Monday, November 19, 2007

there's something about ..... embrace

Garment tell us that we must embrace foreigners, welcome them, treat them like one of us.

I tried.

Yesterday I was at Jurong Point. You know it's a in-laws day for me. And naturally I felt like Tony Leung.

I was walking towards this shop when a China Student in his teens walking alongside me, and asked me, "先生,请问书店在哪?"

I look at him, intensely, and nod my head towards the direction.

We were just outside here.

Ok. Maybe I was being moody. He may be new in Singapore and may not realised that Popular is popularly known as a bookstore.

But look at the wide-entrance, and really he was also walking towards Popular, he would be able to see many books inside. Plus.. he was WALKING TOWARDS it. It seems like he is just seeking acknowledgement, confirmation whatever.

What am i? A walking Receptionist? Nabeh!

How to embrace foreigner like that?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

there's something about ..... lust.caution

After I wrote my last post, I decided to eliminate point no. 5 totally and thus becoming 1 point lesser of being an uncle. I went to watch Lust. Caution this afternoon.

The irony of life is that, myself and my wife were the youngest among the audience. I felt like I'm in Yangtze among all the Lau Ti Gou trying to watch some RA shows. To be fair, you will not find any working crowd in a Cinema during working hours, plus at a not-so-happening location... Balestier.

Much have been said about the show, so there is nothing much to review about. But my... what a show.

Maybe I'm one of those Lau Ti Gou in the cinema, which means I'm one step nearer to be an Ah Pek. But with sex scenes like that..... I don't care if this is some skin-flick.

I can imagine it's not too difficult for Tony Leung to accept this role. I would too, if Lee Ang ask me to do it for free. You got to have multiple sex-scenes with pretty girl, the acting is relatively simple.

This is his expression throughout the show. I feel I can pull it off too, they just need to film me every Sunday and I'm able to pull-off that moody look.... All the Time... 100%.

Otherwise, instead of saying..."Scene no.2... take no.3.... Action!!" They can say ... "Scene no.2... Take no.3 ...... In Laws!!" and I will be able to act that way every day.

All I need is to make sure I tone up my body and my butt and I'm ready for Lee Ang.

The sex scenes... while not breaking the laws of Kamasutra... or breaking the cinematic boundaries of sex...... is perhaps the biggest of all because it's by the most established of actors. The amount of nudity by Tony Leung is surprising.

At one scene, you actually see his balls. Though I'm unsure if it is indeed his balls. But balls are still balls.

Balls aside.

The sexual contact between them is almost like they were really doing it. And we are talking about Tony Leung here. TONY LEUNG!!!

Tang Wei, the actress, is just beautiful to look at, with or without clothes. To me, she is the most-suited to act in this role.

My wife ask me "who benefitted more during the sex scene?" or in Hokkien "who Tan Dio?"

You have a unknown girl acting out a sex-scene with the biggest name of Actors and you have a biggest name of Actors acting out his virgin sex-scene with such a beautiful girl?

My answer is .......

Her acting is very good. In fact, she deserved the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. (of course, I would have said that even if I watched the NC16 version)

How about Best Actor Award for Golden Horse? To me, Tony Leung's defining moment, that will sure capture the hearts of the judges, was the one where he runs towards his car towards the end of the show.

It's either he has never run in his life and thus do not know how to run beautifully or normally or with better co-ordination between both arms and legs, or it's actually acting. Perhaps Traitors do Runs like that in the past.

To me, I chose to think that he is acting. Afterall, this guy has shown he has balls to act in a skin-flick spy thriller.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

there's something about ..... generation gap

This topic heading was inspired by Coolcat.

Anyway, I was down with diarriah (whatever) on Saturday. Fabulous timing if you ask me. My son was having a fever on that day as well, and since we can't go out, my gastric decided to go on strike or unstrike.

I hate Diarriah. Isn't it interesting that the most disgusting ailment has the most difficult spelling or a spelling most people could not remember? That aside.

Diarriah makes you weak after that. You probably think you can catch a DVD at home, pause the DVD as and when you need to go to the toilet, come back and continue with the disc. NAH.... you are so bloody tired and weak, you just want to sleep.

As of today, I'm still feeling weak. To Diarriah.... this is what I have to say to you "SHIT YOU!"

