Monday, October 31, 2005

there's something about ..... breast cancer foundation

Yesterday we participated in the Pink Ribbon Treasure Hunt organises by Breast Cancer Foundation.

All I can say is... WHAT GREAT FUN!!! I suspected we could almost be in the top 10 if not for technical reasons. But you know what they always say.... it's not about winning, it's about having fun. Nabeh... wonder who invented that phrase for losers like us.

Also, we are supposed to decorate our cars to create awareness plus it's also a competition of its own. Below are some of the good ones.

I like the car more than the decorations. I mean... there is really no room to decorate. No Doors, no roof... how?

Wah... very elaborate.... abit too overly decorated I feel

Very creative. They have my vote as runner up.

My favourite "decoration"

My vote as the winner for the best decorated car. What elegance. I must clarify that I don't really know who they are.... I don't make friends with funny faces.

Anyway, we have to cover 3 stages within 4 hours. The first stage covers the vicinity of Yishun. I think we spent too much time in this leg.

The second stage covers the Upper Pierce Reservoir vicinity. This to me is the funnest of all.

The final one bring us to Bukit Panjang. I felt I let my team down in this stage. I am supposed to know my way around and especially so since I come to bukit panjang almost every week. Yet we lost our way within bukit panjang and I suspected we lost a good 5 mins in this leg.

Those 5 mins costs us our title. This is because we were told that we were actually 5 mins late for our submission and thus disqualified. But all our watches actually show that we were on time...comfortably. Well, how to make a scene for a charity game like this.

After that, we proceeded to a Buffet Spread in the ballroom of Orchid Country Club. I must say, it's pretty good.

However, the "entertainment" that follows (buying time while judges are compiling the results) reminded me alot of community events organises by RC held at void decks.

One particular performance have me cursing within.

They invited some "Miss World Cinderalla" to perform. It's probably some talent contest organises by some RC. To me, my first impression was some cutie girls like 5 to 7 years old singing kids songs.

Ninabeh. This girl who looks like a secondary school girl belted out "POWER OF LOVE" by Celine Dion with a Celine Dion Voice, unplugged. It was to the point of irritating because she make sure we all know she can really sing like Celine Dion.

Few other boring performances later, was another equally bad segment. They invited MISS WORLD SINGAPORE 2005 to recite a poem. I thought.... wah... this girl not bad... write a poem about Breast Cancer. But no.... it was written by Somebody else, an Ang Moh... and she just go on stage to recite it.

Call me super critical, but why ask someone who is a beauty queen, to come on stage just to recite a short poem written by someone else?

Anyway, the highlight of the day was the result segment. They reveal all the answers and it was great fun. Next come the results where the top 10 is revealed.

I'm not the only one, but my team mates felt the results are bordering on Kelong.

While in most lucky draws, contest, competition will have clauses that disallow organisers to participate, this charity event actually allows sponsorers to participate. I lost count, but this one sponsorer actually walk away with quite a number of top 10 prizes.

Call me sore loser.

Will I take part again next year... Yes.

To my team mates, you are great. I think we all compliment very nicely to each other. See you next year!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

there's something about ..... the old girl on the block

Dear imu (the alphabets are mixed up to protect the identity of my maid as well as this writer due to sedition act in Singapore and JB, some even said Indonesia)

I always wanted to say this but never have the chance, but....


Finally this is how it feels to be Donald Trump.

Unless you have a computer with an internet access and do a search on your name (see I'm smart, I left no trail behind), you would know that you will be leaving my home tomorrow at about 3pm...... for good.

I did this with a heavy heart, afterall, you have been a good servant for some occasions except the following:
  • You talk alot on the phone.
  • You talk very loudly.
  • You like to lie.
  • You are lazy.
  • You like to give excuse for your wrongdoing.
  • You like to waste water.
  • You like to waste electricity.
  • Last but not least, you bring your boyfriend into our house!!! Without our knowledge.

We have no choice but to send you back.

We thank you for making our life so difficult the last week, causing us sleepless nights, worrying about what to do.

I hope you will have sleepless nights soon and reflect on what you did, especially when we have treated you so well.


