Thursday, July 26, 2007

there's something about ..... ching chong

Came across a few chinese MTV. Nice songs.

Harlem Yu (this must be ultra long time ago, t-shirt tuck into pants at above waist level)

Lee Hom featuring Kenny G.

Jacky Wu

Karen Mok and Zhang Hong Liang

Jay Chou, pre-playboy days

Andy Lau, the only song that is passable from him

david Tao

Monday, July 23, 2007

there's something about ..... ion

I got a good laugh... really.

What a majastic name!!

What a majastic name for a landmark building on orchard road!!!

I dunno why these developers like to pay couple of hundreds thousands to consultants to come up with such a name. I mean.. they could have paid me like $50 and I could have come out something like that... while taking a dump.

I ranked this name as bad as some eco-bag made of canvass.

Actually, the developer was trying to be humorous I feel.

Ion Orchard is really truly very Singaporean.

Ah Gao: Eh.. Where are you?
Me: I on orchard leh.
Ah Gao: Nabeh... Orchard so long... where...
Ah Gao: You tell me aleady... I know you on Orchard.. but Where?!?
Me: Nabeh.. that new shopping mall ION Orchard.
Ah Gao: Huh.. that one not call YAWN meh.

I can imagine Capitaland starting a branding exercise based on this ION direction.

ION Bishan
ION Golden Shoe Carpark

I seriously look forward to the mall. At least they try to be funny.

Friday, July 20, 2007

there's something about ..... bag

I heard Anya Hindmarch is coming out with a few versions of the eco bag:

I'm just another bag

Please queue for my bag

Start queueing for my bag 3 days in advance

Start queueing for my bag 3 days in advance and fight over it

In Taiwan...

In Hong Kong...

In Japan....

In New York....

Monday, July 16, 2007

there's something about

How do we create a global product that will make people queue up overnight to purchase?

1.) First come up with a design that most people can feel comfortable with. Nothing too edgy... nothing too unique. It should be something that it's not too technologically advanced. It should be VERY easy to use. It should have mass appeal. With mass appeal, it might be good to keep it simple.

2.) After the design stage, naming the product is equally important. Eg: "MP3 player" is not enough. There should be a "brandname". Also names like Zen or Zen Stones may not work too as people may think it's a spa product. The name should complement the look of the product perfectly. It should also best describe the product or it's functionality. If this is an established product, the product name need not shout to your face. A subtle mention is good. However, if it is a new product, it might be good for the Branding to have the Product Name SPELLED across the product to create awareness.

3.) Marketing/branding the product is equally if not more important now. Should keep the supply small or limited so that it will give the impression of eliteness. It's also important to highlight that this is a designer item to add a fashionable feel to it. Better still, say it's designed by an Caucasian and emphasise the designer's name as well. This would give an element of "design" to it. As compare to saying the product is design by Lim Dua Tao. That just couldn't do. It might be good to highlight a certain worldly cause to camouflage the commercial gain for this. That way, people will be more willing to splurge.

4.) Remember, as the supply is low/small/limited. Give small allocations to all your supply chain, hopefully in different cities. This will create a awareness of it's scarcity and people will queue overnight. Start off the phenonmenon from a west country first, asia will follow.

It's time to reveal such a product. Exquisite and Beautiful piece of Art. Why didn't I think of this much earlier. I have never seen such good detailing in a product ever. Such an idea could only come from an Artist. Simply Amazing!!

If you miss out the queue in London/New York/Hong Kong/Taiwan... it's finally in Singapore. Only 200 of them.

I present..... ANYA HINDMARCH's

read story from Hong Kong

read story from england

designer's website

Saturday, July 14, 2007

there's something about ..... galaxy

read story

Just read about David Beckham being "presented" by LA Galaxy in US.

The article is written by a reporter who was present during the presentation to introduce David Beckham to US soccer. It was quite a humours article, I must say.

