Monday, October 31, 2005

there's something about ..... breast cancer foundation

Yesterday we participated in the Pink Ribbon Treasure Hunt organises by Breast Cancer Foundation.

All I can say is... WHAT GREAT FUN!!! I suspected we could almost be in the top 10 if not for technical reasons. But you know what they always say.... it's not about winning, it's about having fun. Nabeh... wonder who invented that phrase for losers like us.

Also, we are supposed to decorate our cars to create awareness plus it's also a competition of its own. Below are some of the good ones.

I like the car more than the decorations. I mean... there is really no room to decorate. No Doors, no roof... how?

Wah... very elaborate.... abit too overly decorated I feel

Very creative. They have my vote as runner up.

My favourite "decoration"

My vote as the winner for the best decorated car. What elegance. I must clarify that I don't really know who they are.... I don't make friends with funny faces.

Anyway, we have to cover 3 stages within 4 hours. The first stage covers the vicinity of Yishun. I think we spent too much time in this leg.

The second stage covers the Upper Pierce Reservoir vicinity. This to me is the funnest of all.

The final one bring us to Bukit Panjang. I felt I let my team down in this stage. I am supposed to know my way around and especially so since I come to bukit panjang almost every week. Yet we lost our way within bukit panjang and I suspected we lost a good 5 mins in this leg.

Those 5 mins costs us our title. This is because we were told that we were actually 5 mins late for our submission and thus disqualified. But all our watches actually show that we were on time...comfortably. Well, how to make a scene for a charity game like this.

After that, we proceeded to a Buffet Spread in the ballroom of Orchid Country Club. I must say, it's pretty good.

However, the "entertainment" that follows (buying time while judges are compiling the results) reminded me alot of community events organises by RC held at void decks.

One particular performance have me cursing within.

They invited some "Miss World Cinderalla" to perform. It's probably some talent contest organises by some RC. To me, my first impression was some cutie girls like 5 to 7 years old singing kids songs.

Ninabeh. This girl who looks like a secondary school girl belted out "POWER OF LOVE" by Celine Dion with a Celine Dion Voice, unplugged. It was to the point of irritating because she make sure we all know she can really sing like Celine Dion.

Few other boring performances later, was another equally bad segment. They invited MISS WORLD SINGAPORE 2005 to recite a poem. I thought.... wah... this girl not bad... write a poem about Breast Cancer. But no.... it was written by Somebody else, an Ang Moh... and she just go on stage to recite it.

Call me super critical, but why ask someone who is a beauty queen, to come on stage just to recite a short poem written by someone else?

Anyway, the highlight of the day was the result segment. They reveal all the answers and it was great fun. Next come the results where the top 10 is revealed.

I'm not the only one, but my team mates felt the results are bordering on Kelong.

While in most lucky draws, contest, competition will have clauses that disallow organisers to participate, this charity event actually allows sponsorers to participate. I lost count, but this one sponsorer actually walk away with quite a number of top 10 prizes.

Call me sore loser.

Will I take part again next year... Yes.

To my team mates, you are great. I think we all compliment very nicely to each other. See you next year!!

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