Sunday, November 19, 2006

on holiday

will be back on 30th Nov.

Do not forsee any entries possible overseas.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

there's something about ..... betting

I can't help laughing when I saw ST today and realised our local man Joshua Ang came in Second in Betfair Asian Poker Tournament. see link

What is so funny is the picture.

I had thought Joshua Ang won the tournament. He was "STARING DOWN" the opponent.. Singapore Secret Society Style and his finals opponent, an Australian, was looking at his cards very tentatively. It's almost like he was so afraid of looking at Joshua.

Joshua has done Singapore Proud by the way his portray the image. Body Slanting, one arm behind the chair, staring down at opponent with the "Ni Ga Wah Sio Sim Dam Boh" look. Wah... Damn Classic... 堵 侠 style.

But reading further, I realised we lost the tournament until the very last card. And we came in second. So the picture gives a wrong impression.

I can almost imagine Joshua Ang's Thank you Speech:

"I like to thank Star Cruise. Without them, I will not be able to practise my gambling in Singapore. I also like to thank all my friends and relatives who has helped me to nurture my gambling skills from all those nightly gambling sessions during chinese new year. Finally, I want to thank Singapore Government for opening up and allow Casinos in Singapore. I feel that my skills is finally being recognised by the Singapore Government. Thank you all. I shall quit my day job now and go into gambling full-time."

Friday, November 17, 2006

there's something about ..... pop quiz

I bet you didn't know this before yesterday......

Pop Quiz 1: Do you know if there is an acting president for Singapore if President Nathan is not in Town?

Pop Quiz 2: If there is, who is our acting President?

Pop Quiz 3: In what circumstances would we know if there is an Acting President for Singapore?



Pop Quiz 1: Based on my preliminary search on the net, including I derived that there is no such thing as acting president, or rather this was not mentioned at all in the official website.

Pop Quiz 2: The following is release from the government see link

Anyway, I reproduce it below:

"The 43rd President of the United States, President George W. Bush will make an official visit to Singapore from 16 to 17 November 2006. Singapore is his first stop in the region en route to Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders Meeting. This will be President Bush's second official visit to Singapore. His previous visit was in 2003.

President Bush will be accompanied by the First Lady, Mrs Laura Bush and key U.S. government officials. During his visit, President Bush will call on Acting President J Y Pillay and meet with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other Cabinet Ministers. President Bush will also be delivering a major speech in Singapore.
. . . . .
12 NOVEMBER 2006 "

Pop Quiz 3: Only when US President comes to Singapore and our real president not around, would we know there is an Acting President.


Not too sure if it is in our constitution to have an acting president. I'm sure it is. But if our president is so-called elected, shouldn't we also elect the acting-president?

Unless this guy Mr Pillay is appointed last minute.

Singapore Government: Alamak... President Nathan on leave leh... how... George Bush coming and he is president of US... we must also come out with a President of Singapore leh...

Istana office: Aiyeah... why didn't say earlier.... so last minute... we cannot reschedule President Nathan's trip leh.

Singapore Government: Ok lah.. why don't we find a double. USA also got alot of President-lookalike, I'm sure if we can find a double, Bush will not notice lah.

Istana: We have... but he charges $500 per hour leh. Very expensive. Like that lah... we get a acting President. His charges is very low... $100 per hour. Can?

Singapore Government: Acting one? TCS got indian actors meh?

Istana office: Got...... Gurmit Singh. Can? He as popular as President Nathan.

Singapore Government: never mind... I find myself.

there's something about ..... worst-designed items

Came across this article today.

They are asking us to vote for Singapore's WORST-DESIGNED ITEMS, and if chosen, the sponsorers will re-designed them. You can go to this link to check it out.

I wonder....

Why only 10 items? You mean Singapore so stylo-milo that we only have 10 badly designed items meh?

At the bottom of my mind, I could think of few things. Surely if I crack my brain further (not literally), I could come up with more than 10.

Already in my blog, I have often complaint about certain things. For example, plaza Sing Car park. See link

How about Bomb Shelters?

How about general HDB designs san some found in Sengkang and Punggol where they looked like Condo.

How about Esplanade? Would they redesigned them?

And only in Singapore, people hang their clothes out of the windows with bamboo poles. It's fabulous. Your clothes will kenna more wet if some idiot above you allow their wet clothings to be really wet and the water dripping down to your clothings. Also, if you want to see what underwear your neighbour is wearing, you just peak out of the window. And when you try to walk below the block, you always feel damn SUAY because all these underwear is above you.

Of course, this website is looking at more things other than housing. Maybe your bus-stop needs redesigning. Instead of allowing you to flag down buses because SBS says you-never-flag-and- you- can't-blame-them-for-not-stopping, how about we pressed certain buttons at the bustops to indicate to the coming bus drivers that we want to board certain buses. That way, they cannot blame us for indicating.

Maybe the IU reader in the car needs redesigning. exposing cashcard is just fabulous.

Maybe this blog need redesigning. Not I say one... people in the net say one.

Maybe Merlion need redesigning. I'm sick of overseas clients asking me what is the significance of Merlion. Of course, I know now. But why can't they design something straight forward like a Lion or a Fish.