Cow, your employer

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

there's something about ..... the new girl on the block

shannon d/o anthony c

Finally, the ah beng become a father. But this ah beng also quite can, can produce such a cute daughter.

who are you... why u take my picture

Jeff is right, this last picture looks like Anthony. But I guess it takes time before anyone could really tell.

Went to visit them earlier at Thomson Medical Centre with Lily and Fang, Leon and infinity. It does bring back alot of memories of my son's birth. And I just realised time flew past so fast, I really almost forgot those moments.

Anyway, haven't been to Thomson Medical for quite a long time, not since Rachel was borned.

And I must say, things haven't changed much. Getting a car park lot is still as crazy. Almost forgot about that until Lily mentioned about it and she decided to park across the road at Balestier. Leon park somewhere else.

The car park area is so small that they now uses a valet parking system to maximise parking spaces. Interestingly, they have a Car Lift right in the middle of the Hospital which isn't working. Maybe the shareholders (thomson Medical is a listed company) should borrow the white elephant cutboards and stage a protest.

Valet parking sound expensive but don't care lah. Worst case maybe $5 lor. The price you pay for not walking far.

Anthony was nice and he actually got me a what I thought was a complimentary ticket.

Upon leaving, I haolianly pass the "complimentary" ticket to the valet parker. I have that "Haha.. I No need to pay you" look.

Nabeh, he ask me to go pay up at the ticket machine. I thought he didn't understand, so I repeat:

me: Brudder... I got this complimentary ticket.

Parker: Go to the machine to pay up.

I thought maybe the machine need to validate the card, so I got to the machine. It shows that I have to pay $2.

me: How come I must pay $2? I got this complimentary ticket.

parker: It's not a complimentary ticket, it's a companion ticket.

me: huh... that means what....

parker: that means you still pay $2 per entry.

me: then what is the companion ticket for?

parker: if you park overnight.

me: nabeh.

Anyway, saw this plague hang in the hospital room. It's a pledge for the Thomson Angels or the nurse.

We the citizen of Singapore...pledged ourselves....

Second paragraph cracks me up. Cheerleader??!??!?!

pregnant woman about to give birth: AAHHHHHHHHH

Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "P"
Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "U"
Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "S"
Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "H"
Thomson Angel: WHAT DO WE HAVE.... "P" "U" "S" "H"
Thomson Angel: YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!

pregnant woman: nabeh.

Friday, October 14, 2005

there's something about ..... big long jin

Lily asked me the other day what is Big Long Jin. I think she has lost touch with society. Big Long Jin is 大 长 今.

You know that highly rated, highly popular korean drama that cause a frenzy in Hong Kong and selected families in Singapore?

Not to forget it's highly bo liao, highly hao siao, highly over-rated, highly slow, highly ridiculous, highly laughable, and highly expensive.

Yes... expensive because I have to subscribe to SCV for an additional of $8 per month since July this year.

Good gracious that it just ended it's run on SCV, but just before I could rejoice, I was told by my mum that there is another period drama following this which she would like to watch. Win liao.

And the worse thing is, big long jin is coming to Channel U. Ninabeh.

Anyway, I mentioned selected families in Singapore are crazy over it. Let me paint you a profile of what these selected families looks like.
  • Ah Soh

All ah soh who has a fillial-piety son will watch religiously everynight at 7pm and watch them again the next day for the repeat in case they miss out on minor details of the recipe.

  • housewife

All housewife who has a "ok..ok...but I want to keep my sports channel" husband will watch them.

  • jeff


Anyway, caught a glimse of it during yesterday's last espisode. I thought since I've paid for it, I owe it to myself to at least find out what's the show all about.

This is what I gather.

Big Long Jin grow up in palace. Becomes a royal doctor. For some reason was forced to leave palace. after that, go back to palace, and everyone rejoice.

Fantastic storyline, compelling stuffs.

So I ask my wife.... why is she called 大 长 今? I mean obviously her surname can't be called 大 长 (literally Big long) and name call 今? I mean Big Long is probably a porno's name.

I was told her surname is 长 and name is 今. So what is 大?

You wouldn't believe it but 大 is a salutation?!?!?!?!?

