Monday, July 16, 2007

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How do we create a global product that will make people queue up overnight to purchase?

1.) First come up with a design that most people can feel comfortable with. Nothing too edgy... nothing too unique. It should be something that it's not too technologically advanced. It should be VERY easy to use. It should have mass appeal. With mass appeal, it might be good to keep it simple.

2.) After the design stage, naming the product is equally important. Eg: "MP3 player" is not enough. There should be a "brandname". Also names like Zen or Zen Stones may not work too as people may think it's a spa product. The name should complement the look of the product perfectly. It should also best describe the product or it's functionality. If this is an established product, the product name need not shout to your face. A subtle mention is good. However, if it is a new product, it might be good for the Branding to have the Product Name SPELLED across the product to create awareness.

3.) Marketing/branding the product is equally if not more important now. Should keep the supply small or limited so that it will give the impression of eliteness. It's also important to highlight that this is a designer item to add a fashionable feel to it. Better still, say it's designed by an Caucasian and emphasise the designer's name as well. This would give an element of "design" to it. As compare to saying the product is design by Lim Dua Tao. That just couldn't do. It might be good to highlight a certain worldly cause to camouflage the commercial gain for this. That way, people will be more willing to splurge.

4.) Remember, as the supply is low/small/limited. Give small allocations to all your supply chain, hopefully in different cities. This will create a awareness of it's scarcity and people will queue overnight. Start off the phenonmenon from a west country first, asia will follow.

It's time to reveal such a product. Exquisite and Beautiful piece of Art. Why didn't I think of this much earlier. I have never seen such good detailing in a product ever. Such an idea could only come from an Artist. Simply Amazing!!

If you miss out the queue in London/New York/Hong Kong/Taiwan... it's finally in Singapore. Only 200 of them.

I present..... ANYA HINDMARCH's

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designer's website


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. This bag sold for over USD 200 on eBay here.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Well.. it's a designer bag. I think it's cheap lor.

Think about it. You never have to pay a single cent to buy plastic bag here for the rest of your life.

But I think you have to live till the age of 90 to break even.

coolcat said...

I must be from another planet. Never even heard of this bag until I saw the ridiculous riot in Taiwan over a non-plastic bag. WTF!