Anyway, recently I felt old. It's like I'm kinda lost track on what's trendy. It's almost like I've become an uncle.

1.) My X-box is still the first generation and I'm still playing old games because new games are meant for X-box 360.

2.) I do not own an Ipod. Transfering music to a fashionable hardisk so that you can play it thru a speaker while at home, runs contradict to the idea of "walkman". I thought that is comparable to listening to music from the PC with speakers. And since little time is spent "waiting" or "walking alone" outside, getting a "walkman" or "ipod" doesn't seems logical.

3.) I go to a neighbourhood store and rented 4 DVDs at $2.50 each, eventhough I got no time to watch them, simply because I didn't want to miss out on a good deal.

4.) Coolcat's son, bryan, was performing at a rock concert. Coolcat told me he is performing this song by Greenday called "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". My first reaction was, "huh? come again?". She repeated. My second reaction was, "huh? by who?" Is that a rock song? I thought only Bon Jovi can sing rock song. Is Greenday from Greenland?

5a.) My parents, aging parents, went to watch LUST.CAUTION on Sunday. Not your pirated DVD from JB. They watched it at a CINEMA. Somemore RA!! They spent $20 on a RA movie while I go to a neighbourhood shop to rent 4 DVDs at $10?!?!?

5b.) My parents went to watch a movie at a CINEMA?!?!?!? The last time I watch a movie at a cinema was probably STARWARS Espisode III.

6.) I'm on Facebook. Cool you say. Except I find it a struggle to like and enjoy facebook. Facebook says "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you."
I say "how?"
Facebook probably says "You get endless pokes from friends, invites on Vampires, werewolfs and others, you play Paper, Scissors Stone, you can take all kinda of tests so that when your friend take the same test you would know how compatible you are with them, You can write on their "Walls" like a noticeboard (but you wouldn't write to them in an email), you can leave them messages in the facebook so that facebook can then email you to your mailbox to tell you that your friend left you a message in facebook (wow, efficient!)"

So You see... I'm really struggling to get out of the Uncle Mode. Maybe it's the diarriah having that effect on me. I think the next stage of my uncle life will be wardrobes. Printed Short-sleeves shirts tucked out of your pants, like those you buy from wet-market.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

there's something about ..... old style shopping

Yesterday my family decided to relive those old days shopping in a old town HDB Central, in particularly Ang Mo Kio Central.

The shopping was great, the nostalgia feel make it a better shopping experience than say shopping in Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Went past a DVD/VCD shop and saw a rental service available at 50% discount. And to my delight, they have recent titles like DIE HARD 4.0 and SPIDERMAN 3, available for rent at $2.50 each, after discount!!!!

$2.50!!!!! I remember movies in the late 80s were $2.50!!!!!

At $2.50, you can't even order a Mee Bok Dry with Chilli and no Dee Gua at Ang Mo Kio Hub.

At $2.50, you can't even order a full set at Ya Kun Coffee Stall.

At $2.50, you can't even take a MRT to and fro to City Hall.

At $2.50, you can't even buy a Popcorn and Drink upsize at Golden Village, not less a movie ticket.

At $2.50, you probably can buy 2 nice buns at Breadtalk, after eating and 1 day later, all out in the toilet bowl.

But at $2.50, you can rent a DVD of a recent title, watched it with your wife, enjoy the movie and later burnt it into a disc so that you can sell it on Ebay at $5 including shipping.

Damn Shiok!!

Not only can you rent cheap dvds, you also have good customer service from the shop's sales girl likely from Malaysia, unlike some "upmarket" rental shops housed in shopping Malls.

I was asking how long can I rent the disc for and she replied:

"要 看 是 movie 还 是 doma lor?"

You see, I have been out of heartlander mode for a long time. I was having self-doubt whether there were some local slang which I may have missed out over the years.

Trying not to appear too stupid, I continue asking her how many days I can keep the disc for movie.

She explained to me but fall short of explaing what a Doma is. I was hoping for a clue to avoid asking and in the process looks stupid.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. My quest for knowledge is too over-whelming. So I ask her.

She replied "Doma is 联续剧 lor".

there's something about ..... translation

How come a one syllabus word "blog" is translated in chinese as 3 words "部 落 格"? see

While a two word syllabus word "Bedok" is translated in chinese as also a 2 words "勿洛"?