giving birth!

At the point of time, I was like ... WTF??!?! That BEAST!!!

What is the whole point of all these?

Never criticize other people. Karma will undo you.

there's something about ..... ox

How time flies... last week we were busy getting the house ready... and now we are in the 4th day of CNY.

This Ox is quite "fierce"... at least where I am concerned.

I don't remember the eve of CNY ever Drizzling... it's like the Ox knew this year is a very challenging year, thus dampens the festive mood.

And true enuff, my dad fell ill on the 1st day. And he was admitted to the hospital on the second day.

No big issue but still it's disturbing during this festive season. This set you thinking about the journey in this ox year, and this is only the beginning.


So according to ancient beliefs, this year I 犯太岁. Whatever it means, it's not supposed to be a good year for me. However, you can "counter" or "improved" your year by appeasing to the different gods associated with your sign.

Just wonder... it's like virus in PC and you have anti-virus almost immediately ready to cure the virus. Then you wonder why people even bother to "plant" virus, when at the end of the day, the damage is limited due to ever-ready anti-virus? I always think that PC viruses are invented by maker of anti-virus companies.

As I said, I am just wondering. I will be appeasing the gods.


Just had a conversation with coolcat.

Do you know what's the difference between an OX and a BULL?

According to Straits Times, an OX is castrated but a BULL is not. IE.. BULL got DICK, but OX no dick!


I mean..

1.) Why do you need to castrate a BULL? It's not like they are cats and they make love along corridors?! YES.. I have the good fortune of witnessing that. And interestingly, the cat paused a while... and continue humping. NB!

2.) Ok.. so for whatever valid reasons you need to castrate a BULL... why do you have to take the trouble to think of another name for the BULL, as if that castrated BULL no longer deserve the title of the BULL, and need to be downgraded.

3.) Whoever translate the animals signs... don't they realise that OX is castrated? Isn't it better to call it year of the BULL? I mean... I can now realised why this year OX is so "fierce".

And my conversation with coolcat ended.... what is the difference between a "Chick" and a "chicken"?

Yes.. we embarked on intelligent conversation every day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

there's something about ..... parliament

So Tan Yong Soon went on a expensive holiday and brag/boast/whatever about it in local newspaper.

So our government rapped/scold/lecture/censure/blackmark/whatever him in Parliament. link




U mean, we form a government, spend millions and millions of dollars in Ministerial salaries and hundreds and hundreds of thousands in MP salaries, so that they can discuss such BIG Topics like a civil servant's holiday in Paris?!?!?!??!?!


In such a gloomy state of economy, where our national reserves may be utilised, where thousands of jobs could be losts, where income will freefall, our Minister Teo Chee Hean actually think a civil servant's holiday deserve mention in PARLIAMENT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

there's something about ..... budget 2009

I am looking into the crystal ball and see what tomorrow budget will bring.

1.) Reduction of Income tax, like the year before when there is a one time relief of $2000. Perhaps another round like this, say $5000 off.

2.) No corporate tax if your profit is say $500k a year or something.

3.) GST rebates to increase, much higher for the lower income group.

4.) Property tax to waive for 2009.

5.) All conservancy charges for those staying in HDBs to waive for 2009.

6.) Government to offer 0% bridging loan to those with housing debt problem for HDB flats.

7.) Course fee subsidies to widen.

8.) Tertiary education school fees to be heavily subsidies for those staying HDB flats.

WE cannot only have OUT and no IN... so to balance or help to balance up the budget, the following will be implemented:

1.) To increase duties for cigarettes, alcohol and condoms by 1000%.

2.) COEs to be reduced so that premium can increase.

3.) ERPs to increase by 300%.

there's something about ..... inauguration

Caught the Obama inauguration last night. What a speech.

While searching his speech in youtube, I came across some VERY classic inauguration speech:


John F Kennedy 1961

Barack Obama 2009

Interestingly, he delivered a perfect, flawless speech for about 20 mins.. FLAWLESS.. and yet his oath was littered with mistakes, a short oath of less than 40 secs.

Perhaps, as the most powerful man on earth, he don't take instructions very well.

Joe Biden's oath, however, is actually about 1 min 30 secs. Interestingly a Vice President's oath is much longer. Perhaps like what the organisers of Miss Universe always says, "as 1st Runner up, your role is very important......"