The particular phase makes me laugh:

"Then … wait … there she is: Posh herself emerges from a stadium tunnel at about 9:50 and receives an ovation. She's wearing a magenta-ish-colored dress that is part Jackie O, part Star Trek."

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

there's something about ..... think

"Think. What Does it take to change a habit?"

Now, let us really think.

1.) Maybe we should brush our teeth just once at night and rinse our mouth in the morning instead. Think about it. I dunno about you, but you wake up, you brush teeth and then you have breakfast? Is it crucial for you to have nice clean teeth and be stained by breakfast soon after that? Also, between the time you brushed your teeth the night before and when you woke up in the morning, you don't eat anything. So why still brush teeth in the morning?

2.) You wear your PJ to sleep, yes they are comfy. Why not sleep naked? You got one less PJ to wash. One less PJ to dry. One less Pj to iron.

3.) I read that Bar Soap is more "green" as you tend to use Gel excessively. Also those bottle are non-biogradable. But if you really need to use Shower Gel, why not add water into the bottle. I mean... we are afterall "showering". So Gel and water are like brothers. Even foodstall holders add water to soya sauce etc.

4.) Can't decide whether to buy a Plasma or LCD TV? Don't buy lah. Buy a TV Mobile antenna and plug to your notebook. You can then watch Channel 5 or 8 shows with your 15inch notebook. If really need to buy, buy LCD TV. It uses less energy.

5.) can't decide whether to buy that iPod? Buy a phone with Radio and attached a white ear Piece, hide the phone and people will think you have an Ipod. No Ipod, no need to rip CD for MP3, no need to keep bandwidth 24 hours to download LEGAL songs.

6.) If want to buy clothings, buy those there are either wringle free or buy those very wringled ones. The latter are in fashion now, so no need to iron them at all.

7.) Cherly Crow uses 1 piece of Toilet Paper when she goes to toilet. While that might sound extreme, how about using those purchasing receipts that you got when you buy things. Those receipt are useless anyway. Might as well use them for such purposes. Yes... I admit that I ever use them before. No choice lah... toilet paper runs out.

8.) Why buy NEWPAPER? You can read them for free online after 12am. For that matter, why take TODAY. You can read them online anytime. Let those vegetables sellets take TODAY to wrap vegetables.

Monday, July 09, 2007

there's something about ..... live earth

This is my contribution towards live earth.

Great video. I caught it that night about 1am in the morning and was hunting for this video in youtube and live earth website. Only to find another local Singaporean posting this up. Great Job!!

"Think" by Rupert Jones.

Monday, July 02, 2007

there's something about ..... old times

Today I was chit-chatting with Coolcat.

We were talking about old gadgets. She was talking about DVD recorder.... and I told her I still have 2 Video Recorder at home of which one of them needs repair.


If you walk into any shopping mall now, you will have a hard time finding a VCR for sale. I remember the last VCR I bought about 2 years ago costs me $199. Now a DVD recorder w/o hard disk cost about $200plus.

That VCR didn't last too long. Unlike my other trusted VCR that lasted me like 10 years and still working fine.

Remember G-codes? That failed big time.

All you need is to refer to your TV guide, refer to the codes next to it, key the codes into into your VCR and the show will be recorded automatically.

It failed so badly that local newspaper publisher decided to abandon the codes totally in order to save ink.

My older VCR got the G-code function. Damn Happening.

Coolcat mention that she still has LD player at home.

The joke about my Family is that we are never too huge on technology. I have never had a LD player. I kinda past 2 Generation of Home Entertainment. 2?

Yes. I didn't even have VCD player during those days when they were huge.

I jumped straight to DVD players when they were able to play VCDs. And the joke is that I didn't even jump straight to DVD players immediately. I only got my first DVD player about few years back when the price is about $200.

And now a DVD recorder is about $200.

It seems that is my personal trigger price for me to buy any equipment.

I'm still deciding between a VCR if I can find it, or repair the VCR or buy a DVD recorder.

Tough Choice!