She was given 大 very much like some very hao lian people in Singapore that even after they left the NS, they still want to be known COL(NS) TAN or Rear Admiral (NS) TAN.

But 大 ??!?!?!??! As in BIG?!?!?!??!?!?!

Imagine that with a little creativity, the producers of the show may name any sequel ....



They could even thought of replacing 大 with 高,or 不 小, or whatever and it wouldn't have matter.

Told you it's compelling stuffs.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

there's something about ..... treasure hunt

October will be a busy month for me.

Photomarathon will be on 22 October. Of course, the usual suspects will be taking part like lily, Leon and myself. Plus some other unusual suspects as well like Anthony, Edwin and jamieson. (their original names are withheld to protect their identity because of Sedition Act)

It will be like a big gathering or sort. 6 of us..... ultimate.... Maybe we should all pair up. Me and Lily, Leon and Anthony, Edwin and jamie. (the latter 2 can explore taking pictures in smoky rooms).

Also on the 30th October, some of us are taking part in treasure hunt, organises by Breast Cancer Foundation

Myself, lily, Leon and Anthony. (again their original names are withheld to protect the identity of this writer because of Sedition Act)

Mr Brown mentioned it in his blog and I thought it will be great fun, plus we are doing charity work. The best thing is, there are prizes to be won. The problem would be to decide how to split the prizes when we won it. It's never a question of "IF", it's a matter of "when", and since we already know "when", that means we will win it.

I mean, I really do not see how we can lose. Let me share with you the profile of my team mates. For your infor, we are supposed to give our team a name in the treaure hunt, and I name it DAYZ&NITZ.

Firstup: Me.
Will be driving my dependable superly abused car. Good speed though not as fast as Leon's. Good handling. This will come in very useful in crunch time like cutting 4 lanes in 1 go.

Also, due to my job nature, I like know all short-cuts in Singapore, alot of places in Singapore. Streetdirectory is like my daily tool.

Also, I'm geographically North Based.

Next: Leon.
Geographically West Based. He will know West like condom to penis. Civil Servant... He will know all government locations very well.

Next: Lily.
Geographically East based. Due to job nature, she travel the road less-travelled with yellow boots. She will know expressways and ulu places like gloves to hand.
Next: Anthony.
Geographically central based. Given his Ah beng Nature, he will be able to give us a different dimension.

Interestingly, while getting their particulars for the competition, something came to my mind. None of us stay higher than 5th floor.

Leon is 2nd floor
Anthony is 5th floor
Lily is 4th floor
Jeff is 5th floor
Wolf is 2nd floor

And also... you know you are old when your I/c number do not begin with the year you are borned. Poor Lily.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

there's something about ..... white tooth

It is reported that bluetooth will change it's name to whitetooth. They realised that blue is very inauspicious like "blue" monday. While white feels very pure and elegant etc.

Like real.

Today is the first day my son show sign of his tooth (in fact only about noon time). Everyone in the family feels excited about it. It's like........ tooth ok!!! Not since the first time since my son Poo has everyone in the family got so excited about.

And the thing is.... his face shape changes noticeably today. He looks very different now than say... this morning.

Looking forward to his rabbit face.

there's something about ..... sedition act

Ninabeh. Now that 2 going 3 guys are charged under Singapore Sedition Act.... it's better to lie low and not reveal too much about myself.

Not that it matters since this is a low traffic blog. But I think the court don't really care lah.

Not that I should be afraid of. I mean I only just condemn Mah Bow Tan like 3 times in my blog. Suan Mrs Goh Chok Tong like once in my blog. Condemn ministries like LTA, MOH like once. No religion.

But then, what the heck would I know what Sedition means?

A check with webster dictionary reveals the following meaning:

incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

Nabeh. Even the definition cannot understand.

So I'm not taking chances. Changed all my profile liao.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

there's something about ..... "where r u?"

long time no see

To my "brudder" and "sista" who I haven't met for a while, this pic is to tell you how long it has been.

there's something about ..... quidam


No need to spend money to watch cirque du soleil....

Friday, October 07, 2005

there's something about ..... movie reviews

Caught quite a number of DVDs lately. My wife was on leave, ezy-video had a promotion, and decided… heck lah… just rent lah.

