Wednesday, May 28, 2008

there's something about ..... guillotine

This must be the word of the year.

This word was used in the defamation suit against the near-psychopath Chee Soon Juan & others.

The meaning of this word is to set a "TIME LIMIT" on cross examination, so they called it GUILLOTINE.

Simply amazing.

A word with 10 alphabets used to describe "Time Limit" of 9 alphabets, 10 if you include the space inbetween the words.

In order to express something that require savings of time, they invented something that require a mouthful to pronounce, a spelling that needed more time to remember... or in other words, waste of time.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

there's something about ..... demotion

So 2 Gurkhas Guards were demoted in rank after the Mas Selamat saga. see story

2 Gurkhas Guards' whose duty then were to escort Mas Selamat to the toilet.

And I wonder what would be their responsibilities now considering that they cannot do anymore escort services. If they can't guard a toilet, I don't suppose they can do guard duties anymore, right?

So demote to what har?

Assistant Gurkhas Guard?

Gurkhas Guard Assistant?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

there's something about ..... pedra branca

It's wonderful. We won the sovereignty over a small island
see story

So now Singapore is bigger.

On the other hand, the World Court awarded 2 ROCKS to Malaysia, passing over the judgement for the 3RD Rock.

Might as well. EVERYONE knows who owns the 3RD Rock, except officials from Singapore and Malaysia.

The response from Malaysia is graceful. They have the AH Q spirit. The deputy PM of Malaysia said "Some people are viewing this as a win-win situation."

Yes. It's a WIN-WIN situation. We won an island, they won 2 rocks. 2 ROCKS. 2 BIG ROCKS.

We should learn from their example. Even when you lose, find positivity. With that attitude, you can go far in life.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

there's something about ..... Russian Roulette

Isn't it ironical that the Champions League final is to be decided with Penalties in the country known for Russian Roulette?

What a great final!

2 broken noses.
1 cut on the forehead.
2 goals.
1 sent-off.
And a ultra dramatic penalty shoot-out that doesn't seems to end.

My friend asked why am I even watching it. I am a liverpool fan and the last thing I want is for either Man U or Chelsea winning the Champions League.

While I can't change the fact that one of the hated teams will walk away winners, the chance to see the other hated team lose is priceless.

During the game, one of my friend text me and asked which team I would like to lose, considering I am both biased and neutral.

I thought about it and I thought the only way is to count the number of players I disliked most in each team. And so I counted....

I realised I disliked more Chelsea Players, especially John Terry.

Yes. John Terry.

He is such a bloody sore loser. BLOODY.

The way he kept asking for his ENGLAND's Captain Armband through the Media is both Pathetic and shameless. He even do that on the Eve's of Champions League Final. He show a total disrespectful to other potential candidates.

And Drogba.

I hate how he always fell at the slightest touch and look as if a Bulldozer has run over him. And that face....

So you can imagine my esctacy when i see John misses a crucial penalty.

A good football game. And probably the last time I will watch champions league unless MIO TV give up the rights to it.

NO WAY I will subscribe to MIO TV. NO WAY.

And NO WAY I WILL PAY $10 for EURO 2008!!! NO WAY!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

there's something about ..... A&E

My brought my friend into A&E the day before. It was one of those frightening thing that happened and I happened to be around.

So I sent him to TTS Hospital. After much complaints about that hospital, I still go there simply because it is the nearest. Sure... I could send my friend to Mount Alvernia but he would be totally out of place with a Gynae.

It was an A&E situation as I said, and naturally I am bloody worried about my friend's condition.... and unlike TV shows that I watched on TV, the nurses and doctors in TTS Hospital is all calm and collected.

Too calm.

There wasn't any sense of urgency. They take a stroll from one section to the other. They joke to their colleagues in full view of all waiting patients who are there for A&E situations.

Maybe... Just maybe.... they are trained to be calm.

Or perhaps... everyday and every minute is A&E situations that they are so immuned to rushing. I mean there is no end to A&E situations right.... you rush means more work to do... right?

To be fair to TTSH, I think it's the same for all A&E in other hospitals as well.

Perhaps... all the TV shows that I watched are just make-believes. ALL A&E in the whole wide world are just like that.

Monday, May 19, 2008

there's something about ..... dvd

It's frustrating.

For years, I have been waiting for the price of DVDs to drop so that I can collect some of my favourite movies.

And now DVDs is the only commodity, if you can call this a commodity, in the World that keeps dropping in price every week.

And yet, I am hesistant in buying them now.

You never know when the lifespan is coming to an end, a horrible end.

Remember LDs? They didn't just fade out into the sunset. They fell off from the top of Raffles City and died horribly.

And everyone who was part of the LD eras are stucked with inventory that they didn't know what to do with it. And those LDs are not cheap.

Funny I should feel that way, considering that I didn't own any LD players... nor VCD players.

With Blue-ray on the Horizon, you kind of expect the end of DVDs. That is the only reason why they are now selling combo DVDs. 2 separate movies for the same price. They are even selling the whole movie catalog from United Artiste.

And now I have to wait another 5 years to own a Blue-Ray player and another 5 years to own my favourites movies in Blue-Ray format.

As I said, this is frustrating.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

there's something about ..... suicide

My friend called me today to share with me his experience about witnessing a suicide. The suicidee jumped off the building to her death. Rather instantly considering it was from a tall building.

As a responsible civilian, he called 995 to report the suicide.

Just about 5 minutes, he received a call from the medic in the Ambulance, probably on their way to the scene.

My friend was asked 2 very crucial questions. VERY CRUCIAL.

1.) Is the person alive?

2.) It is a man or a woman?


I told you it's CRUCIAL.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

there's something about ..... trans

I pity Ronaldo. Not because he pick up the prostitutes that were actually transvetites.

I pity him because he actually find them attractive enough to want to pay for their sexual services.

Most trans we have come acrossed especially those at Bangkok or even Changi were more beautiful than most women on the street. And if you mistook them for real women, we could blame you?

But these 2?

Ok... maybe there were valued for money... perhaps 3 for the price of 1... (Ronaldo was caught with 3 of them)... But STILL??!??!?!?!?!?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

there's something about ..... sumiko

I have been reading Sumiko Tan's column since it started. I dunno why I am attracted to it. Maybe it's the voyeurism nature where you want to read into someone's life, or perhaps the column whined so much you feel that you are just like that.

Anyway, 2 weeks back, Sumiko was writing about breakup between Ronald and Jia wei. She wrote that there are many reasons why couples break up. One of the reasons is :

You weren’t really that into each other in the first place and the reality sinks in after you have exhausted the early bouts of physical desire.

Isn't that a cool statement! You never know there are another way of writing :

You weren’t really that into each other in the first place and the reality sinks in after you are sick of making love with each other.

That is good writing. Not since Adrian Tan's Teenage Textbook have I seen something so poetic.

Friday, May 02, 2008

there's something about ..... CL and nipple

I still got the hangover over the Champions League loss.

I was so sure we will advance to the Finals after Torres scored the equalizer. I was also sure that if we indeed advanced to the Finals, I will name my son Torres.

And the nipple theory.... It's ABSURD!!!