Wednesday, May 28, 2008

there's something about ..... guillotine

This must be the word of the year.

This word was used in the defamation suit against the near-psychopath Chee Soon Juan & others.

The meaning of this word is to set a "TIME LIMIT" on cross examination, so they called it GUILLOTINE.

Simply amazing.

A word with 10 alphabets used to describe "Time Limit" of 9 alphabets, 10 if you include the space inbetween the words.

In order to express something that require savings of time, they invented something that require a mouthful to pronounce, a spelling that needed more time to remember... or in other words, waste of time.



Anonymous said...

I don't think you are qualified to talk about language when you do not even know how to distinguish between letters of the alphabet, and the alphabet. ABCDEFG are NOT alphabets, there is no such thing as alphabetS. These are letters of the alphabet. Please check your own language use and proficiency first! Anyway guillotine is a commonly used term even in Parliament, and people who read widely will know that.

Anonymous said...

Yes. You are right about my lack of qualifications to talk about language.

And you are right again that I do not read widely enough to know what Guillotine stands for.

I thank you for your passion in making that known.

I finally know that there is a clear distinction between letters and alphabets. Hooray!! Thank you so much.

And I am also very happy that someone of your qualification and knowledge will take time to read my blog, and not only that, take time to correct me.

Yahoo!! Yeah!!

I am over the moon and I felt like a near-pyschopath now.