Friday, October 14, 2005

there's something about ..... big long jin

Lily asked me the other day what is Big Long Jin. I think she has lost touch with society. Big Long Jin is 大 长 今.

You know that highly rated, highly popular korean drama that cause a frenzy in Hong Kong and selected families in Singapore?

Not to forget it's highly bo liao, highly hao siao, highly over-rated, highly slow, highly ridiculous, highly laughable, and highly expensive.

Yes... expensive because I have to subscribe to SCV for an additional of $8 per month since July this year.

Good gracious that it just ended it's run on SCV, but just before I could rejoice, I was told by my mum that there is another period drama following this which she would like to watch. Win liao.

And the worse thing is, big long jin is coming to Channel U. Ninabeh.

Anyway, I mentioned selected families in Singapore are crazy over it. Let me paint you a profile of what these selected families looks like.
  • Ah Soh

All ah soh who has a fillial-piety son will watch religiously everynight at 7pm and watch them again the next day for the repeat in case they miss out on minor details of the recipe.

  • housewife

All housewife who has a "ok..ok...but I want to keep my sports channel" husband will watch them.

  • jeff


Anyway, caught a glimse of it during yesterday's last espisode. I thought since I've paid for it, I owe it to myself to at least find out what's the show all about.

This is what I gather.

Big Long Jin grow up in palace. Becomes a royal doctor. For some reason was forced to leave palace. after that, go back to palace, and everyone rejoice.

Fantastic storyline, compelling stuffs.

So I ask my wife.... why is she called 大 长 今? I mean obviously her surname can't be called 大 长 (literally Big long) and name call 今? I mean Big Long is probably a porno's name.

I was told her surname is 长 and name is 今. So what is 大?

You wouldn't believe it but 大 is a salutation?!?!?!?!?

She was given 大 very much like some very hao lian people in Singapore that even after they left the NS, they still want to be known COL(NS) TAN or Rear Admiral (NS) TAN.

But 大 ??!?!?!??! As in BIG?!?!?!??!?!?!

Imagine that with a little creativity, the producers of the show may name any sequel ....



They could even thought of replacing 大 with 高,or 不 小, or whatever and it wouldn't have matter.

Told you it's compelling stuffs.


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