Tuesday, June 03, 2008

There's something about ..... alternative

I am never a fan of Alternative Ending for Movies. Most often, they do it for the sake of selling DVDS and come out with a meaningless alternative ending that do not add a difference to the story line.

I remember watching Rush Hour 3 on DVD. Instead of the theatrical version where they do their silly dance to the music to end the movie, the alternative ending was nothing but silly. It was about Jackie Chan leaving to another country on a Private Jet and invited Chris Tucker to come along. This is when they revealed the next country, Fiji. Probably telling everyone that Rush Hour 4 will be about Fiji. Silly just like the show.

That is not called Alternative "ending"! It doesn't change the storyline at all.

On the other hand, the new alternative ending for I AM LEGEND is FABULOUS in my opinion.

In fact, I like it more than the theatrical release. I thought the alternative Ending was the correct version but the directors probably changed it after a focus group meeting.

This is how the movie ended:

1.) The main darkseeker was pounding on the glass door trying to get to Will smith.

2.) Darkseeker stops and start making a Butterfly hand signal, similar to what Will Smith's son did.

3.) Will Smith thought for a while, and he turn to the female darkseeker he kept with him for medical testing, and he found a butterfly tattoo.

4.) He immediately realised that he has separated the husband and wife and he knows the pain as he has lost both his wife and son.

5.) He decided to "return" the wife back to the main darkseeker.

6.) He push the wife out, and you see both the darkseekers embraced. They decided to leave Will Smith alone and not killed him, not before letting out a big growl either to thank him or to warn him.

7.) Next Scene, Will Smith decided to heed the female's lead advice and move on to another city. The AM frequency is no longer recorded by Will Smith but the female's lead.

To me, this make sense because the female darkseeker was the only female emphasised in the whole show and you wonder why. The producers could have gotten any other male darkseeker and it wouldn't make a difference in the theatrical version of the movie.

The aggression show by the main darkseeker was more of a "Revenge" while the other darkseekers were probably looking for food in Will Smith.

This is also a sub-theme about losing your love ones.

Will Smith didn't die, unlike the theatrical version. But if you don't die, you are not Legend leh. Like that how?

I dunno. But I still like the alternative ending.

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