How about redesigning overhead bridges along major roads and expressway. There is a fundamental flaws in these bridges. It allows Men in Uniforms to stand there for the full day with a speed camera in hand. When drivers see that, we tend to brake immediately to slow down and it might be dangerous. Bridge should therefore design to take only 1 human being at any one time. So no one can hog the bridge for too long.

Many more.

So, do you part as Singaporean. Take part in this excercise. So we can be more Stylo-Milo.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

there's something about ..... matchmaking

Last Sunday or rather on 2 consecutive Sundays, one particular article on Sunday Times caught my eye.

It's about this Real Estate Queen Ivy Lee in search of love in local matchmaking firm Lunch Actually. See the first article here. link

In brief, this 42 years old millionaire could not get a date because she is too old. She tried to ask her ex-husband out on a date on 2 occasions but was snubbed and was told to "get a life, move on".

After the article came out, Ivy Lee got 40 proposals from all walks of live.

ST managed to interview some of them. However, I'm not able to get a link to that article.

I, however, managed to interview some of them.

LIVE and EXCLUSIVE, only in this BLOG.

Interview with Ah Tan, a plumber in his 40s. Twice Divorced. Currently staying in 4 room flat in Ang Mo Kio.

Moomooman: Ah Tan, why did you decide to write to Miss Lee about a date?

At Tan: You dunno meh... she millio... I mean She look Chio leh.

Moomooman: But you look like a plumber... don't you think..

At Tan: But I am the CEO of a plumbing company ok. So.. we are veli matching matching.

moomooman: I see, how many staffs in your firm?

At Tan: 1 CEO lah.

Interview with Peter Lee, a real estate agent. 30 years old. not married. Currently living with parents in a 5 room flat in Geylang.

Moomooman: Peter, why did you decide to write to Miss Lee?

Peter: I find her very elegant and beautiful.

Moomooman: but surely you are aware that she is 42 and you are only 30. On top of that, she has 2 kids?

Peter: Luv got no barrier one. Most importantly is I love her mone... I love her more. Faye Wong also date younger guy what. Demi Moore also marry that Kuku guy what. Also, we in the same industry... we have alot in common

Moomooman: How long have you been in this industry?

Peter: 1 month. But I very hardworking one. I felt like I in this line for 10 years already.

Interview with Uncle Lim, a retiree in his late 50s. Currently a Widower. At time of interview, he is hanging out at Chinatown.

Moomooman: Wah uncle, you very can. Read straits Times. What are you doing at Chinatown.

Uncle Lim: I very sociable. Like to come here and make friends with other females.

Moomooman: Oh... you mean those china women who are here on 2 weeks visas and come to chinatown to buy some souvenirs?

Uncle Lim: Yeah yeah. Those kind.

moomooman: Why did you think you fit the bill to date Miss Lee?

Uncle Lim: She say she want man in the fifties mah. I fifties aleady. Somemore hers bigger than these china women here.

Moomooman: err... you mean.. her build is bigger. But can you communicate with her, I could see a big gap in terms of everything.

Uncle Lim: We communicate with love one. Can't you see she veli desperate. This kind I like. They not too fussy. I can still do it.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

there's something about ..... eminem's idol

Way before EMINEM came into existence....

This guy was consider cool. I half suspect this chap was EMINEM's inspiration.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

there's something about ..... video not ezy

I'm almost done with Youtube. After days and days of scanning thru the website, I'm almost done with my searches.

And I decided to go back to proper videos, or watching DVDS.

I have been renting from VideoEzy for many years. I would think I frequent them on average about 3 times a month.

About 2 months ago, they started with a ladies night for rentals on Tuesday where you get a 1+1, or 1 more free title for every 1 you rented. ALL I have to do is to either change my sex to become a chabor or bring my wife along.

So for a good 2 months, the cheepo in us, see us making a driving trip about 5 to 10 mins away every Tuesday night to Video Ezy so that we can rent 2 DVDs at $5, or $2.50 a movie.

Last night is no different. After dinner, I reminded my wife it's Tuesday and she just knew what we need to do. With our kid in toll, we decided to take a drive down to Video Ezy.

After spending about 10 mins selecting 2 titles, we promptly go to the cashier to make our payment of $5.

To our astonishment..... yes... it's astonishment.... something as big as this is consider astonishment in my family.......

... Videoezy has changed the mechanics of the Promotion to counter cheepo like us for abusing their profit margin!!!

You no longer get 1+1... you get the +1.... BUT you only get that +1 after you RENT a minimum value of $13, or 2 DVDs+1 VCD or 3 DVDs at $15 BEFORE you get your FREE TITLE!!!!

And not only that... the 3 DVDs you borrowed has a 7 days returning period while the free title has a 5 days returning period. MEANING TO SAY.... if you want to enjoy this promotion, you have to WATCH 4 DVDs in 7 days and make 2 trips to return all your DVDs.


So I was stuck.... Should I...

1.) Spit at the DVDs and walk away in disgust.....
2.) Borrow 3 DVDs and get another 1 free........ and spit at the cashier
3.) just borrow the 2 DVDs which I have already selected and pay them $10... and spit at the cashier
4.) Just borrow 1 DVD and maintain my budget of $5 per trip.

I decided to be decent.