Sunday, May 25, 2008

there's something about ..... pedra branca

It's wonderful. We won the sovereignty over a small island
see story

So now Singapore is bigger.

On the other hand, the World Court awarded 2 ROCKS to Malaysia, passing over the judgement for the 3RD Rock.

Might as well. EVERYONE knows who owns the 3RD Rock, except officials from Singapore and Malaysia.

The response from Malaysia is graceful. They have the AH Q spirit. The deputy PM of Malaysia said "Some people are viewing this as a win-win situation."

Yes. It's a WIN-WIN situation. We won an island, they won 2 rocks. 2 ROCKS. 2 BIG ROCKS.

We should learn from their example. Even when you lose, find positivity. With that attitude, you can go far in life.

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