So decided to do this review.

Whether you like a movie or not, is about how the show live up to your expectation, ie. if it’s a comedy, you are expected to laugh; if’s a tragedy, you are expected to cry; and if it’s tragedy and you laugh, I think that surpass your expectation and this will be a fantastic movie.

Ratings as follows:
***** Mai Tu Liao
**** Wah… Solid leh
*** Ok Lah
** Ni Nabeh
* WTF is this

be cool

be cool

ratings: OK LAH

As the movie title suggest.... it's supposed to showcase John Travolta's ability to act Super Cool. And he is Super Cool.So the whole story is really just to showcase that "talent".

Apparently a sequel to "Get Shorty", but you really do not need to know what happen previously to enjoy this.

A light comedy. Not much actions. Not much sex. Not much laughter. Just plain enjoyable.

Bridget Jones: the edge of reason


ratings: NINABEH

It's a woman's movie. No... it's a fat woman's movie. A movie to tell all fat woman that she too, can make love like no tomorrow and have 2 eligible men going after her like she is the sex goddess.

Nabeh. Like that I also can bed Joanna Peh and Fiona Xie at the same time.

This is british comedy at it's worse. "Kevin and Perry Go Large" is more believable than this. I really do not see what so great about this at all.

National Treasure

national treasure

rating: Mai Tu Liao

Over the years, we really are quite deprived of Indiana Jones type of movie. Fun Action all the way.

This is one such film. Action all the way. And a very smart written story line as well. Not too complicated that you do not understand but keep you anticipating what's next.

Nicolas Cage's movie hardly fail... except that Leaving Las Vegas nonsence where he died with his cock standing. Somemore still can win Oscar. Nabeh.



rating: WAH.. SOLID LEH

Will Smith always get it right. I couldn't think of any bad movie from him. Even Fresh Prince from Belair was good.

Story is interesting. Even when all the funny scenes were already shown in Trailers, this still make a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Must salute the writers to the show. Some of the script is really damn solid. Some so cheam that it takes a while for you to understand. And when you finally understand, you felt.... WAH....

This is a romantic comedy. Not the best of the best... but still good.



ratings: WAH... Solid Leh

Very long never watch Bruce Willis liao. Not since.... die hard 10.

And this is a reincarnation of Die Hard, but much nicer.

Typical storyline but executed to perfection. You have Bruce Willis acting as Bruce Willis in Die Hard. That "I'm in pain" look, "that why me" look.

Action pack all the way. Very very enjoyable. For once, you felt Bruce Willis could really act. I supposed that comes with acting the same way in Die Hard.



ratings: WTF is this

Never have I watched a movie and felt asleep. Sorry... I lied. The last time I watch a movie and fell asleep was "The Last Emperor". Yes.. I'm hollow.

Now, someone out there will like this movie. Afterall, this is directed by the same director that did "As good as it gets".

But when I saw Adam Sandler (whom I like), I expected comedy, along the line of 50 first dates, wedding singer.

BUT..... this is not comedy. It's a drama. It's a literature. WTF?!?!?! Adam sandler doing a drama?!?!?!!

There's no funny lines at all. It's above Adam Sandler falling in love with his spanish maid who doesn't speak english. That sounds funny... but it's seriously not. No attempt was made to make this a romatic comedy at all.

On the cover, you see a "2 thumbs up". What they never tell you it's 2 out of 100.

Miss Congeniality 2

miss con 2
ratings: Ni Nabeh

If you like Miss Con 1, you probably will like Miss Con 2. If you dun, then why watch Miss Con2?

And I'm now asking that question to myself.

I don't really like part 1. But at least part 1, offers you some classic scenes like "World Peace".

Part 2? Just horrible. enuff said.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

there's something about ..... cartoon

Finally able to post something. There seems to be a problem with my computer and kept having "download failure".

Anyway, below is a comic strip that appear in Sunday Times few weeks back. Chewonit has been graceful enough to allow me to post this up. Thought this comic is really funny. It's something every blogger is obsessed with but nobody wants to talk about it.

courtesy from Chewonit