Tuesday, July 10, 2007

there's something about ..... think

"Think. What Does it take to change a habit?"

Now, let us really think.

1.) Maybe we should brush our teeth just once at night and rinse our mouth in the morning instead. Think about it. I dunno about you, but you wake up, you brush teeth and then you have breakfast? Is it crucial for you to have nice clean teeth and be stained by breakfast soon after that? Also, between the time you brushed your teeth the night before and when you woke up in the morning, you don't eat anything. So why still brush teeth in the morning?

2.) You wear your PJ to sleep, yes they are comfy. Why not sleep naked? You got one less PJ to wash. One less PJ to dry. One less Pj to iron.

3.) I read that Bar Soap is more "green" as you tend to use Gel excessively. Also those bottle are non-biogradable. But if you really need to use Shower Gel, why not add water into the bottle. I mean... we are afterall "showering". So Gel and water are like brothers. Even foodstall holders add water to soya sauce etc.

4.) Can't decide whether to buy a Plasma or LCD TV? Don't buy lah. Buy a TV Mobile antenna and plug to your notebook. You can then watch Channel 5 or 8 shows with your 15inch notebook. If really need to buy, buy LCD TV. It uses less energy.

5.) can't decide whether to buy that iPod? Buy a phone with Radio and attached a white ear Piece, hide the phone and people will think you have an Ipod. No Ipod, no need to rip CD for MP3, no need to keep bandwidth 24 hours to download LEGAL songs.

6.) If want to buy clothings, buy those there are either wringle free or buy those very wringled ones. The latter are in fashion now, so no need to iron them at all.

7.) Cherly Crow uses 1 piece of Toilet Paper when she goes to toilet. While that might sound extreme, how about using those purchasing receipts that you got when you buy things. Those receipt are useless anyway. Might as well use them for such purposes. Yes... I admit that I ever use them before. No choice lah... toilet paper runs out.

8.) Why buy NEWPAPER? You can read them for free online after 12am. For that matter, why take TODAY. You can read them online anytime. Let those vegetables sellets take TODAY to wrap vegetables.

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