How come "swearing" on it's own, it's so negative... but when you add "in" as "Swearing-in", it became so honourable.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

there's something about ..... money

I really dunno much about chinese customs.

All I know is that we must wear new clothes, new underwear.. new everything.

Of course, hong bao notes must also be new... but why?

I can imagine a teenager receiving a hong bao and upon opening it (of course not in front of the giver) and exclaim : "WOW... what a new and crispy $2 note!! YEAH!!!!"

I think he is likely to say "@%$%...WHAT.. only $2??!?!?!?!?!"

So, if it doesn't matter to the receiver whether the notes are new or not... then why we bother to change them?

Seriously... it baffles me.

Or maybe...

Since we can't give you a lot of money, we "compensate" by giving you "newer" notes...


Sunday, January 11, 2009

there's something about ..... status update

The "status update" thingy in FB can be totally irritating.... maybe it's just me.

But I got an acquaintance who constantly update what he is doing and it's all the same thing. Essentially he just want to prompt people to ask him what he is doing so that he can tell the whole world that he is doing his doctorate. It's totally IRRITATING!

This is the list of updates he has since mid-december:

ABC is wondering if he has make the right move...

ABC is feeling very much committment but so little time & $$$...

ABC is taking leave for the next 3 days to complete his assignment!

ABC has to regurgitate and complete his assignment by end of this week! Stress! lol......

ABC is trying to regurgitate and complete his assignment by end of this week!

ABC is rushing to do his 2nd assignment....13 Jan is the last day!!! :(.

ABC is very very stress....still have not start writing yet....

ABC has less than 11 days to complete his assignment! lol.......stress.... :(.

ABC have less than 12 days to complete his assignment! Stress...... :(.

ABC must start doing his assignment immediately before it is too late..... :(.

ABC has finally started reading & writing his assignment! ZZZzzz........

ABC is not going to do his assignment till X'mas party is over!!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

there's something about ..... lamb

I was singing O' Macdonald to my son when I ran out of animals to sing... this was when my wife suggested "Lamb".

I told her "Lamb" is the meat of Sheep, just like "Beef".

She retorted "Haven't you heard "Mary had a little Lamb"?"

I went speechless.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

there's something about ..... pap

My son just went to PAP preschool yesterday, and I can now say that he is following my footsteps.

I mean, all of us, including scholars within the Government went to a PAP kindergarden in those days. So surely, we can't say that they are any more inferior than the Private Schools, eventhough it's perceived to be so.

It was a perception for me.... until Yesterday. And now, I am not sure.

They wrote my son's name wrongly. Not because they saw wrongly. Not because of mistakes. In fact, any of these errors are still very acceptable.

The worse is they uses their initiatives. Yes. Some civil servants do use their initiatives.

Huh? Used initiatives, also can be wrong one meh.

My son's name is not one of those fanciful names. It's one of those English traditional names that is as common as say Peter or Michael.

I can understand if I named my child "Seven" but they think I made a mistake and they go ahead change the register to reflect as "Steven" without checking with me.

BUT... my son's name is a COMMMON NAME.

So common that I didn't think anyone would not recognise it.

AND yet, this PAP preschool really DIDN'T recognise it!! I was appalled!

If a school don't even recognise a typical name, how am I to trust about their level of vocab.

Not only that, they didn't think there was a need to consult me to double check with me. They went ahead to amend a TRADITIONAL NAME thinking it should be another TRADITIONAL NAME!!! How am I to trust their level of competence to take care of my son!

And they still can tell me that they thought I MADE A MISTAKE!!!! NINABEH!!!!

So what did they change my son's name to?

They changed it to:


Thursday, January 01, 2009

there's something about ..... new year

I realised I lead a very unexciting life.

I know 2008 is one of the worse years in recent memories for some people, if not most.

And just when you thought 2008 can't get any worse, the good people at Mediacorp want to make sure that we really remember how bad 2008 is and want to show us the real meaning of travesty.

Yes... I witnessed this.

I told you, I lead a very unexciting life.


I found a silver lining.....

Just when I found the youtube video of Tay Ping Hui, I came across a babe singing the same song. In fact, lots of babes in youtube singing the same song. But I thought this is the best.