Tuesday, February 24, 2009

there's something about ..... slumdog

Slumdog is the toast of the town now. 8 Oscars for a supposedly foreign film, low budget, 100% indian casts, 30-40% indian language.

But what a show!! I watched it last night and I am really impressed.

While I haven't seen the other Best Pictures and thus can't comment if this is indeed deserving, I am truely impressed.

Very good story-telling. Very interesting storyline. It's the first time I actually watch an indian show that didn't involve any couple running round a tree, and no mass-dancing with a song number in the middle of the show.

That aside.

I actually felt that this storyline could be "duplicated" in all other countries that ever feature "Who Wants to be Millionaire?". Very much like how Jack Neo "copy" that israeli movie on "跑吧,孩子"

For example, we can feature a singaporean coffeeshop boy growing up in the slum during the early days of Singapore. Of course, instead of a young adult participating in Millionaire, this lead actor in Singapore would probably be in the 40s considering any slum in Singapore could be in the late 60s, early 70s.

He love this girl he saw in the early days and was separated, and now he met her again in her late 30s and early 40s, probably a MILF by now.

In those days, he grew up in the cemetery near Ang mo Kio, and join the Ang Soon Tong Gang. Later on, the cemetery was redeveloped and became Bishan.

He tried to go find the girl in Waterloo street. He was told by a beggar to look for the girl in Geylang Lor 18 with a name called Cherry.

And the whole gangster thingy can take place there.

Flying Dutchman can reprised his Role as the host of Millionaire.

The Lead Actor can be acted by Benedict Goh, just like the actor in Slumdog, you just need to have 1 expression throughout the show.

The love interest can be Zoe Tay. Not easy to find a MILF who can act.

The Lead Actor's brother can be Li Nanxing. Gangster Look.

Of course, this must be Directed by Royston Tan. He has experience with ganster Movie in 15, artistic direction in 4:30, and if necessary, a musical at the end of the show.

Great stuffs!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

there's something about ..... jacky cheung

Don't we all used to love Jacky Cheung so much? All his ballads are still so evergreen that you don't get sick listening to them even today.

This week it's Jacky Cheung week for me and my wife. Not because we were feeling down because of the miscarriage, but we saw him on TV and just remembered how we love his songs so much in the past.

Therefore, I am going to post the songs that we like here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

there's something about ..... $90

So a dutch-chinese save a girl from the Singapore River, got himself slightly injured with cuts from the stone, and complained that he must pay $90 medical bills from SGH for his good deed thru our mainstream newspaper....

I dunno what to think about this.

On one hand, I thought he is a cheapo. He stripped down to his underwear and jump into the sea. He took a couple of seconds to reason that he shouldn't have to pay for dry-cleaning for rescuing someone. And a couple of minutes to strip because he shouldn't have to pay for a new shirt if he strip too fast and torn his shirt.

On the other hand, I thought he is a accidental angry hero. He rescue the girl who didn't fell into the sea accidentally, it was an attempted suicide cos her boyfriend broke up with her. He even counselled her. I would also do the same counselling, maybe ask her to jump off a building so no one will have to get wet and cuts from rescuing her.

I can imagine his reactions at the hospital when the nurse ask him to pay $90.

"WTF?!? Are u sure? U better think carefully or I will talk to the press about your hospital!!"

Surely a raised tone must have taken place.

Yes. $90. It's not along of money. In fact, it's not about money, it's about principle I'm sure. When you do good deed, you should not be penalised further especially when you have already suffered cuts.

In fact, the girl who jump should pay for his $90. Yes.. she didn't ask him to rescue her. But she shouldn't jump as well. She should be fully responsible for that $90.

Or perhaps, this gentlemen should strike a compromise with the girl..

"we go dutch?"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

there's something about ..... "r"

My mum's english is better than a indonesian maid but poorer than a phillipino maid.

Last week, my mum was trying to "test" my elder boy on his alphabets. There was this toy that display all the A to Z.

And so my mum ask him which one is "AARRR RERRRR"

My boy was eagerly trying to pass this little test but after struggling for so long, he couldn't seems to find "ARRR RERRR".

My mum was rather disappointed. My son should find "ARR RERR" as easy as eating sweet. That is when my mum told him "THIS IS ARR REERR" pointing to "r".

My son retorted "ARRRRR"


My son is at the stage where he take our adult language literally.

That day I ask him to recite A to Z.

My son : "A to Z"

Yesterday my wife was scolding him for not drinking his milk.

My wife: "....you must drink your milk, ok... you understand me!!"

My son : "yes..喝奶"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

there's something about ..... bye bye no.3

So I don't have to buy a mini-bus afterall.

Saw the gynae yesterday early morning and they discover the foetus wasn't growing normally. In fact, according to the doctor upon surgery, it was already a miscarriage.

All is well. She wasn't emotional as she was mentally prepared for the worse.

And after little discussion, we are rather sure 2 boys is all we can handle.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

there's something about ..... beauty and the beast

Yes... I am the Beast. But joke aside, the general reactions from friends and relatives are more of a "you kidding me!!" kind of reactions. Some of them tried to be tactful by raising both eyebrows before saying things like "congrats" etc etc.

It seems that those reactions hover round 2 things.

Firstly, most people stops at 2. Anything more, it's really a big handful. And in the current economical climate, it might be financially challenging.

Secondly, of course, it's too soon.

The reactions I got is comparable to those shotgun pregancies or premarital sex. People is thinking.."WHAT, You have sex?!?!?"

Well, that was what I was thinking about other people and I know that is what other people is thinking about me.

My parents is among the last to know. We didn't think they would be too excited about the prospect of taking care of my 3 children end of the year, one is already running about, making lots of din in the house, the other is probably learning how to walk by then, and a baby that needs feeding every 2 hours.

Going out next year would be another challenge, a stroller, a pram and a cane.

Think I need to sell my MPV and buy a mini bus.