Thursday, May 22, 2008

there's something about ..... Russian Roulette

Isn't it ironical that the Champions League final is to be decided with Penalties in the country known for Russian Roulette?

What a great final!

2 broken noses.
1 cut on the forehead.
2 goals.
1 sent-off.
And a ultra dramatic penalty shoot-out that doesn't seems to end.

My friend asked why am I even watching it. I am a liverpool fan and the last thing I want is for either Man U or Chelsea winning the Champions League.

While I can't change the fact that one of the hated teams will walk away winners, the chance to see the other hated team lose is priceless.

During the game, one of my friend text me and asked which team I would like to lose, considering I am both biased and neutral.

I thought about it and I thought the only way is to count the number of players I disliked most in each team. And so I counted....

I realised I disliked more Chelsea Players, especially John Terry.

Yes. John Terry.

He is such a bloody sore loser. BLOODY.

The way he kept asking for his ENGLAND's Captain Armband through the Media is both Pathetic and shameless. He even do that on the Eve's of Champions League Final. He show a total disrespectful to other potential candidates.

And Drogba.

I hate how he always fell at the slightest touch and look as if a Bulldozer has run over him. And that face....

So you can imagine my esctacy when i see John misses a crucial penalty.

A good football game. And probably the last time I will watch champions league unless MIO TV give up the rights to it.

NO WAY I will subscribe to MIO TV. NO WAY.

And NO WAY I WILL PAY $10 for EURO 2008!!! NO WAY!!


Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk...that was what you said about Starhub Sports Channel....the force is strong, and you are weak :p

Anonymous said...

Nabeh. You know me well.

However, I already miss the $10 deadline. So I wouldn't think I will pay more now. Of course, unless they come back and still offer me $10 and I will consider... again.

I feel like Darth Vadar. Giving in to the darkside.

coolcat said...

hey des.. long time no hear/see/touch..

heh heh.. lucky i catch no ball when it comes to soccer..