Monday, July 23, 2007

there's something about ..... ion

I got a good laugh... really.

What a majastic name!!

What a majastic name for a landmark building on orchard road!!!

I dunno why these developers like to pay couple of hundreds thousands to consultants to come up with such a name. I mean.. they could have paid me like $50 and I could have come out something like that... while taking a dump.

I ranked this name as bad as some eco-bag made of canvass.

Actually, the developer was trying to be humorous I feel.

Ion Orchard is really truly very Singaporean.

Ah Gao: Eh.. Where are you?
Me: I on orchard leh.
Ah Gao: Nabeh... Orchard so long... where...
Ah Gao: You tell me aleady... I know you on Orchard.. but Where?!?
Me: Nabeh.. that new shopping mall ION Orchard.
Ah Gao: Huh.. that one not call YAWN meh.

I can imagine Capitaland starting a branding exercise based on this ION direction.

ION Bishan
ION Golden Shoe Carpark

I seriously look forward to the mall. At least they try to be funny.

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